Thursday, October 27, 2011

Bill Honoring UCSC Alum and Former Giffords Aide Who Died In The Line of Fire Stalled

Also see:
Yudof’s Salary Plan: What does it Really Mean?
Gavin Newsom really pls should stop with the vague statements on CA higher ed and either lay out a plan or chill, cuz he is just freaking some folks out. btw, could somebody at Cal in the know give a tutorial to San Franciscans on ranked choice voting?
Oakland did ranked choice voting and it was a major brouhaha -- it is really confusing --oy, the MC Hammer videos and controversies in the SF Mayor race.
Also, the Gov apparently is going to make an important- to some at UC- decision today on pension reform.
It looks like what is going on with the Gabe Zimmerman bill is going on across the board on everything...
The approval rate of US Congress is lower than the unemployment rate...
POTUS is doing executive orders, some call it 'steamrolling'-- anything he can- working around Congress drama -- 'bypassing the impotent legislature'...
Some are saying nothing of importance is going to be accomplished by Congress until 2013, maybe.
Solidarność Con Los Indignados and OccupyOakland

Natalie Portman has things to say about school lunch meals- well, she would likely get a great vegetarian version of eggs in a basket recipe at OccupyWallSt. maybe she's been there already or will show up in costume -naw, not that costume others at Occupy are already wearing- maybe on Halloween as Princess Amidala, that would be cool. Or she could show up as that character she played who gave birth to the "Walmart Baby"...
The Operational Exodus Bain of Our Existence candidate for POTUS doesn't know what he believes about Ohio anti-union proposed legislation-- a flip flopper fit for a regents meeting... or an Operational Exodus "Showcase". Maybe Mitt should have attended a Bain Ohio Showcase before he spoke?-to bone up on his doublespeak-remember the showcase showdown on The Price Is Right- "come on down! have your pet spayed or neutered."
Apparently UCMeP is very... pissed-- here is: their latest post.
Love, love, love this: Grad student finds inspiration in the clouds
James Taylor Steamroller

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