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Yolo DA and Sheriff Ask CA AG Kamala Harris To Run Investigation At UC Davis

Sac Bee has: this

"The sheriff and district attorney, in a letter to Katehi dated Tuesday, said they are requesting that the state attorney general's office handle the investigation.

"In light of the significant statewide issues involved in these events, we join in asking you to bring the full resources of the state of California to bear on these events so that the public will have full confidence in the outcome," the letter states.
Is UC Davis's Pepper Spray Investigation Truly Independent? The Atlantic

And, in the way of things, Altegrity has a corporate owner, Providence Equity Partners, which has investments in the Education Management Corporation, the second largest for-profit college company in the United States after the University of Phoenix. Any love for affordable, high-quality public education that exists at Providence Equity Partners would certainly run counter to the firm's financial interests.
Will Calif. AG Investigate Pepper Spray Incident? KCRA Sacto

Audio: November 28th, the UC Berkeley Academic Senate

Please listen asap:

Audio: November 28th, the UC Berkeley Academic Senate

--there are a number of issues with what Birgeneau and Breslauer state, will blog later on that-- but wanted y'all to be able to listen asap.

Raises and Capital Projects Chug Along...


UC Board of Regents approves raises for campus administrators, lawyers

Regents approve funding for Lower Sproul renovation

recall this earlier story:

Student government officials held up their end of the plan by submitting names for the committee, but administrators did not respond in a timely manner. Associate Vice Chancellor and Chief Financial Officer Erin Gore took “full responsibility” for the delay, stating that she had been working long hours and had been concentrating on other aspects of the renovation project.

-- Gore came to Cal from Bank of America Securities Division-and her division at Cal has apparently shrunk (no more Business Technology Solutions unit etc.)- is higher ed more challenging than BofA?
Commentary: Mark Yudof Remains Oblivious To the Rest of the World

"We consider these retention efforts to be essential," he said. "I understand it's not a great time, but we can't really close down shop and say we're not going to make any effort to retain our best people."

The Sacramento Bee came forward with the details:

Two vice chancellors at UC Irvine and a vice chancellor at UCLA got raises of 9.9 percent. That brings salaries for Wendell C. Brase and Meredith Michaels at UC Irvine to about $247,000, and the salary for Steven A. Olsen at UCLA close to $317,000.
Joseph I. Castro was appointed interim dean of the graduate division of UC San Francisco and given a 7.5 percent raise, bringing his salary to $252,625.
Steven A. Drown, chief campus counsel at UC Davis, got a 21.9 percent raise, bringing his salary to $250,000.
Diane F. Geocaris, chief campus counsel at UC Irvine, received a 14.3 percent raise, bringing her salary to $255,000.
Carole R. Rossi, chief campus counsel at UC Santa Cruz, received a 13.9 percent raise, bringing her salary to $215,000.
Michele Coyle, chief campus counsel at UC Riverside, received an 11.4 percent raise, bringing her salary to $215,000.
Marcia J. Canning, chief campus counsel at UC San Francisco, received an 8.9 percent raise, bringing her salary to $255,000.
Daniel Park, chief campus counsel at UC San Diego, received a 6.4 percent raise, bringing his salary to $250,000.

UCOP reflexively says oh well that is just a little smidge of the overall budget - it is not going to solve the larger problems -- blah blah

it is not just the raises the UC Regents approve - it is the raises for those in administration already earning over six figures receiving quiet raises-- yet, the system is not ending up with such great results- as evidenced by the never ending scandalous headlines --see a small sampling in the right hand column.
Some of the students would like to receive an apology from Birgeneau that is not a mere audio clip from O'Hare. A face to face apology. Imagine that.
This is another contribution UC makes to the state- but they don't like to talk about it:

Berkeley Has Bay Area's Largest Wealth Gap, Say Numbers
Cal frequently like to b&%tch at students on behalf of landlords -- but what does Cal do for students in these situations?
The Governor was in Baja?

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Bratton Is Katehi's OE Consultant On Campus Police?

is this all just an Operational Excellence exercise?!
that seems to be the role of Bratton and the Task Force:
recall earlier--
"The task force will review the report and make recommendations to Ms. Katehi on steps that should be taken to ensure the safety of peaceful protesters on campus. She will present her implementation plan to Yudof."
they don't plan to see her go - this is a management exercise to them...
see this latest commentary.

Other links:

(VIDEO) UC Davis' Nathan Brown: We Must Rethink How We Approach Civil Disobedience

UC Students Faculty, Staff Protest Board of Regents

Protesters shut down UC regents' teleconferenced meeting

The University We Are For?
Flashback-- our old post on Yudof and the First Amendment-- Quartering of Soldiers, Letters of Marque and Reprisal hahahaahaha lol so funny--Mark Yudof's Problem With The First Amendment
Daily Cal Has A Story On How A Star Wars Creator Faced the corporate corruption of movie making...

And Daily Cal had a thing on Above The Clouds

Another story for the library ;-) on the ethics of Star Trek
UC speaking up at the UC Regents meeting-- you did indeed look/sound "Fucking Beautiful!" right up there with Aug 2011 Greek Theatre, Berkeley, CA - check it out:

Monday, November 28, 2011

Gov. Crusty Takes On 'Crunchy' and Fried


Gov. Brown requests review of police use of force guidelines

Cal Buzz sometimes affectionately (?) calls him Ol' Crusty or something like that -- anyway, glad he is back home and has his eyes on this issue.

Justice Reynoso,Chair Task Force on Pepper Spray Incident, Gives Phone Interview - Davis Vanguard

Former Supreme Court Justice Cruz Reynoso Named to Chair Task Force on Pepper Spray Incident

"The task will not be to investigate, the task will be to review the report that will be made and to give our own reactions," the former Justice told the Vanguard.

The task force will review the report and make recommendations to Ms. Katehi on steps that should be taken to ensure the safety of peaceful protesters on campus. She will present her implementation plan to Yudof.

a student comment in that story:
The Vanguard spoke with Eric Lee, one of the student protesters who did not know much about Cruz Reynoso, but was strongly opposed to William Bratton being named to head up the investigation.

"The fact that Bill Bratton is on that committee is terrifying," he told the Vanguard. "This is a man who led militarized police on working class neighborhoods in Los Angeles to round up indigent people under the assumption that they would be committing criminal acts."

"He is the father of one of the most classist political theories... the broken windows theory," he said. "If this guy is on the task force, I frankly don't care who else is."

"More importantly it doesn't matter who is on the task force, because the task force itself is a joke. We don't want a task force - we want Chancellor Katehi to resign. Anything less than that is not anything that we're interested in being a part of."

