Monday, November 28, 2011

Justice Reynoso,Chair Task Force on Pepper Spray Incident, Gives Phone Interview - Davis Vanguard

Former Supreme Court Justice Cruz Reynoso Named to Chair Task Force on Pepper Spray Incident

"The task will not be to investigate, the task will be to review the report that will be made and to give our own reactions," the former Justice told the Vanguard.

The task force will review the report and make recommendations to Ms. Katehi on steps that should be taken to ensure the safety of peaceful protesters on campus. She will present her implementation plan to Yudof.

a student comment in that story:
The Vanguard spoke with Eric Lee, one of the student protesters who did not know much about Cruz Reynoso, but was strongly opposed to William Bratton being named to head up the investigation.

"The fact that Bill Bratton is on that committee is terrifying," he told the Vanguard. "This is a man who led militarized police on working class neighborhoods in Los Angeles to round up indigent people under the assumption that they would be committing criminal acts."

"He is the father of one of the most classist political theories... the broken windows theory," he said. "If this guy is on the task force, I frankly don't care who else is."

"More importantly it doesn't matter who is on the task force, because the task force itself is a joke. We don't want a task force - we want Chancellor Katehi to resign. Anything less than that is not anything that we're interested in being a part of."

Mr. Lee is not the only one with deep concerns:
CUCFA Letter to President Yudof objecting to hiring William Bratton to investigate UC Davis pepper-spray incident

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