Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Raises and Capital Projects Chug Along...


UC Board of Regents approves raises for campus administrators, lawyers

Regents approve funding for Lower Sproul renovation

recall this earlier story:

Student government officials held up their end of the plan by submitting names for the committee, but administrators did not respond in a timely manner. Associate Vice Chancellor and Chief Financial Officer Erin Gore took “full responsibility” for the delay, stating that she had been working long hours and had been concentrating on other aspects of the renovation project.

-- Gore came to Cal from Bank of America Securities Division-and her division at Cal has apparently shrunk (no more Business Technology Solutions unit etc.)- is higher ed more challenging than BofA?
Commentary: Mark Yudof Remains Oblivious To the Rest of the World

"We consider these retention efforts to be essential," he said. "I understand it's not a great time, but we can't really close down shop and say we're not going to make any effort to retain our best people."

The Sacramento Bee came forward with the details:

Two vice chancellors at UC Irvine and a vice chancellor at UCLA got raises of 9.9 percent. That brings salaries for Wendell C. Brase and Meredith Michaels at UC Irvine to about $247,000, and the salary for Steven A. Olsen at UCLA close to $317,000.
Joseph I. Castro was appointed interim dean of the graduate division of UC San Francisco and given a 7.5 percent raise, bringing his salary to $252,625.
Steven A. Drown, chief campus counsel at UC Davis, got a 21.9 percent raise, bringing his salary to $250,000.
Diane F. Geocaris, chief campus counsel at UC Irvine, received a 14.3 percent raise, bringing her salary to $255,000.
Carole R. Rossi, chief campus counsel at UC Santa Cruz, received a 13.9 percent raise, bringing her salary to $215,000.
Michele Coyle, chief campus counsel at UC Riverside, received an 11.4 percent raise, bringing her salary to $215,000.
Marcia J. Canning, chief campus counsel at UC San Francisco, received an 8.9 percent raise, bringing her salary to $255,000.
Daniel Park, chief campus counsel at UC San Diego, received a 6.4 percent raise, bringing his salary to $250,000.

UCOP reflexively says oh well that is just a little smidge of the overall budget - it is not going to solve the larger problems -- blah blah

it is not just the raises the UC Regents approve - it is the raises for those in administration already earning over six figures receiving quiet raises-- yet, the system is not ending up with such great results- as evidenced by the never ending scandalous headlines --see a small sampling in the right hand column.
Some of the students would like to receive an apology from Birgeneau that is not a mere audio clip from O'Hare. A face to face apology. Imagine that.
This is another contribution UC makes to the state- but they don't like to talk about it:

Berkeley Has Bay Area's Largest Wealth Gap, Say Numbers
Cal frequently like to b&%tch at students on behalf of landlords -- but what does Cal do for students in these situations?
The Governor was in Baja?

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