Mr. Lee is not the only one with deep concerns:
CUCFA Letter to President Yudof objecting to hiring William Bratton to investigate UC Davis pepper-spray incident

Coverage Of Nov 28th Roundup

just a few pieces:
UCSC students rally in solidarity with UC Davis protesters

Occupy protesters at UC Davis settle in for long haul

Students protest Occupy crackdowns at UC meeting

UC Students Protest Police Actions, Soaring Tuition As Regents Meet

Protesters Demand Accountability at U.C. Board of Regents Meetings

Students Protest at UC Regents Meetings

Students shut down UC regents meeting

Protesters gather at UCLA for UC regents meeting

Students to Speak Out at Regents Meeting

Hundreds protest UC Regents meeting at UC Davis

Why We Occupy: Because College Used To Be Virtually Free In California

On Birgeneau...

see @amrutatrivedi
should also be a story soon at DailyCal

also it is funny - he asked for it-- but:
State senator requests public meeting with Chancellor Birgeneau on Sproul Plaza

amrutatrivedi Amruta Trivedi
Academic senate meeting adjourned. Passed 4 resolutions
42 minutes ago
1. Opposes all violent police responses to non-violent protest, whether that protest is
lawful or not.
2. Condemns the UC Berkeley administration’s authorization of violent responses to nonviolent
protests over the past two years.
3. Demands that Chancellor Birgeneau, Executive Vice Chancellor Breslauer, and Vice
Chancellor LeGrande take responsibility for and repudiate such policing as it occurred
over the past two years.
4. Demands that these administrators develop, follow and enforce university policy to
respond non-violently to non-violent protests, to secure student welfare amidst these
protests, and to minimize the deployment of force and foster free expression and
assembly on campus.

Amruta Trivedi
amrutatrivedi Amruta Trivedi
#berkeley division vote of the sending mail ballot defeated
43 minutes ago
Amruta Trivedi
amrutatrivedi Amruta Trivedi
to clarify, four resolutions have passed in body present but now voting whether mail ballot should be sent out to all faculty.
45 minutes ago
Amruta Trivedi
amrutatrivedi Amruta Trivedi
Now voting on whether to send the resolution as mail ballot to faculty not present
52 minutes ago
Amruta Trivedi
amrutatrivedi Amruta Trivedi
Now counting no votes
56 minutes ago
Amruta Trivedi
amrutatrivedi Amruta Trivedi
Those in favor of 4 resolutions asked to stand up. Staff hand counting
56 minutes ago
Amruta Trivedi
amrutatrivedi Amruta Trivedi
Hand counting votes of faculty members in favor of 4 resolutions.
1 hour ago
Amruta Trivedi
amrutatrivedi Amruta Trivedi
Berkeley division mtg ends debate and moves to vote
1 hour ago
Amruta Trivedi
amrutatrivedi Amruta Trivedi
Wendy brown: "each resolution addresses a part of what can stop police violence"
1 hour ago
Amruta Trivedi
amrutatrivedi Amruta Trivedi
Law prof's comment "this is a campus that is famous for free speech because it is regularly violated," met with laughter from faculty
1 hour ago
Amruta Trivedi
amrutatrivedi Amruta Trivedi
Speaker: "senate/faculty need a committee on demonstrations on ground to talk to students"
1 hour ago
Amruta Trivedi
amrutatrivedi Amruta Trivedi
Langan: "I can have no confidence in chancellor that stands by assertion that linking arms is not non-violent"
1 hour ago
Amruta Trivedi
amrutatrivedi Amruta Trivedi
UCB english prof. Celeste Langan: "will use my two minutes of free speech to talk about arms"
1 hour ago
Amruta Trivedi
amrutatrivedi Amruta Trivedi
speaker: "I am disappointed because (resolutions) are too weak."
1 hour ago
Amruta Trivedi
amrutatrivedi Amruta Trivedi
A prof during public comment calls for initiative to inform UC parents about contact info for state legislators "who raise tuition"
1 hour ago
Amruta Trivedi
amrutatrivedi Amruta Trivedi
Another speaker says senior admin has treated student protesters, not as allies, but as adversaries
1 hour ago
Amruta Trivedi
amrutatrivedi Amruta Trivedi
Speaker: "Resort to violence is systemic, ingrained"
1 hour ago
Amruta Trivedi
amrutatrivedi Amruta Trivedi
Prof. Speaker: "we have to recognize what police violence means for witnesses"
1 hour ago
Amruta Trivedi
amrutatrivedi Amruta Trivedi
Ananya Roy: "apology is fine for isolated event. But patterns require more than an apology"
1 hour ago
Amruta Trivedi
amrutatrivedi Amruta Trivedi
AAVP Julia Joung addressing faculty: "I am here to ask for your support of the fundamental issues of the #occupycal movement "
1 hour ago
Amruta Trivedi
amrutatrivedi Amruta Trivedi
Graduate Assembly Pres. Bahar Navab: "students not hit for encampment, they were batoned for peaceful expression...of frustration at UC"
1 hour ago
Amruta Trivedi
amrutatrivedi Amruta Trivedi
VC Le Grande: "I want to be advocate (of students) and improve student experience"
1 hour ago
Amruta Trivedi
amrutatrivedi Amruta Trivedi
Breslauer said senior administration is open to holding meetings with student representatives of #occupycal GA
1 hour ago
Amruta Trivedi
amrutatrivedi Amruta Trivedi
Breslauer calls for need of actionable ideas for how to address relevant socioeconomic issues
1 hour ago
Amruta Trivedi
amrutatrivedi Amruta Trivedi
Breslauer: "tactically, it would have been better to wait until middle of night to avoid confrontation when there were less people"
1 hour ago
Amruta Trivedi
amrutatrivedi Amruta Trivedi
EVC&P Breslauer said admin thought of people's park, tree-sit, Zuccotti park and occupy Oakland when enforcing policy of no encampments
1 hour ago
Amruta Trivedi
amrutatrivedi Amruta Trivedi
Birgeneau: "process (of clearing encampment) went as well as it could have" on nov. 15
1 hour ago
Amruta Trivedi
amrutatrivedi Amruta Trivedi
Birgeneau: "as chancellor, I was more disturbed than possibly other people in room" at police action of nov. 9
2 hours ago
Amruta Trivedi
amrutatrivedi Amruta Trivedi
Birgeneau said he told UCPD chief Celaya before nov. 9 he did not want "repeat of tear gas or pepper spray"
2 hours ago
Amruta Trivedi
amrutatrivedi Amruta Trivedi
Chancellor addresses @ucberkeley faculty members
2 hours ago
Amruta Trivedi
amrutatrivedi Amruta Trivedi
Speaker: "this academic senate mtg is a vehicle through which we can bring halt to police violence "
2 hours ago

"While students were calling the protest “non-violent,” the events on November 9th were anything but nonviolent."

that quote comes from this story:
UCLA Faculty Association UC-Berkeley Policy Statement

there are other links to read during the audio blackout of the UC Regents meeting:

Defending the Indefensible

Live blogging regents as best we can

Changing Universities Open Letter to President Yudof

Calbuzz What Jerry Brown Should Have Said About UC Davis

UC San Diego Statement on Police Responses to Protests

Several stories at California Progress Report
here are the titles of most interest:
Student Activists Deserve Our Thanks and

How Students Landed on the Frontlines of Class War and

Schrag's take on the Think Long Committee (which includes Cal's Laure D Andrea Tyson and G. Parsky, former Chair of the UC Regents.)
on UC Regent meeting, this update:
FYI @ 1pm PST :
dailycal Daily Californian
RT @daortellado Police carrying riot helmets seen leaving building #UCregents
1 minute ago

dailycal Daily Californian
RT @daortellado #UCregents meeting has been resumed via teleconference in a smaller, blocked-off room.
2 minutes ago

The Regents end the meeting with Blum asking to end in the memory of Chancellor Heyman- and Blum gives his often used line of "just what the university needed" - someone other than Blum should have said it-(he has said it about others and then later on said how someone new was needed)- and it is a shame that this is the meeting it was done at- this meeting was an aberration of -- EVERYTHING.
The public comment statements were the only thing legitimate about it- everything else, as one commenter said was "false dialogue" .
they adjourned - Yudof tells another unidentified regent they deserve the medal of valor and they all take off (Lansing had to beg them not to leave early) for other destinations --laughing and giggling as the audio cuts off...

