Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Reality Distortion Field

an Apple guy says it is a term that comes from Star Trek...it is also in the Jobs bio and it describes many UC events well, like:

UC's New Admissions Rules Confuse Applicants
The SAT subject exams are no longer required. If students take them anyway, good scores can help but poor scores won't hurt, administrators say.

wanna point y'all over to Minding The Workplace, some recent posts there:

Crushing student loan debt: America indentures its next generations -- the post discusses how older generations outside of higher ed don't quite "get it" on what the present day problem is...

--while HuffPo/Rasmussen has this:
66% Oppose Forgiveness Of Student Loans

and the Super Congress Super Committee (no AquaMan or Wonderwoman there) might be going after Pell see this post from UCLA Fac Blog on Student Aid Alliance.

and for students and others who do get/have jobs -- there is this element:
Quiet cover-ups

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