Saturday, November 5, 2011

A New Look-- Looking at UC Patient Data, Political Interests, and a $100 Million Cut That Justifies Increasing Out Of State Enrollment

UC Berkeley Chancellor Says Trigger Cuts Are ‘Assured’ - he says the Governor told him in Sept 'its coming'...
"Using the reserves — which Wilton called a “very high opportunity cost resource” — to cover this cut could leave the campus vulnerable to potential future reductions in state funding. However, Wilton said campus administrators were “slightly ahead of the curve” in dealing with the budget crisis and had already implemented longer-term initiatives to improve the campus’s fiscal health.

Birgeneau pointed to changes in investment practices and increases in out-of-state student enrollment as policies that will increase the campus’s revenue to offset possible further funding reductions."

UC, CSU Campuses To Be Site of Economic-Based Protests

"Claudia Keith, a CSU spokeswoman, said trustees will try to get more state funding next year but that they "don't advocate on specific tax policies such as Prop. 13 or income tax rates."

UC spokesman Steve Montiel said, "I don't know what regents could do about Prop. 13 or increasing sales taxes or reducing underwater mortgages."

--the Regents and Trustees talk about this stuff during regent meetings and they have businesses in these sectors-they even talk about how they are starting Political Action Committees for their business interests, like they did at the last UC meeting- the only thing they are being asked to do is sign a letter of support for these changes or say that they will not sign. The student regents also talk about their PAC work and affiliations-- they can sign -- they can make clear they are not signing as regents -- but they can sign if they want to agree.

'They deserve extraordinary raises at the UC Med Centers cuz they run things so smoothly'
UCLA Health System Warns Patients Personal Information Was Stolen
Officials say the data, from 2007 through 2011, included first and last names as well as some birth dates, medical record numbers, addresses and medical information.

UC Berkeley Student’s Grievance Procedure Delayed Again By Campus -- this keeps happening, do staff grievances have the same problems?

CAMPUS ISSUES: The Failure of Officials to Form An Oversight Committee for Millions of Dollars of Student Fees Is Troublesome.

City On A Hill Press was going through some transitions in its layout etc. So, it was difficult to check out new content on a day to day basis --not sure when it made its first debut- but it look like it is now sporting a new lay out and it has some interesting stories:

A Changing UC -UCSC Graduate Student Struggles To Find Teaching Assistant Position

An Opportunity to Occupy-Occupy movement brings new vigor to student protests

and they have decided to feature the UC Regents...

check it out.

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The Look (of Love)

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