Saturday, October 8, 2011

"if I feel I'm overpaid, at some point I'll just give the money back."

Remaking the University had a link to this story on former Cal Chancellor Robert Berdahl: 2-Day-a-Week Job at U. of Oregon Nets $96,000 for Former AAU Chief

that is where the quote in the title comes from. Could it be that Oregon does not get any CA newspapers?

Guess we now know where the reference to Oregon came from in the former Chancellors thing.

--for the past 10 years Cal has been having new groups of consultants coming in saying how badly organized previous administrations arranged things. Millions go out to purchase fixes, make changes-- solutions that never materialize. What is the truth? Does it matter?

If Berdahl can take it or leave it on the $96K --then really he should spend some significant time assessing what happened at Cal during his tenure and in the years after it -- and clarify and address the narrative created by those who followed him- Cal deserves it, and so does he.
Wall Street protests echo researcher’s findings on growing income gap

A Watershed Moment for the UC System by UCLA's José Luis Santos

Professor Robert Reich talks unemployment, economic interdependence at conference
See, this keeps showing up: Yom Kippur Service Taking Place At Occupy Wall Street

"Recorded by Merle Haggard, the song is titled “The Sermon on the Mount.” It refers to one of the best-known passages of the New Testament, from Matthew, in which Jesus Christ teaches his followers:" Two Hanks and One Cruel Ruling in Not-So-Sweet Alabama
"Just Win Baby"

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