Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Acting Governor Newsom vs. CSU's Chancellor On Backroom Tuition Hike Vote Issue

Gavin is acting as governor since Jerry Brown is on vacation for an undisclosed period of time at an undisclosed location (no Appalachian Trail, his wife is likely with him). Newsom is none too pleased about the way a vote on tuition increases was handled at CSU.

"As a violent skirmish broke out between police and protesters outside of the building - but about 10 feet from the auditorium - the trustees moved to a different room.

There they took two votes: one raising tuition, the other asking the state for an additional $471 million next year. Both passed, 9-6. An original budget proposal said the tuition increase would be rescinded if CSU received at least $138 million in new money from the state. The trustees removed that provision while meeting in the new room."

(bold emphasis added)
You can reach Newsom specifically on higher ed issues here.

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