Thursday, November 10, 2011

UPDATED:The Origins Of OccupyCal...

Update Saturday:
Occupy Cal general assembly votes to set up encampment Tuesday

UC Berkeley police defend Occupy crackdown, say tents won't be tolerated

UC Berkeley Pledges to Investigate Police Response to Occupy Cal Protest

A Response to Birgeneau's spin...

In addition to Harvard Yard solidarity - Stanford Solidarity With Occupy Cal
Cheers to our friends at The Farm!
Update II:

"Some 3000-4000 occupiers were assembled at U.C. Berkeley’s storied Sproul Plaza when police began beating nonviolent protesters. The assault sent one English PhD student to the hospital.
Police detained 39 people, including a junior professor in the English department. Upon release, the professor reported that police told her the university chancellor had told university police to keep arrestees’ personal property – including her lecture notes - from them for 5 days."

then, immediately read this important and instructive story and what is said about university systems and how they operate.


Another Reality (Remarks at UC Irvine Protest, 11/9/11)By Rei Terada

UC and the 99% by Bob Samuels, Changing Universities

UCLA (Recent) History: Nov. 9 Demonstration

Update I:
Occupy Cal Berkeley Protest Draws Thousands, As Two Years Of Occupation Come Home- HuffPo

UC cops' use of batons on Occupy camp questioned -SF Chron

UC Berkeley’s administration should be held accountable

What would Mario Savio say about the Occupy movement?

Through the cold, protesters find sense of community:

“We’re not trying to fundamentally change our country,” he said. “We’re asking our country to stay the same so something fundamental doesn’t move toward extremes like increased wealth disparity between the rich and the poor or inequality.”

“Never forget that justice is what love looks like in public.”

UC Vets-Thank You For Your Service - Happy Veterans Day!

original post:
will be written about for years, by many.

HuffPo has some kind of weird attempt at a front page that is linked solely to one blog post and one particular incident-mostly about a Wells Fargo deposit debacle that is told without a conclusion- but does not give any sort of real history of the movement as the headline promises.

Anyway, just want to link to an older news story that might give more info on the blogged history -- but, really, the 'sit in movement' as it relates to Occupy goes way back and historians will have to take on that effort.

- anyway let us recall this story and these images: BREAKING: ~100 people have occupied the lobby of UC headquarters in Oakland by occupy everything!! (scroll down)

The Huffington Post headline that got us thinking about it is here. -- they have changed the post to one that is more comprehensive written by Matt Sledge (the other piece that the headline originally pointed to was on the deposit --written by Michael Hunt).
Remaking the University has great links to coverage of the Day(s) of Action.

UC Davis gets another nasty headline -- but that won't stop the plans to herd them in like cattle to make $$$.
University Diaries is covering the PennState nightmare- thought of UC Regents as I read this particular UD post.

Paying More For Less
The End Of The Innocence
-- on so many fronts.

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