Wednesday, October 5, 2011

'Imagine losing Thomas Edison, Henry Ford and Walt Disney all on the same day'

- yes, that is what happened today.

there is another story coming out of Cupertino today- started this morning:
Quarry Shooting: At Least 3 Dead, 7 Injured In Cupertino, California Attack -- it looks like a good man snapped or something, sad- all of the loss.

all happening on a big day for Occupy Wall Street -a movement to restore democracy, social justice based on social media and personal devices--it is not a stretch to search for connections- the dots.

Part of the impact of the loss of Jobs includes a deep loss to society because of the need to find improved ways to make products humanely-- wanted to see Steve Jobs take that on- he could have given us true genius on that front too... but now that effort/accomplishment must be pursued by others/all.

You also might want to check out this film- watching the train scenes -- kept remembering POTUS and others decrying how other countries infrastructure is better than ours-it is- but that apparently is only in certain regions for certain classes.

Before dropping out, Jobs studied calligraphy at Reed and that led to his work on fonts-- pen to paper- can't get away from the beauty of it.
From Wall-E

It only takes a moment

and (a fav)

Down To Earth

have to have something from the Beatles

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