Friday, November 25, 2011

The 'Moral Authority Of Political Favors' Also Known As "UC Regents"

will be meeting on November 28th--here is the agenda.


‘Occupy’ California Protesters Call For Strike To Shutdown College Campuses

According to a post on the Occupy Wall Street website, the UC Board of Regents on Monday will propose “drastic” budget reductions and a massive increase of fees. And the protesters are calling for action.

But UC spokesperson Dianne Klein tells TPM there’s no vote on Monday on budget issues or fee increases.

“There’s not a shred of truth in that,” she said. I don’t know where they got that.”

-- because, of course, students should only show up at only the meetings on the actual day of the vote on tuition increases -- how dare they remain active against tuition increases during all UC Regent meetings where staff and senior administrators lay the groundwork and continue the drum beat to increase tuition and fees...yes, indeed, how dare they?! I don't know where they got that.

on twitter--@mark_yudof aka Mark G. Yudof:
Please note: **There is no tuition item on Monday's regents meeting agenda, nor was there ever a tuition item scheduled.**

In other words... "the children/kids are hysterical, they don't even know what they are talking about!"--"go away!"

Robert Reich did a video for MoveOn a few days ago:

we went back to that ol' Moral Authority term that was so much en vogue in politics just a few short decades ago (afterall the Newtster is still hanging around)-- because of this story along with many others that make reference to morals and leaders in higher ed.

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