Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Student Regent New Info On The CA DREAM Act

Daily Bruin : Q&A: Student Regent Alfredo Mireles Jr. and Student Regent-designate Jonathan Stein

"It’s my understanding that the Office of the President (UCOP) finally chose the staff – a joint staff – that’s working with the California Student Aid Commission to create a FAFSA-like form for undocumented AB-540 students who can’t file FAFSA forms and also don’t necessarily have – their parents don’t have – the paycheck stubs or tax information to have the necessary information to file, to make sure their income eligibility. Such a process already exists for documented students who come from families that don’t have the appropriate paperwork to file a FAFSA form. One of the things I was really worried about is the policy passing but then doing the hard work to make sure it’s actually implemented. We’re in that process now. We have a little bit of time before UC students can start getting aid institutionally but I am aggressively pursuing ways to get that policy implemented. Actually, after this interview, I’m going to an IDEAS fundraiser to meet with some AB-540 students."
and let's hope Cal faculty have alot of coffee for this:
UC Berkeley academic senate to discuss potential university leadership reforms

"the majority report said that much of that period was “marred by the administration’s failure to conform to certain reporting requirements mandated by the Regents, and by the President’s failure to justify to the Regents the existence and purpose of a wide range of programs within the Office of the President.” (UCOP)
“The report does not answer why the university has fallen in public image, what high compensation and salaries and sky-rocketing tuition has done and in what ways the UC Office of the President (UCOP) has failed to sustain the public university,”

While at Daily Cal check out UC Berkeley protest to join Oakland’s and ASUC Senate to consider bill supporting Occupy Cal movement -- according to some of the comments at DailyCal it seems UCOP is giving over some of its office space to the Oakland Police Dept...can UCOP work any harder at agitating the students, staff, labor...general public? Why couldn't they have just quietly shut down and allowed some other state or city office (lots of it available in downtown Oakland) etc. to take that particular role? Couldn't UCOP just be non partisan in this moment?, for the sake of the UC system in promoting its causes and future goodwill ($$) it hopes to receive from the public.

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