here is: some of the audio from the meeting.
and also see
Proceedings Conducted Openly

WTH Is Happening @ The UC Regents Meeting?!

update II 12:35pm the audio for the Regents meeting has been taken down and it says "there are no upcoming events" for the past ten minutes...

update: the audio is coming in and out now on UC Regents meeting - they are playing with the mute buttons at various locations and saying the internet is up the internet is down-- regents who were not present during the roll call for public comment are now suddenly present for votes on the finance committee-- it would be nice to see an actual vote sheet of who voted and how and who was present for public comment...
-- there are going to be a lot of questions about how this public meeting is going down- esp. after the CSU backroom vote a few weeks ago...
Original post:
if you are listening on line - and that is what you are asking- you are listening to dead air for the past twenty minutes

We are left wondering -- if the regents meeting is continuing at other locations -- Why isn't the public being provided with the audio?

you can follow some of what is going on in the room by @dailycal
you must see the updated tweets!!! un be frickin lievable!

dailycal Daily Californian
RT @daortellado: #UCregents "temporarily adjourning" meeting at UCSF. Meeting is continuing via teleconference at other campuses. #highered
3 minutes ago

dailycal Daily Californian
RT @daortellado: Mtg mem: "#UCregents said they canceled their mtg b/c of threats of violence. You have to admit, that's a little ironic."
4 minutes ago

dailycal Daily Californian
RT @daortellado: Several meeting members are parents #UCregents #highered
8 minutes ago

dailycal Daily Californian
RT @daortellado: Audience member: "#UCregents are good leaders, but they are not your leaders." #highered
11 minutes ago

dailycal Daily Californian
RT @daortellado: #UCregents audience proposal to end people's mic passes #highered
14 minutes ago

dailycal Daily Californian
RT @daortellado: Gavin Newsom is sitting in a circle with #UCregents audience members, listening to proposals. #highered
14 minutes ago

dailycal Daily Californian
RT @daortellado: Gavin Newsom says he will join #UCregents audience meeting, cheering ensues: "We have one regent!" #highered
16 minutes ago

dailycal Daily Californian
RT @daortellado: Gavin Newsom has not left the room. Audience members are thanking him, asking him to join their meeting #UCregents
17 minutes ago

dailycal Daily Californian
RT @daortellado #UCregents meeting members discussing their support for the #refundca pledge
39 seconds ago

dailycal Daily Californian
RT @daortellado: The meeting appears to have adjourned. #UCregents leaving the room. #highered
18 minutes ago

dailycal Daily Californian
RT @daortellado: Yudof has left the room #UCregents #highered
19 minutes ago

dailycal Daily Californian
RT @daortellado: #UCregents meeting has come to a halt due to audience member meeting. #highered
20 minutes ago

dailycal Daily Californian
RT @daortellado: #UCregents audience holding up banner reading "THE REGENTS ARE THE 1%" #highered
21 minutes ago

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Reminder: UC Regent Meeting Monday Nov 28th

as if we need a reminder but -- anyway...


listen via the Internet at:

Also, if you are confused by or new to this set up on UC Regent meetings -here is: some background.

at 9:01am the link above displays this "Upcoming Events
Name Date
Currently there are no upcoming events." you have to keep hitting refresh or checking back until an "in progress" link appears and then click that link to listen. (Also the link to granicus that UCLA provided will just link to an error message- so use the granicus link above that works. These people don't even know the proper links for their own meetings with their arcane setup...)
okay it is 9:04am and the in progress link has finally appeared...

Is This Allowed Under Bagley Keene? Re Tomorrow's UC Regent Meeting

Take a close look at the instructions to media:
UC Regents meeting at UCLA and three other locations Monday, Nov. 28
By UC Office of the President November 26, 2011
Friday, Nov. 25, 2011
University of California Office of the President
(510) 987-9200

UC Regents meeting at four locations Monday, Nov. 28

The November meeting of the University of California Board of Regents, rescheduled and reconfigured after being postponed because of public safety concerns, will take place Monday, Nov. 28, at four locations: UC San Francisco-Mission Bay, UCLA, UC Davis and UC Merced. Public comment is scheduled for 9-10 a.m.

(NOTE: Contrary to misinformation circulating in the media and through social media, the UC Regents will not consider tuition increases for this academic year. No tuition action was ever planned for the November meeting. A proposed expenditure budget for 2012-13, which will serve as the basis for UC's funding request to the state, is the principal item up for action at this rescheduled and reconfigured meeting. The agenda will allow for an expanded discussion period – increased from the usual 20 minutes to one hour – in which students and members of the public may voicee their concerns and address comments to the board.)

The sites will be open to the public and connected to each other via teleconference. The public notice of the meeting, where they will take place on campuses and the agenda are available at

Those interested in the proceedings of the Nov. 28 meeting but unable to attend in person may listen via the Internet at


There are different procedures and arrangements for media at each campus. We recommend that media representatives bring credentials. Please see details for each site below.

UC San Francisco/Mission Bay

Procedures for media covering the meeting are the same as usual, although reporters are encouraged to bring valid press credentials. A press room, with a live audio feed, will be available. Parking in the 4th Street garage is recommended. Directions to the Mission Bay Community Center (1675 Owens St.):

UCSF shuttles run regularly from the 16th Street-Mission BART Station to the community center. For shuttle timetables: (red line)


Due to space considerations, working media must show a valid credential to gain access to the James West Alumni Center, where the meeting will be held. This is at the end of Westwood Plaza. A press check-in table will open at approximately 7 a.m. For security clearance, cameras must be in place in the meeting room by 8 a.m.

A press room and filing area will be available in Room 135 of the Morgan Center, directly across from the James West Alumni Center. The press room phone number is 310-267-5528. Live audio of the meeting will be broadcast in Bruin Plaza, adjacent to the Morgan Center.

The turnaround in front of the James West Alumni Center and Parking Structure 6 will not be available. Limited news van parking will be available in designated areas just north of the Henry Samueli School of Engineering and Applied Science building, near Westwood Plaza at Strathmore Drive. Handicapped spots in that area must remain clear. News vans may also park on the roof of Parking Structure 8. Follow the instructions of traffic officers and parking signage. Parking for passenger vehicles will be available in Structure 8. For a permit, show a valid press credential at the Westwood Plaza kiosk. Click to view parking map.

UCLA Media Contacts:
Steve Ritea, (310) 739-4062
Phil Hampton, (310) 466-8848

UC Davis

Media should proceed to the Activities and Recreation Center Ballroom on La Rue Road and park in lot #25. For free parking, members of the press should display either their business card or an official press credential on the dashboard of their vehicle. TV trucks broadcasting live will be directed to a parking area behind the Activities and Recreation Center.

UC Merced

Media should enter though the lobby in the Kolligian Library, where they will be directed to Room 232. Reporters may park free on campus if official press credentials issued by their affiliated media organization are clearly displayed on the dashboard of their vehicle. Media parking in spaces marked as reserved is not permitted.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

"UC has not punished a media adviser or other employee for protecting the free speech rights of students does not mean that university employees do not feel constrained and do not need protection,"

Read the old 2008 story on UC: Above the Law? from Inside Higher Ed
Now we are way beyond just 'feeling constrained'-- they've broken faculty members ribs, pulled 'em by the hair, knocked down their wives, made 'em 'crunchy' etc. when those professors were trying to protect students' first amendment rights. So, what do we think of what they said back in 2008 now? So much old business- warning signs, red flags- to be looked at again...

