Tuesday, October 25, 2011

'Blue and Gold', 'Project You Can'-hhmmmm and Other Things...

see this: Some UC alumni talk about their tuition crisis...
Alumni can't afford to buy homes b/c of student loan debt-- no problem, US Senator Chuck Schumer D-NY and a repub colleague think foreign nationals should buy American homes as the answer, see Prof. Reich's post on the Schumer-Lee bill : Why We Shouldn't Be Selling the Right to Live in America

Reich ends his post with this:
"Maybe we should rewrite Emma Lazarus's words on the Statue of Liberty:
Give us your richest, fattest cats,
Your highest net-worth, seeking pleasure domes,
Your wealthy heirs and pampered brats.
Send these, with a half-million to buy our homes,
And gild our fading door mats."

UCLA, Arizona Fight: Pac-12 Suspends 10 Players --interesting development given the upcoming game...
Michael Moore is on CNN with Piers Morgan talking about and showing footage of OccupyOakland- tear gas this morning and heating up again tonight...
and Dylan Ratigan had a segment on the Pope wanting a Worldwide Fed Reserve Jubilee Bank-- see, this keeps showing up -- wonder what Club for Growth Catholic leadership (lots of them) thinks of that idea?

He also had Matthew Siegel, president and co-founder of Our Time, who says that the student debt is actually keeping America’s best and brightest shackled to Wall Street and the POTUS upcoming plan is not enough.
Please check out Bill Black's blog
mark_yudof tweeted a few days ago about a story that broke over the summer (guess he is catching up on his reading cuz this came out in July when he fell ill):
"Vapor cloud around large black hole discovered; 12b light yrs away; 140 trillion times all the water in world’s oceans"

--yep, equivalent to 20,000 times the Earth's oceans available for each individual human being on Earth! Amazing and heartbreaking when you think about the Horn of Africa right now.
remember-- pay attention to POTUS announcement on student loans tomorrow.

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