Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Haas B School at Cal has reports of a shooting

more here. and Police shoot gun-wielding man at UC business school

Daily Cal is getting huge traffic and hard to access, in case you were wondering. here is their coverage

See HuffPo: UC Berkeley Shooting: University Spokesman Confirms Shots Fired At Haas School Of Business
This was the Cal WarnMe:
"Shooting reported at Haas School; WarnMe activated

By Steve McConnell, NewsCenter | November 15, 2011

Campus officials report that a shooting took place Tuesday afternoon at the Haas School of Business.

The suspect was seen carrying a gun. A staff member reported this to the police, who responded immediately. The suspect entered a computer room, where police followed him and asked him to put up his hands. The suspect then pulled out the gun, and police shot him.

The area is now contained, and the Haas School has been evacuated until further notice.

The police remain on the scene, and the victim is en route to the hospital. No other injuries have been reported, and there is no indication of other shooters.

UC Berkeley’s Warn Me system has been activated by police, but the campus is not asking the community to shelter in place.

Updates of this incident will be forthcoming.

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