Told of the university's assertion that it has the right to opt out of the underlying free speech law, too, Goodman said via e-mail that the issue "all does come back to whether they support the protections in 66301 -- that the university should not have the authority to discipline students or engage in prior restraint of their expression when that expression would be protected by the First Amendment or the California Constitution if the expression occurred off campus." He added: " If they do agree with that, then they should have not a problem with SB 1370 as it only protects university employees from punishment for student expression that is already protected by 66301.

"No provision of [Part 40] shall apply to the University of California except to the extent that the Regents of the University of California, by appropriate resolution, make that provision applicable."
In this case, Hayward and Chastain warn, the regents do not plan to let the media adviser provision apply if it should become law.

yep, read the old 2008 story on UC: Above the Law? from Inside Higher Ed


reclaim UC has this section in this interesting post:

From: Robert J. Birgeneau
Sent: Thursday, December 10, 2009 8:59 PM
To: 'Claire Holmes'; Beata Fitzpatrick'; George Breslauer'; 'Phyllis Hoffman'
Cc: 'Janet Gilmore'
Subject: RE: DRAFT text for Wheeler story

Hi Claire,
I agree with the basic message. However, we need to find a new word other than "activists" to describe the protesters; that descriptor gives them too much gravitas. I prefer: intruders, occupiers, and/or protesters. Also, assuming that everything goes according to plan, I would like a quote expressing my admiration for the very professional way in which the police managed to apprehend and remove the illegal occupiers.

And this on Davis:
'Major reforms are needed because regardless of whoever is fired or resigns, it won't mean anything if we don't change policy and the way our institutions are run,' Adam Thongsavat, president of the Associated Students of the University of California, Davis, said in an interview. 'That's what's going to affect students and campus policy and bring awareness.'
The student government passed a resolution Monday night calling on the state attorney general's office to investigate campus police misconduct.
The students are demanding police go through sensitivity training, seek more student representation and review policies on student protests.
Katehi has already asked the Yolo County district attorney's office to investigate, and Chief Deputy District Attorney Jonathan Raven confirmed Tuesday that the department will look into the matter.
Attorney General Kamala Harris was deeply disturbed by the videos of the incident, spokeswoman Lynda Gledhill said Tuesday.
'She's confident they will conduct a quick and thorough investigation of the matter,' Gledhill said.

(the students have appealed to the CA AG before...)
Also-- while reading that DailyMail story kept thinking about the fact that there were at least two ASIAN officers who experienced problems at UC Davis -- perhaps not just anti gay but other issues as well.
Get better George.

Friday, November 25, 2011

The 'Moral Authority Of Political Favors' Also Known As "UC Regents"

will be meeting on November 28th--here is the agenda.


‘Occupy’ California Protesters Call For Strike To Shutdown College Campuses

According to a post on the Occupy Wall Street website, the UC Board of Regents on Monday will propose “drastic” budget reductions and a massive increase of fees. And the protesters are calling for action.

But UC spokesperson Dianne Klein tells TPM there’s no vote on Monday on budget issues or fee increases.

“There’s not a shred of truth in that,” she said. I don’t know where they got that.”

-- because, of course, students should only show up at only the meetings on the actual day of the vote on tuition increases -- how dare they remain active against tuition increases during all UC Regent meetings where staff and senior administrators lay the groundwork and continue the drum beat to increase tuition and fees...yes, indeed, how dare they?! I don't know where they got that.

on twitter--@mark_yudof aka Mark G. Yudof:
Please note: **There is no tuition item on Monday's regents meeting agenda, nor was there ever a tuition item scheduled.**

In other words... "the children/kids are hysterical, they don't even know what they are talking about!"--"go away!"

Robert Reich did a video for MoveOn a few days ago:

we went back to that ol' Moral Authority term that was so much en vogue in politics just a few short decades ago (afterall the Newtster is still hanging around)-- because of this story along with many others that make reference to morals and leaders in higher ed.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

The UC Version of Omertà?

update: Remaking the University has story on another link b/ween Penn State and UC Davis.)
original post:
change the subject
vilify the press, media,anyone who speaks
pivot, fixate only on drafting new policy, cover up
blame Sacramento,Californians, the simple or stupid people
it's a term that kept coming up a few weeks ago...due to that certain crisis at a school on the east coast.
see this post specific to how higher ed operates when faced with troubles

in this moment we can't just pivot to the budget and figuring out how to get more money for UC/higher ed

we can't just divide up into the 'let's fix Prop 13' group
or 'let's hit up the service sector' 'Think Long' group
or the David Crane whatever group's yet to be formed proposals
(and there are about another half dozen m/billionaire's think tank proposals for CA that we could continue to rattle off )

without paying attention to how the place is run

sending out rah rah communiques vilifying the press coverage -- or blaming some simplified media coverage (that does not exist) and encouraging everyone to 'shut up and keep it in the family' isn't going to work-- and it is the worst thing members of middle and upper management can do- because it looks like what it is -- Omertà behavior.

some brave people are openly talking about seeing serious burn out and admin failures in front of their eyes, others are talking about the damage that happens when you turn Chancellors into 300% time effort fundraisers-in-chief and what happens organizationally as a result--and it is showing for the organization- there are officers who are either being 'thrown under the bus', not directed properly or...who knows --and there are those who have left service because they faced abuse. Those are real problems - exposing real human suffering.

You can't just look away and focus on "other fish to fry"... believing that action is for another time and place or should be focused solely on one agenda.

and there's a window right now and a lot to be learned about how the place is run in these moments...
it is an opportunity to truly stand up for UC- in a lasting way.
Grateful for those who are stronger than Omertà
Grateful for Gabriel Zimmerman getting some 'props',and Chancellor Heyman, and Walt Hazzard
Grateful for those in a Haas computer room who got out safely
Grateful for Occupiers, General Strikers, The 99, Los Indignados, and everyone who got "crunchy" or "fried" and 'threw their bodies on the machine'-- and all others who are
Wide Awake (this plays with Homecoming first, just like the old vinyl 12 inch)

and so much more! Happy Thanksgiving.
P.S. An alternative to the new extreme consumerism 'sport' called Black Friday, a Season of Sharing -if you're so inclined. and are Republicans really saying this about Mrs UC Regent Blum?:"Sen. Feinstein can have the job as long as she wants it. " What about Independents?

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

"The office of the president should not be investigating itself in this matter, when one thing that needs to be investigated is what role the office had,"

not gonna fly
there's no legitimacy to it
it needs to be a real panel - (not the general counsel, a Cal favorite of UCOP, and Bratton)
it needs to be picked by the regents and students and faculty groups

Actually feel sad that Yudof can't see this or doesn't care to see was one thing he could have done- deferred to the other stakeholders to pick- in order to bring some stability and confidence in the admin back- but he blew it.

UC Faculty Group Decries Bill Bratton Leading Pepper Spray Probe UC faculty group decries Bill Bratton leading pepper spray probe
University of California faculty association says former L.A. Police Chief William Bratton, now a consultant, is the wrong choice to investigate the pepper spraying of UC Davis students.

"Some faculty, however, said that history is problematic.

