Saturday, November 19, 2011

A Letter To Linda P. (epper-spray da) B.(astards) Katehi, and a link to petition for her removal

check out these photos
Open Letter to Chancellor Linda P.B. Katehi
thanks to you and Birgeneau for buying the UC system multi multi bazillions of dollars of negative world wide press! Forbes and Time are even disgusted by the whole thing!
Katehi's new letter of "sadness" (contrary to press characterizations-she never apologized) and an internal task force isn't going to fix it. already a petition to the governor for her immediate resignation or firing has garnered more than 10,000+ signatures.

her initial response was pathetic

it makes her site laughable
Militarization of Campus Police Bob Ostertag at UC Davis
some of the highlights at UC Davis in recent years during her term to give you a feel for the 'culture':

UC Davis Chancellor's Actions Cause Concern (2009)

New UC Davis Chancellor Linked to "Clout" Admissions Probe (2009)

UC Davis Pays Settlement To Whistleblower Over Retaliation- Food Stamps Program Involved (2010)

UC Davis food pantry opens for students in need (2011)

UC Davis Principles Apparently Also Include the Undermining of Civil Rights Protections for Employees (2010)

Former UC Davis Employee Sentenced For Theft - Food Stamp Program Involved (2009)

UC Davis Uses Anti-SLAPP Provisions To Kill Prof's Discrimination Lawsuit (2009)

Former UCD Police Officer SLAPPed For 20K in Fees in Civil Rights Suit (2010)

UC Davis Prof Asked Students How To Grade Fellow Student (2011)

Shameful Gender Discrimination at UC Davis Veterinary School (2011)

UC Davis’s Discriminatory Non-Discrimination Policy (2011)

UC Davis police and administration infiltrate peaceful student protest op-ed (2011)

UC Davis Acknowledges Errors in Handling of Police Matter But Denies Infiltrating Student Protests (2011)

UCD Professor Ordered To Pay 30K for Violating University’s First Amendment Rights (2011)

UC Davis Director of Campus Violence Prevention Pleads No Contest,Felony Counts- Embezzlement,Keeping False Accts (2011)

UC Davis Violated Title IX, Judge Rules (2011)

UC DAVIS / UC settles former wrestling coach's lawsuit for $725,000

UC Davis Employee Contends Non-Union Workers Have Received Raises All Along, In Contrast to President Yudof's Claims (2011)

UC Davis Sued For Allegedly Ignoring Abusive Hazing At University Fraternity (2011)
seems like Birgeneau lost his objectivity a long time ago- it is personal for him - he has a grudge-- that is how this section reads:
Two weeks after the Wheeler Hall protest, Birgeneau awoke to find dozens of protesters surrounding his home on campus. Some hurled torches at his windows and smashed lights in his yard.“I know that stung for him,” Claire Holmes, associate vice chancellor of public affairs at Berkeley, said. “He was terrified.”

Source: The Bay Citizen (

that was a separate incident with a different group - not part of anything in the present day - yet his PR folks are referencing it as something that was in his mind...
One hour of public comment at the UC Regents meeting is not going to suffice to tap down the outrage. Reputational damage will be long lasting. It is going to be quite a meeting.

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