Saturday, October 8, 2011

Update:Gov. Brown Signs Part II of California DREAM Act, vetoes affirmative action like SB 185

Cal's Chancellor Birgeneau is pleased: Chancellor endorses signing of California DREAM Act
SF Chron's coverage: Jerry Brown signs Dream Act for illegal immigrants
and LA Times coverage: Brown signs California Dream Act
and SCPR's "MultiAmerican" coverage: Brown: Yes to California Dream Act, no to race and gender in college admissions
Daily Cal coverage: here -- that concerns AB 131

there is also SB 185
which the Gov vetoed: Brown vetoes affirmative action-like SB 185


anyway, there are other developments that UCLA Fac Blog has info on- like some folks moving for a referendum and a Stop The Nightmare Act and they likely will have an update on SB 185 up at some point.

but most importantly, they have the audio from the last UC Regents meeting now posted -- their blog posts some of the funniest Norman Rockwellish images-- to capture how antiquated listening to only live audio is -- their latest image make us wish for platters of food and brewskies all around while listening to the UC Regents...

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