Sunday, October 30, 2011

"Over the past 10 years, the proportion of middle-income students attending the University of California has declined at nearly twice the rate of California middle-income households, while the share of lower- and upper-income UC students has risen."

A guy named Douglas at Cal Center for Studies on Higher Ed and a guy named Tierney from USC have a bunch to say about this UC system wide issue-see:
Middle Income Student Attendance Declines At UC
pay attention to these sections in the article:

Most of decrease came for upper middle income families earning $99,000 to $149,000 – 6 percent – with students from families earning $55,000 to $99,000 declining by 3 percent.

California residents are moving down the income brackets, but there's no way to track how far down they're going, said Nancy Gemignani, a research specialist for the California State Data Center.

The good news is that students in the UC system seem to be coping, said John Douglass, a senior research fellow at UC Berkeley's Center for Studies in Higher Education.

While class loads and some behaviors such as cutting costs by buying fewer books and working more have changed, there have not been huge differences

"This shows that the financial aid structure the UC is pursuing is having very positive effects on the ability of lower- and middle-income students who come to the university and persist," he said. "We're still in this curve of increasing tuition costs, so we don't know what the effects will be, but we can be hopeful."

but then this:

"The State of California has got to develop a stronger method of funding key public services, and schools and higher education are really key," Douglass said. "California citizens are seeing that if they want to send a kid to college, it means higher bills."

Private institutions are a step ahead because they are able to put together financial aid packages public universities haven't thought of, but competition will increase for funding from the same sources once public institutions follow suit, Tierney said.

'we don't know.. but we can be hopeful'


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