Tuesday, October 11, 2011

UCSF Chancellor On Customized Learning-- In Shorter Amounts Of Time

"An Innovator Shapes an Empire"-- yes, that is the headline they chose for a Chancellor of a land grant public higher ed institution...btw contrast that story with what is going on in this story:

Blue Shield Drops Coverage Of Avastin For Breast Cancer
"The company produced an extraordinary lineup of drugs during her time, including the cancer drugs Avastin and Herceptin — both of which represented new approaches to fighting the disease —and became America’s leading maker of cancer treatments.

Her name has appeared on every manner of “most” list: most powerful innovators, most powerful women, most highly paid women."

"The chancellor and her husband, Dr. Nicholas Hellmann, had recently given $1 million to the university."..."Dr. Desmond-Hellmann’s years in pharmaceuticals left her, by her own account, “very, very wealthy,” with a fortune that she and her husband expect to give away."

-- maybe she can give it away now to patients in need of Avastin-- or to change the big pharma set up?


and no mention of her tobacco stock issues that caused a ruckus when she came on board... note the interesting correction at the bottom-also, there is an section where she talks about not having children, doubt very much that question has ever been asked of a male chancellor at UC...but guess they were shooting for one of those getting to know you touchy feely personal profile pieces and overshot.

hattip @Mark_Yudof-afterall his PR folks are likely thrilled with this "story"- he was at Boalt yesterday- perhaps conferring with Edley on how to deal with UCMeP's cupcakes tomorrow...

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