Wednesday, October 5, 2011

" UC Berkeley alumni were more concerned about the elimination of the baseball team than the university's role designing nuclear weapons, "

University Diaries has this post on this news story:
Nader: College athletics dumbing down society - (it is a drag to link to Merc News stories cuz the links go bad in the space of days.)

being far up the anti sensuality ladder makes one a saint?

Nader's attention strayed occasionally from athletics to other higher-education subjects. He questioned, for example, why the UC Berkeley law school employed "a war criminal," saying professor John Yoo's role in crafting President George W. Bush's torture policies should not be tolerated.

He also told students they should design a statewide referendum to help slow continually rising tuition. And, he said, college students no longer develop the "civic skills" needed to be leaders.

"That's the skill that determines whether you're going to make a difference in a democratic society," Nader said, "or whether you're going to atrophy your mind in a cul-de-sac."

that's what Nader said in his talk at Cal...

Did you know the Koch Bros. are Catholics? - along with many other Club For Growth founding members- Just a factoid...

here is another: A Political Factoid for Today --but the post is more than a mere little factoid, some pretty good reporting on how UC Foundations might fund CA ballot initiatives on UC.

Joan Osborne - "St. Teresa"
Oh St Teresa higher than the moon
You called up in the sky
You called up in the clouds
Is there something you forgot to tell me?

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