"This is being led by a former cop who is charging a lot of money we don't have to spend and whose experience is not promoting free speech but figuring out efficient ways to deny free speech," said UC Irvine professor Mark LeVine, who is chairman of the faculty association at his campus. "There are a huge number of eminently qualified professors and scholars in house who could suggest outside people if need be and would have the trust of the majority of the university community.""

Just the optics of Bratton and the London debacle was enough to know this would not work.

and the pols see it too- this from St. Sen Leland Yee:
“While I applaud President Yudof’s action to conduct an ‘independent’ review, his plan ignores the insight, knowledge, and leadership of UC students. Students deserve more than just a seat on a panel; they should be integrally involved in this investigation and at the forefront of any effort to change campus police protocols and policies. Simply calling on ex-law enforcement officials and university executives doesn’t cut it.

While pushing this under the rug for 30 days may lessen the media attention, it doesn’t take that long to realize that there was police misconduct and a failure of administrative leadership. Requiring over a month to hold individuals accountable for a fiasco of this magnitude is unacceptable.”

UCSD-- a very cool mic check:

Must Read Details On UC Davis

you have to read the whole article- there are many sections with important background- and it links up a lot of different recent events at UC Davis- the latest twist extends even to UCSC:

"UC Davis needs to clean up its act.

This summer UC Santa Cruz hired Nader Oweis as their new chief. In 2007, Chief Oweis was nearly fired for failing to comply with an unlawful arrest order at Mrak Hall. Charges against protesters for trespassing would later be dropped when it was determined that Lt. Oweis was correct, that they could not arrest people for occupying a public building during regular business hours.

But, for his troubles, he was sent to the UC Medical Center after one of the Captains referred to him with an ethnic slur. Captain Leslie Brown was later terminated for acting inappropriately.

The climate at the UC Davis Police Department has been a problem for some time. It is unclear if Lt. Carmichael is part of that problem, but a much more serious inquiry needs to be looked at.

I wish I had confidence in William Bratton to do it."

It is written by David Greenwald, a UC alum.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

updated:"Sincere Full Responsibility" For The Divisive, Expensive, Protracted, Traumatic AfterMath?

ACLU's CPRA Request Letter To Katehi (what grade did Davis get from Cal Aware on the CPRA audit-- was it an "F" like UC Berkeley? just skimming that story and came across this line "UC Davis Chancellor Linda Katehi was given $100,000 for relocation and was not required to provide receipts or acquire pre-approval;", sigh)

Legislators to hold hearing on UC protests, police response

Protesters recount experiences at Nov. 9 Occupy Cal demonstration

Legislature schedules hearing on UC's use of police

We know UC likes to keep lots of law firms on retainer cuz -'stuff happens'- like:

"But an alleged anti-gay slur by Pike also figured in a racial and sexual discrimination lawsuit a former police officer filed against the department, which ended in a $240,000 settlement in 2008. Officer Calvin Chang's 2003 discrimination complaint against the university's police chief and the UC Board of Regents alleged he was systematically marginalized as the result of anti-gay and racist attitudes on the force, and he specifically claimed Pike described him using a profane anti-gay epithet." (read the whole article)

see this story and this story for more background on that matter..

What does "sincere and full responsibility" (which is the headline Cal's PR is using) look like?

UC Berkeley Academic Senate to vote on resolution of no confidence in senior administrators

Two active petitions:
here's one

here's the other (Katehi seems a six+ figures type so maybe the petition has to get to six figures -- it is at 80,000 right now)

Acting Governor Newsom vs. CSU's Chancellor On Backroom Tuition Hike Vote Issue

Gavin is acting as governor since Jerry Brown is on vacation for an undisclosed period of time at an undisclosed location (no Appalachian Trail, his wife is likely with him). Newsom is none too pleased about the way a vote on tuition increases was handled at CSU.

"As a violent skirmish broke out between police and protesters outside of the building - but about 10 feet from the auditorium - the trustees moved to a different room.

There they took two votes: one raising tuition, the other asking the state for an additional $471 million next year. Both passed, 9-6. An original budget proposal said the tuition increase would be rescinded if CSU received at least $138 million in new money from the state. The trustees removed that provision while meeting in the new room."

(bold emphasis added)
You can reach Newsom specifically on higher ed issues here.

'Crunchy' Revisited - Birgeneau Apologizes

damn - the poets always get to you:

"If there was trouble, we wanted to be there to do what we could to protect the students.

...reached out, shoved my wife in the chest and knocked her down...

Particularly shocking to me — it must be a generational reaction — was that they assaulted both the young men and the young women with the same indiscriminate force. If the students turned away, they pounded their ribs. If they turned further away to escape, they hit them on their spines.

I got whacked hard in the ribs twice and once across the forearm.

One of my colleagues, also a poet, Geoffrey O’Brien, had a broken rib. Another colleague, Celeste Langan, a Wordsworth scholar, got dragged across the grass by her hair ...

“Whose university?” the students had chanted. Well, it is theirs, and it ought to be everyone else’s in California. It also belongs to the future, and to the dead who paid taxes to build one of the greatest systems of public education in the world."

-Robert Hass is a professor of poetry and poetics at the University of California, Berkeley, and former poet laureate of the United States.
Birgeneau does a Katehi style half baked apology.

Note: Borrowing from the UC Regents he does it via audio only. He did it at an airport, on a layover.
Are you shocked and appalled? are you really?

UCD student: "I was coughing up blood, vomiting"

UCD student: "I was coughing up blood, vomiting"

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

The People's Vanguard of Davis - The Investigative Eye
Commentary: Katehi's Visit Does More Harm Than Good

Vanguard Analysis: Use of Pepper Spray Appears to Violate Both Law and UCD Policies

Independent Probe into UC Davis Police Misconduct Needed by St Senator Leland Yee
"Culture of silence" around campus crimes?
Many believe that, all-too-often, colleges are more concerned with their reputations than a victim's justice. And because schools have their own campus security, many crimes are never reported to outside law enforcement.

Former prosecutor Wendy Murphy said, "It's been a huge problem for a very long time. The fact that universities have their own police departments, in a sense, that can provide some degree of protection, of course, but they also provide insulation against real world oversight and accountability for crimes on campus."
November 28th is not going to be covered as a cerebral discussion of the budget at the UC Regents meeting -they will try to make the appearance of it- but large sections of the UC community are enraged and traumatized from events over the last two weeks.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Katehi Surfaces: "The University Needs Me,"

coverage and photos from the Quad at UC Davis today

and "I'm just telling you, I don't want to be the chancellor of the university we had on Friday." - but YOU WERE!! It was on your watch--YOU WERE!!_
pure ego...
for today's events at UC Davis: @CaliforniaAggie

This is the stuff current high school students' parents see-- damage done:

and David Buscho, Fifth Year Mechanical Engineering Student at the Univeristy of California at Davis along with Nathan Brown, English Professor at the University of California at Davis were on the Ed Show tonight.

Katehi also was booked but canceled at the last minute...

Jerry Brown silent on UC Davis incident, student protests
and KQED Forum has this:

imo she does not sound intelligent- she sounds like she lives in a bubble completely unaware of pepper spray use at UC Regents meetings and the issues at Berkeley just days before-- we were told she was sharp as a knife - but not seeing or hearing it. Today she referenced November 17, 1973 and a plaque on the quad- alluding, we believe, to Athens Polytechnic Uprising and she says she was there, so she knows... But, then she acts like she thinks sending a police force to remove students from encampment means --yet,it seems, bizarrely, in her mind-- that somehow the police are going to pull down the poles and fold the tents together with the students while making s'mores and telling ghost stories. And she thinks repeating the same scripted lines is going to help her - it doesn't!
Kase Wheatley, student at UCD and Michael Moore on The Last Word with Lawrence O'Donnell.
Now, need some music- so it's

Flashback: Prof. Bob Meister said "Why Are You Pepper Spraying Students Outside?" --They Are Spraying The Press Too!

