Monday, November 21, 2011

Katehi Surfaces: "The University Needs Me,"

coverage and photos from the Quad at UC Davis today

and "I'm just telling you, I don't want to be the chancellor of the university we had on Friday." - but YOU WERE!! It was on your watch--YOU WERE!!_
pure ego...
for today's events at UC Davis: @CaliforniaAggie

This is the stuff current high school students' parents see-- damage done:

and David Buscho, Fifth Year Mechanical Engineering Student at the Univeristy of California at Davis along with Nathan Brown, English Professor at the University of California at Davis were on the Ed Show tonight.

Katehi also was booked but canceled at the last minute...

Jerry Brown silent on UC Davis incident, student protests
and KQED Forum has this:

imo she does not sound intelligent- she sounds like she lives in a bubble completely unaware of pepper spray use at UC Regents meetings and the issues at Berkeley just days before-- we were told she was sharp as a knife - but not seeing or hearing it. Today she referenced November 17, 1973 and a plaque on the quad- alluding, we believe, to Athens Polytechnic Uprising and she says she was there, so she knows... But, then she acts like she thinks sending a police force to remove students from encampment means --yet,it seems, bizarrely, in her mind-- that somehow the police are going to pull down the poles and fold the tents together with the students while making s'mores and telling ghost stories. And she thinks repeating the same scripted lines is going to help her - it doesn't!
Kase Wheatley, student at UCD and Michael Moore on The Last Word with Lawrence O'Donnell.
Now, need some music- so it's

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