Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The 2020 Challenge

Occupy Protesters March to UC president's Office

forgot to also include this update: UC Berkeley Academic Senate Discusses Reports on UC governance

Take a look at this Frontline Documentary -- in the last two chapters-toward the end of the documentary- it discusses the Obama 2020 challenge to increase higher ed grad rates etc.-- and how for profits are going to have to play a part -- what is UC's response to this? The piece includes many comparisons to the UC system and refers to UC throughout the 2010 documentary, many examples from N. and S. California and Rep. George Miller included-and the last part talks about the competition between public and private to fulfill the 2020 challenge outlined by the POTUS- so it is worth viewing if you haven't already. You may not be attending or working at a "for profit" - but you need to understand what is happening there to understand how it plays into the push-pull happening in non profit public higher ed.
There are more Frontline documentaries on education available: here.
the PR people want to hear sweet nothings about Cal: What you think about UC Berkeley
The Labs have a new head honcho: Livermore Lab director named
Reminder:There is a special UC Regent meeting on compliance on November 7th- here is the agenda.
If you want to see the Occupy coverage from Oakland see HuffPo and DailyCal-- local and national networks also have coverage...Rachel Maddow also waxed poetic on the Mormon Temple and the Grand Lake Theater and had a bunch of great coverage on the General Strike.
It was a Beautiful Day

kept thinking about that one lone fruit cart worker in the middle east all those months ago

and When I Look At The World might be a better fit- folks having different opinions on a number of things but joined in being the 99%. Today, you could clearly see that people were providing a catharsis for each other and empowering each other,
it was a beautiful day.

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