Recall exactly one year ago almost to the day-- the UC Regents allowed the spraying of students and journalists with pepper spray at their meeting. See this old blog post. (the links to the local affiliate coverage are likely no longer working but we think it important to remember this incident from exactly one year ago-- do check out the link to KPIX CBS coverage that is still working -- it ends with this "Newsom said that if we give him six months he’ll find enough efficiencies in the $19 billion dollar UC budget to prevent any more increases.".)
here is part of it:
"Prof. Bob Meister asked that question during morning public comment -You can listen to the Regents meeting here

fyi, KGO, an ABC affiliate, and other reporters also got sprayed
they are spraying the press too--Cheryl Jennings, KGO anchor and health reporter, could see and hear the health problems their reporter was having and commented on it during a live 11am broadcast.

if you watch the video you can see people who are simply standing- they are giving no resistance and not near a barricade- and they are being sprayed close contact all over their upper body.

and you can see that they focused on one man who was simply standing with a sign - a Cal alum- and they gave it to him with batons and spray. He was not pushing shoving or anything.
Protestors are shouting:
“UC Me? UC worker poverty. UC Me? UC student poverty.”

Let us also remember this from the Cal situation:
Celaya said officers chose not to use pepper spray and tear gas on protesters last week because the effects can be worse than using batons.

But as police plan for this week's protests, Celaya said, "I'm looking at it."

Seems like this was not something UC Davis could not have anticipated well in advance...given that Cal was openly discussing it with the press.

Yudof is asking for different protocols of each campus to be reviewed-- who reviews the UC Regents protocols?

There is this already on the books, does Yudof know about it?:
Seventh Update | Not that it’s a surprise, but here’s confirmation, via @saramayeux on Twitter: The use of force at Davis yesterday violated UC’s Universitywide Police Policies and Administrative Procedures.
Firing college presidents: Katehi deserves Spanier’s fate

"UC Davis has just announced that Police Chief Annette Spicuzza has been placed on administrative leave,"

BREAKING NEWS: Police Chief Place on Admin Leave
Why I walked Chancellor Katehi out of Surge II

and carefully read this earlier post of hers: Occupy UC Davis

"The ironies are overwhelming. Instead of insuring the stated “highest goal,” the police are violating the safety of the campus community. If the administration is dismayed about the response of the police, who is in charge? If certain members of the administration and staff are too overwhelmed due to budget cuts to respond appropriately, are they not also part of the 99%? I suggested this to AVC Castro and wondered out loud why she didn’t join the Occupiers. In the nine years I have known AVC Castro I have watched her health deteriorate and her control over her own life wane, all in faithful service to the university. This is not a rant against any one person, rather a depiction of a disturbingly dysfunctional system, a call for open and democratic dialogue, and a plea for leadership."

Chancellor's Hasty Retreat Covers Up Major Errors and Oversights That Directly Caused Fiasco

Sunday Commentary: The Whole World is Watching

Changing Universities has this new post.

Remaking continues to update with new links.

Other MSM coverage is likely in front of you available on TV, Phone, Radio etc.
Rally at the Quad at Davis at 12PM today.
UCLA Faculty Association on the group going by the name “Think Long”- we've previously posted on this and other billionaire efforts that some regents and faculty have been involved with...
"Adrienne Kandel

11/20/11 - 12:32 PM
Back to the comments about the chancellor's salary:
The questionable argument that the Chancellor deserves exceedingly high pay from public pockets rests on her doing her job meaningfully better than potential competitors. Added to that is her working triple time, if I understood one vice-chancellor's argument, so that the pay per hour while high to most of us is needed to retain talent. This exceptional talent should be able to foresee an Occupy problem and develop a clear policy for the UCD police, in writing, and that policy should preclude the recent atrocity and treat it accordingly, including firing police officers like pepper-sprayer Mr. Pike who are not fit to work in weapons-wielding jobs. As an exceptional talent, Ms. Katehi should know how to handle a triple-time load, delegating duties where need be and in function of importance.
So far, it is looking like the hypothesis that Ms. Katehi has such exceptional talent has been tested and proven false. If investigations show Ms. Katehi to be an uninformed and overworked dupe, she might consider admitting she doesn’t have that exceptional talent but is so invested in UCD’s success she has lots to offer (listing what) and would happily work for UCD at a professor’s salary if we gave her another chance. Her free housing would be deducted or removed, and she’d compete with other candidates for the same job and salary."
-- and there are many other really good comments found at this story.

ditto on Birgeneau who has PR folks commenting to puff pieces on him in DailyCal

just make the gender different and the passage could read the same for him : "consider admitting she doesn’t have that exceptional talent but is so invested in UCDB’s success she has lots to offer (listing what) and would happily work for UCDB at a professor’s salary if we gave herim another chance. Heris free housing would be deducted or removed, and she’d compete with other candidates for the same job and salary."
One of the petitions for Katehi's resignation has reached 55,000

and there is this petition "Dr. Birgeneau, Dr. Breslauer, Mr. LeGrande & Mr. Celaya: Resign, effective immediately."
and this bumbling epic fail:

see how easy it is for UC to use video and archive it when they want to?! - but they won't use this technology for UC Regent meetings -- and especially for votes on “We’ve got to get this business done, and we’ve got to get this done soon,” -whatever this is..

we need a new way of having UC Regents meetings

Sunday, November 20, 2011

UC Chancellors C.Y.A Session With Yudof

President Yudof responds to campus protest issues -- why do they call it "campus protest issues?!"

and DailyCal has more comment on this from Student Regent:

Student Regent Alfredo Mireles, Jr., and Student Regent-designate Jonathan Stein also issued a press release Sunday condemning police violence at UC Davis and warning of a threat to students’ first amendment rights on UC campuses.

“Campus administrators should know how to deal with peaceful protests, but as we have seen at Berkeley and Davis they clearly do not,” Mireles said in the release. “We need system wide guidelines to help prevent future violence perpetrated against students.”

The higher ups want 'the branding of FSM and Mario Savio'-- but they haven't a clue about it in practice.


Throwing 'Em Under The Bus To Save Your Job

the UCDPD chief Spicuzzi (sp?) just was interviewed by Ted Rowlands on CNN and said she can't talk about details anymore but that the two officers will get their 'due process'-- but what about her and Katehi?
Two stories :
UC Davis Officers Suspended Over Pepper Spray Incident
(it looks like UC is fine with the MSM calling 'administrative leave' a 'suspension' in this instance-in other cases they make sure to make the distinction and ensure the MSM make the distinction- perhaps the Chancellors involved in these cases should be put on administrative leave as well...)and this quote does not help her at all given her earlier quotes:
"She said she authorized police to remove the tents, but not to use the pepper spray in the manner shown on the video. "Absolutely not," she said."
UC Davis chief launches probe into pepper-spraying of Occupy protesters

All UC Chancellors are (and were) aware of the possibilities -- she handled all of it from preparation to aftermath poorly--the damage to UC does not flow just from the spray - it is also the responses coming from the administration in the aftermath.

