Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Kid Swap - The Higher Ed Reality Game

Public Universities Seeking Out-of-State Students

Randy Hodgins, the former chief lobbyist for the University of Washington, said he once told a joke to his counterpart at the University of California that has more than a grain of truth.

‘The answer to both of our budget problems is, I take your kids and you take mine, and then they’re both nonresidents,’ Mr. Hodgins said.

[Hysterical. Especially in light of these two posts:

College Costs Are Rising Faster Than Cost Of Living, Medical Expenses (CHART)

New UC Salary Data: 2010 was a Good Year for Higher Earners ]

Anyway, back to the story in the first link:

‘Nobody would say higher education should be provincial,’ said [Patrick M. Callan, founder and president of the National Center for Public Policy and Higher Education], ‘but from a broad policy perspective, this is likely to contribute to the growing stratification of higher education.’

‘This is a mission issue — it’s really a matter of what a public institution is,’ he said.

And, there is this li'l regional story that exposes how some are attempting to justify swapping by saying the opposition is provincial- and it has a line about UC that is becoming a trend when other schools want to justify swapping:

"At the University of California at Berkeley, for example, out-of-state students pay over $50,000 for room and board, while California residents pay $27,825. The extra revenue brought in by out-of-state students is particularly important now because many states have significantly reduced their financial support for higher education."

and talks about the need to hire ever more:
"enrollment management directors"
and pathetic justifications like:
"We want our students to learn how to communicate with people who haven't eaten grits for breakfast."

See, if UC is doing it, we (whoever we are), should copy - CA sets a trend, a bad trend and others pick up and copy, justified by the UC example.

'Prestige chasing', 'sentimental purchase' -- these are the terms being tagged on to those sucka tuition payers.

Now, the belief that one should be able to attend their local state college if qualified, well, that belief is now being spun as a 'provincial' notion--well, 'kiss my grits'.

It wasn't always so...
Speaking of a bad trend:
Poor Kim K getting divorced already!

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