Monday, November 21, 2011

Flashback: Prof. Bob Meister said "Why Are You Pepper Spraying Students Outside?" --They Are Spraying The Press Too!

Recall exactly one year ago almost to the day-- the UC Regents allowed the spraying of students and journalists with pepper spray at their meeting. See this old blog post. (the links to the local affiliate coverage are likely no longer working but we think it important to remember this incident from exactly one year ago-- do check out the link to KPIX CBS coverage that is still working -- it ends with this "Newsom said that if we give him six months he’ll find enough efficiencies in the $19 billion dollar UC budget to prevent any more increases.".)
here is part of it:
"Prof. Bob Meister asked that question during morning public comment -You can listen to the Regents meeting here

fyi, KGO, an ABC affiliate, and other reporters also got sprayed
they are spraying the press too--Cheryl Jennings, KGO anchor and health reporter, could see and hear the health problems their reporter was having and commented on it during a live 11am broadcast.

if you watch the video you can see people who are simply standing- they are giving no resistance and not near a barricade- and they are being sprayed close contact all over their upper body.

and you can see that they focused on one man who was simply standing with a sign - a Cal alum- and they gave it to him with batons and spray. He was not pushing shoving or anything.
Protestors are shouting:
“UC Me? UC worker poverty. UC Me? UC student poverty.”

Let us also remember this from the Cal situation:
Celaya said officers chose not to use pepper spray and tear gas on protesters last week because the effects can be worse than using batons.

But as police plan for this week's protests, Celaya said, "I'm looking at it."

Seems like this was not something UC Davis could not have anticipated well in advance...given that Cal was openly discussing it with the press.

Yudof is asking for different protocols of each campus to be reviewed-- who reviews the UC Regents protocols?

There is this already on the books, does Yudof know about it?:
Seventh Update | Not that it’s a surprise, but here’s confirmation, via @saramayeux on Twitter: The use of force at Davis yesterday violated UC’s Universitywide Police Policies and Administrative Procedures.
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