It starts at the top- and the buck stops with her.

She needs to go.
And it's crickets as usual from UCOP and the UC Regents -- her bosses.

See University Probe
and Remaking the University
and Davis Vanguard with some very interesting quotes from administration during this crisis, including: ""The Chancellor is unavailable due to her triple booked schedule to move forward her agenda of globalization and internationalization of the university."

oh, she is so overworked and underpaid...
UCDavis Chancellor Katehi salary: $382,249.32
Gov. Jerry Brown's salary: $173,987
running the state as compared to running a campus--gimme a break.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

A Letter To Linda P. (epper-spray da) B.(astards) Katehi, and a link to petition for her removal

check out these photos
Open Letter to Chancellor Linda P.B. Katehi
thanks to you and Birgeneau for buying the UC system multi multi bazillions of dollars of negative world wide press! Forbes and Time are even disgusted by the whole thing!
Katehi's new letter of "sadness" (contrary to press characterizations-she never apologized) and an internal task force isn't going to fix it. already a petition to the governor for her immediate resignation or firing has garnered more than 10,000+ signatures.

her initial response was pathetic

it makes her site laughable
Militarization of Campus Police Bob Ostertag at UC Davis
some of the highlights at UC Davis in recent years during her term to give you a feel for the 'culture':

UC Davis Chancellor's Actions Cause Concern (2009)

New UC Davis Chancellor Linked to "Clout" Admissions Probe (2009)

UC Davis Pays Settlement To Whistleblower Over Retaliation- Food Stamps Program Involved (2010)

UC Davis food pantry opens for students in need (2011)

UC Davis Principles Apparently Also Include the Undermining of Civil Rights Protections for Employees (2010)

Former UC Davis Employee Sentenced For Theft - Food Stamp Program Involved (2009)

UC Davis Uses Anti-SLAPP Provisions To Kill Prof's Discrimination Lawsuit (2009)

Former UCD Police Officer SLAPPed For 20K in Fees in Civil Rights Suit (2010)

UC Davis Prof Asked Students How To Grade Fellow Student (2011)

Shameful Gender Discrimination at UC Davis Veterinary School (2011)

UC Davis’s Discriminatory Non-Discrimination Policy (2011)

UC Davis police and administration infiltrate peaceful student protest op-ed (2011)

UC Davis Acknowledges Errors in Handling of Police Matter But Denies Infiltrating Student Protests (2011)

UCD Professor Ordered To Pay 30K for Violating University’s First Amendment Rights (2011)

UC Davis Director of Campus Violence Prevention Pleads No Contest,Felony Counts- Embezzlement,Keeping False Accts (2011)

UC Davis Violated Title IX, Judge Rules (2011)

UC DAVIS / UC settles former wrestling coach's lawsuit for $725,000

UC Davis Employee Contends Non-Union Workers Have Received Raises All Along, In Contrast to President Yudof's Claims (2011)

UC Davis Sued For Allegedly Ignoring Abusive Hazing At University Fraternity (2011)
seems like Birgeneau lost his objectivity a long time ago- it is personal for him - he has a grudge-- that is how this section reads:
Two weeks after the Wheeler Hall protest, Birgeneau awoke to find dozens of protesters surrounding his home on campus. Some hurled torches at his windows and smashed lights in his yard.“I know that stung for him,” Claire Holmes, associate vice chancellor of public affairs at Berkeley, said. “He was terrified.”

Source: The Bay Citizen (

that was a separate incident with a different group - not part of anything in the present day - yet his PR folks are referencing it as something that was in his mind...
One hour of public comment at the UC Regents meeting is not going to suffice to tap down the outrage. Reputational damage will be long lasting. It is going to be quite a meeting.

Witness What Happened At UC Davis

Police pepper spraying and arresting students at UC Davis

Pictures from Davis Enterprise here

Huffington Post has more coverage

UC Davis Professor Calls On University Chancellor To Resign

UC Davis Newspaper Issues Statement On Contributors Caught Up In Police Action

Occupy Davis Releases Statement About Occupy UC Davis

hat tip to: "when students and others took up residence on the UC Davis Quad, UC apparently thought the best way to deal with it, was to enforce their rules and clear the Quad. And now we have pictures of peaceful protesters getting maced and pepper-sprayed." Written by UC alum David Greenwald
Occupy Davis Releases Statement About Occupy UC Davis
Occupy Davis' Bernie Goldsmith sent this in to HuffPost.

At Occupy Davis relations with the democratically elected city council and local police forces have been genial and productive. The authorities have worked continuously to harmonize the occupation’s presence with the park and surrounding businesses and ensure that all aspects of the encampment remain non-violent. Those in charge of using force are aware that they are democratically elected officials that are directly accountable to the people.
Occupy UC Davis, a mere three blocks away, is under the jurisdiction of an undemocratic, appointed regime of force over which its subjects have no meaningful democratic control. The authorities there attacked non-violent protesters with indifference, and, in some cases, a clear display of sadistic pleasure. There could be no better illustration of the differences between a democratic, accountable public safety effort and a fascist, totalitarian, unaccountable police state. The students of UC Davis have no meaningful voice, and that is reflected at the very top of the administration down to the officer on the ground who can spice up his day with a confident sense of utter, unassailable impunity.
As for the message of the protest, I have no direct comment, because the police on the scene made a far more compelling case through their brutal actions than my printed words ever could.
God bless those who sat for our rights that day, submitting their bodies to be brutalized, sacrificing themselves to expose injustice. They truly are the heroes of humanity.

also see earlier/other coverage at Remaking The University

Friday, November 18, 2011

Do you know if holding the UC Regents Meeting by phone violates public meeting laws?

this is a question that has come in from a few folks.
Our take on it:
According to the UC Regents page on the rescheduled meeting:

1-there is going to be time for public comment in four public meeting spaces (they have extended public comment to 1 hour),

2-they have posted the agenda and location, given public notice.

3-Historically, they have held teleconferenced committee meetings regularly and regent meetings have been teleconferenced in emergency cases (e.g. swine flu- some might say now they are doing it because of the pigs at the trough epidemic)- anyway, they have done it before--(even if sometimes it was from the Savoy in London and the Costa Del Sol,Spain and other exotic locales etc.)

so they are making the gestures and appearances of trying to be in compliance with public meeting laws.

But, the fact that they canceled a scheduled meeting and refuse to provide real tangible info/proof of the reason/s why might be cause for a FOIA or other request to find out more detail about the reasons for the sudden cancellation.

And, the Chair of the Regents (Lansing) is likely going to have to explain why the cancellation was not put to a full regent vote - and detail where the prerogative of the three (Lansing, Yudof, Varner) to cancel comes from or cite where it is written in the charter.

First Amendment Coalition also has written this recent post and they also have a Q and A section so they may be able to answer if enough folks ask them about this particular question on this issue.


Cal Aware also may be able to point to recent cases.

we recall other old events like Gov Wilson engaging in phone calls with the UC Regents that involved a battle with the Daily Nexus

but this is not a private or one-on-one phone call the UC Regents will be engaging - it is a teleconference type of meeting.

Experts: if you happen to know or want to opine feel free to leave a comment. Tx.
This is part of the problem of UC autonomy- and many questions are being raised nationwide about the blurry lines of public higher ed autonomy- especially when the shit hits the fan. now we need leg. and policy answers to unblur these lines-- so that they are all held to the same level of accountability and transparency like other public institutions.

