Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Must Read Details On UC Davis

you have to read the whole article- there are many sections with important background- and it links up a lot of different recent events at UC Davis- the latest twist extends even to UCSC:

"UC Davis needs to clean up its act.

This summer UC Santa Cruz hired Nader Oweis as their new chief. In 2007, Chief Oweis was nearly fired for failing to comply with an unlawful arrest order at Mrak Hall. Charges against protesters for trespassing would later be dropped when it was determined that Lt. Oweis was correct, that they could not arrest people for occupying a public building during regular business hours.

But, for his troubles, he was sent to the UC Medical Center after one of the Captains referred to him with an ethnic slur. Captain Leslie Brown was later terminated for acting inappropriately.

The climate at the UC Davis Police Department has been a problem for some time. It is unclear if Lt. Carmichael is part of that problem, but a much more serious inquiry needs to be looked at.

I wish I had confidence in William Bratton to do it."

It is written by David Greenwald, a UC alum.

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