Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Goin' 'Rogue'? Sista Sarah Joins OccupyCal?

it could happen-

Many are calling for Birgeneau's ouster-- but who replaces him and how much say do community members have over his replacement? The 1% gets to make the ultimate decision.

The cancellation of the UC Regents meeting due to rogue groups attaching themselves to peaceful protestors is reminiscent of Stanford Provost Rice's mushroom cl--ds and Dean Chemerinsky's (of UC Irvine's Law School) former Vanity Fair cover girl client's troubles over others making false claims about yellow (cup)cakes with uran --oh, see the table of elements or something...(if those terms are actually put into a post -- well, one can imagine the SEO tags that result etc...)

Is John Yoo going to help Birgeneau review the response and reports?

Some are saying the regents take no salary and have no power other than to manage the decline of UC that Sacto is forcing on UC-- but the Sacto blame also involves constituent 'blame' and--

the Regents well, they actually do have power- they talk about it all the time at the regent table- how they have PACs (political action committees etc.) and how they lobby for their own businesses etc. how they sit on think tanks run by billionaires interested in the "future of CA". They have power and influence and their private investments are linked to the business of the university and they use the regent status to buttress it. but the regents meetings aren't archived or broadcast and so it can't be easily documented and shown to the public- this dynamic remains amorphous to those outside the system...it takes listening or attending the regents meetings live, reading a number of news articles and a relationship chart that a less and less educated and overworked society does not have time, energy, inclination and in certain cases basic skills to understand- that is not an elitest statement, it is a fact. If you understand it -- you DO know more than most-- this is also why the constituents don't care about funding for UC -- they just see the gamesmanship and are turned off- something doesn't smell right to them.

UC Regents don't allow broadcast and archive of their meetings and can cancel their meetings when they want to -- they are autonomous but they want the state money and more state money, now!

It is strange the regents felt the need to make mention that no tuition increase action was going to take place at this particular meeting-that really does not matter. UCSA reps and the student regent both made comments immediately after the last meeting that there would likely be a large showing of students at the november regent meeting b/c students wanted an ongoing dialogue in advance of the March tuition increase vote. why do the regents expect that protest or student activism should only be at the meetings where voting on tuition increase take place? They love the rare meetings in San Diego-- where close to no one attends...

We need to make the UC Regents abide by open Ca meeting laws that other state agencies/governing bodies have to abide by...

some other observations:
the PR people at Cal are giving quotes like: 'we don't like to hurt our students' -- 'we will try not to be violent in the future' -- good grief!

News Coverage and more new links, details at:
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and read the text on a no confidence vote that the Academic Senate will take up.

"Resolution on Administrative Authorization and Justification of Police Violence
Against Non-Violent Campus Protestors

Whereas, Non-violent political protest engages fundamental rights of free assembly and free speech, and

Whereas, November 9th efforts by protestors to set up and remain in a temporary encampment near Sproul Hall constitutes non-violent political protest, and

Whereas, These non-violent actions were met with a brutal and dangerous police response (see, e.g., http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=buovLQ9qyWQ&feature=share), a response authorized in advance as well as retroactively justified by Chancellor Birgeneau, Executive Vice Chancellor Breslauer and Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs LeGrand, and

Whereas, This is the third time in two years that such police violence has been unleashed upon protesters at Berkeley, with resulting bodily injuries to protestors, student and faculty outrage, a series of expensive lawsuits against the university, a tarnished university image, and a severely compromised climate for free expression on campus;

Therefore be it Resolved that the Berkeley Division of the Academic Senate has lost confidence in the ability of Chancellor Birgeneau, EVC Breslauer and VC LeGrand to respond appropriately to non-violent campus protests, to secure student welfare amidst these protests, to minimize the deployment of force and to respect freedom of speech and assembly on the Berkeley campus."

and Daily Cal's live blog of events today...

¡Cuídate! Everybody!

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