Monday, October 31, 2011

What Is UC's Relationship To UC's Non Wealthy Alumni?

A Scary Halloween Tale from WSJ:
Shelby Stofle graduated in December from the University of California at Berkeley with $10,250 in student-loan debt—and no job offers from a dozen applications. "You hear you're going to get into a career, and it's going to start paying a lot—that's why you go to school," she said. "But I make as much now as my 17-year-old co-worker. I took the time and spent the money to go to school. Did it mean anything?"

and recall this earlier story from another alum.

It raises real questions about what UC provides for UC alumni-- we already know where UC's relationship to wealthy alumni stands- but what about its relationship to lower and middle income UC alumni terms of career counseling, placement, advising etc. Private higher ed frequently provide extensive services...
Monster Mash

and Thriller

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