Tuesday, November 22, 2011

'Crunchy' Revisited - Birgeneau Apologizes

damn - the poets always get to you:

"If there was trouble, we wanted to be there to do what we could to protect the students.

...reached out, shoved my wife in the chest and knocked her down...

Particularly shocking to me — it must be a generational reaction — was that they assaulted both the young men and the young women with the same indiscriminate force. If the students turned away, they pounded their ribs. If they turned further away to escape, they hit them on their spines.

I got whacked hard in the ribs twice and once across the forearm.

One of my colleagues, also a poet, Geoffrey O’Brien, had a broken rib. Another colleague, Celeste Langan, a Wordsworth scholar, got dragged across the grass by her hair ...

“Whose university?” the students had chanted. Well, it is theirs, and it ought to be everyone else’s in California. It also belongs to the future, and to the dead who paid taxes to build one of the greatest systems of public education in the world."

-Robert Hass is a professor of poetry and poetics at the University of California, Berkeley, and former poet laureate of the United States.
Birgeneau does a Katehi style half baked apology.

Note: Borrowing from the UC Regents he does it via audio only. He did it at an airport, on a layover.
Are you shocked and appalled? are you really?

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