-what we really need-a ballot initiative to allow voters to change the appointment process and terms of the UC Regents--
Bobby Brown-My Prerogative

Transfer Students Should Run In The Opposite Direction Of UC

they are preparing to give you a 'sub prime education':
"Edley said the online education would be mainly catered to students who have the grades from community colleges but do not necessarily have the money and time to attend the University of California."
Boalt Faculty Condemn Police Violence 2011-11-15
UC Berkeley School of Law faculty condemn police actions at Occupy Cal
--Black Friday Premier on Education, Healthcare, Job and Financial Reform--
Maybe Occupy should just say they are waiting for a black friday sale on education, jobs, healthcare? They don't seem to mind tents for consumerism, in fact, tell them you are waiting in line for that Twilight movie.
Light Sabers and Occupy-- note that the red colored light saber belongs to the empire...

Ewok Adventure!: University of California gets 4,584-acre forestland donation
speaking of Ewoks...Cal Bear pens Occupy song. ---valedictorian...
and this petition is gaining momentum- sign if you are so inclined.

Phoning It In - UC Regents Meeting Rescheduled For Nov. 28

on a $22 Billion dollar Public Land Grant Institution:

UC Regents Meeting Rescheduled For Nov. 28

will they be joining the meeting from the London Savoy or from the Costa Del Sol - or will it be from Tennessee or other states- as they have in past meetings when they teleconferenced?

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Yudof: "We also suffer together the strains caused by what has been a long pattern of state disinvestment in the University of California."

do you agree with that statement? 'suffer together the strains'...?!

Statement on student protests by Mark G. Yudof on Wednesday, November 16, 2011

A Funding Fantasy- Yudof’s promise to stave off tuition increases and request $400 million from the state might have the right intentions, but it’s a proposal that holds no air.

Getting To The Truth... eventually

Remember when we were being told - by Cal PR people and a reporter for DailyCal-that Birgeneau was attending a 'cyber security forum' during the demos last week? Well, it turns out-he was there for this : Berkeley Reveals Plan for Academic Center in China
looks like Engineering, then- expanding to Law, B-School and I-School
There also is this great piece:Five Theses on Privatization and the UC Struggle
The following speech by Nathan Brown was delivered at the UC system-wide strike rally held at UC Davis on November 15:

a favorite is :
"THESIS ONE: Tuition increases are the problem, not the solution.

In 2005 tuition was $6,312. Tuition is currently $13,218. What the Regents were supposed to be considering this week — before their meeting was cancelled due to student protest — was UC President Yudof’s plan to increase tuition by a further 81% over the next four years. On that plan, tuition would be over $23,000 by 2015-2016. If that plan goes forward, in ten years tuition would have risen from around $6,000 to around $23,000.

What happened?

The administration tells us that tuition increases are necessary because of cuts to state funding. According to this argument, cuts to state funding are the problem, and tuition increases are the solution. We have heard this argument from the administration and from others many times.

To argue against this administrative logic, I’m going to rely on the work of my colleague Bob Meister, a professor at UC Santa Cruz and the President of the UC Council of Faculty Associations. Professor Meister has written a series of important open letters to UC students, explaining why tuition increases are in fact the problem, not the solution to the budget crisis. What Meister explains is that the privatization of the university—the increasing reliance on tuition payments (your money) rather than state funding—is not a defensive measure on the part of the UC administration to make up for state cuts. Rather, it is an aggressive strategy of revenue growth: a way for the university to increase its revenue more than it would be able to through state funding.

This is the basic argument: privatization, through increased enrollments and constantly increasing tuition, is first and foremost an administrative strategy to bring in more revenue. It is not just a way to keep the university going during a time of state defunding. What is crucial to this argument is the way that different sources of funding can be used.

State funds are restricted funds. This means that a certain portion of those funds has to be used to fund the instructional budget of the university. The more money there is in the instructional budget, the more money is invested in student instruction, in the quality of your education. But private funds, tuition payments, are unrestricted funds. This means there are no restrictions on whether those funds are spent on student instruction, on administrative pay, or anything else.

What Professor Meister uncovered through his research into the restructuring of UC funding is that student tuition (your money) is being pledged as collateral to guarantee the university’s credit rating. What this allows the university to do is borrow money for lucrative investments, like building contracts or “capital projects” as they are called. These have no relation to the instructional quality of the institution. And the strong credit rating of the university is based on its pledge to continue raising tuition indefinitely.

Restricted state funds cannot be used for such purposes. Their use is restricted in such a way as to guarantee funding for the instructional budget. This restriction is a problem for any university administration whose main priority is not to sustain its instructional budget, but rather to increase its revenues and secure its credit rating for investment projects with private contractors.

So for an administration that wants to increase UC revenues and to invest in capital projects (rather than maintaining the quality of instruction) it is not cuts to public funding that are the problem; it is public funding itself that is the problem, because public funding is restricted.

What is happening as tuition increases is that money is being shifted out of instructional budgets and into private credit markets, as collateral for loans used for capital projects. Because of this, and because of increased enrollment, as university revenue increases the amount of money spent on instruction, per student, decreases. Meanwhile, students go deeper and deeper into debt to pay for their education. Using tuition payments as collateral, the university secures loans for capital projects. In order to pay their tuition, students borrow money in the form of student loans. The UC system thus makes a crucial wager: that students will be willing to borrow more and more money to pay higher and higher tuition.

Why would students do so? Because, the argument goes, a university education is an investment in your future—because it will “pay off” down the line. This logic entails an implicit social threat: if you do not take on massive debt to pay for a university degree, you will “fall behind”—you will be at a disadvantage on the job market, and you will ultimately make less money. The fear of “falling behind,” in the future, results in a willingness to pay more in the present, which is essentially a willingness to borrow more, to go further into debt in order to make more money later.

But is it actually true that a university degree continues to give students a substantial advantage on the job market? It is now the case that 50% of university students, after graduating, take jobs that do not require a university degree. It used to be the case that there was a substantial income gap between the top 20% of earners, who had university degrees, and the bottom 80% of earners, who did not. But since 1998, nearly all income growth has occurred in the top 1% of the population, while income has been stagnant for the bottom 99%. This is what it means to be “part of the 99%”: the wealth of a very small segment of the population increases, and you’re not in it.

What this means is that the advantage of a university degree is far less substantial than it used to be, though you pay far more for that degree. The harsh reality is that whether or not you have a university degree, you will probably still “fall behind.” We all fall behind together. The consequence is that students have recently become less willing to take out more and more debt to pay tuition. It is no longer at all clear that the logic of privatization will work, that it is sustainable. And what this means is that the very logic upon which the growth of the university is now based, the logic of privatization, is in crisis, or it will be. Student loan debt is a financial “bubble,” like the housing bubble, and it cannot continue to grow indefinitely.

To return to my thesis: what this means for our university—not just for students, but especially for students—is that increasing tuition is the problem, not the solution.

What we have to fight, then, is the logic of privatization. And that means fighting the upper administration of the UC system, which has enthusiastically taken up this logic, not as a defensive measure, but as an aggressive program to increase revenue while decreasing spending on instruction."

the only thing to add to this would be to footnote the Wall St. resumes of those who work at UCOP and on the Board of Regents to further support this thesis...and be sure to also read Thesis 3 esp. if you were on the bus to Sacto this week...
Remaking the University has great links to coverage.