Thursday, October 20, 2011

Little Earthquakes

Yep, Berkeley had an earthquake- on the same day of a major SF earthquake drill -The Great Shakeout,

Hopefully at Cal no one was still in Campbell Hall getting free furniture- is Tolman still standing?-epicenter was Memorial Stadium/ Clark Kerr Campus?! How are the construction workers and giant crane?!

Near the anniversary of Loma Prieta-- UCSC can relate...

and the big Oakland fire anniversary also is coming up-- Now ugly colored mcmansions dotting the hills -the hills were more beautiful then, with the dangerous-now-practically banned-curly and straight leafed eucalyptus- oh, that fragrance on a rainy day -it is native to Oz (Australia)- so much for progress...

Libya-maybe instead of a Long Hot Summer it is a long refreshing Spring - wow! Wonder how Stanford's Provost is taking the news?

10 Muslim Students Convicted of Disrupting Israeli Official’s Speech at UC Irvine File Appeals
Speaking of speech...
Everyone is in shock over the quotes in the Steve Jobs authorized bio coming out but you were warned that he was complex- just really wonder if someone like Walter Isaacson can really get him down on paper-- don't think so, seems an enigma- even to himself.

Little Earthquakes.

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