Monday, October 3, 2011

Oh You Huddled Masses Yearning To...MSM Can't Figure Out What You Are Yearning For...

Poor MSM--so confusing, static-y, unclear-- what could those people mad at MSM corporate bosses/paycheck writers possibly want? give it to us in a ten second sound bite...quick, the Jack-O trial, Amanda Knox trial and the Kardashians are competing for attention- and they are so much more important...

Perhaps: read through this for common threads. (like student loans, health care,- it is not rocket science!- etc.)

Education advocates struggle to cut through the noise

Did you know about this legislation? -it is also sitting on the Governor's desk for signature right now: Changing Admissions Standards

$32, now $49, --remember CA Parks could not even get $25-- and they are far less controversial than UC and the admin in public higher ed in CA: How much will it cost us to restore public higher education in 2011-12?

UCOP Officials on UC compensation hearing in Sacramento (fyi-ignore the purchase price for DVD stuff, you can still view it for free in the window- you don't have to purchase to view):

Senate Education Committee (1 of 2)
UC is covered around the 1:40 mark but pay special attention at the 1:46 mark - comparator charts, performance metrics, CPAC, and other issues covered. Regent Kiefer also comments.

Senate Education Committee (2 of 2)

UC continues at the beginning of this video

back to the MSM -- did you get a chance to read?:

Censorship -- or something else? Why did two Bay Area newsrooms dismiss Peter Byrne's story about conflicts of interest in UC investment deals? (2011)

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