Sunday, November 20, 2011

Throwing 'Em Under The Bus To Save Your Job

the UCDPD chief Spicuzzi (sp?) just was interviewed by Ted Rowlands on CNN and said she can't talk about details anymore but that the two officers will get their 'due process'-- but what about her and Katehi?
Two stories :
UC Davis Officers Suspended Over Pepper Spray Incident
(it looks like UC is fine with the MSM calling 'administrative leave' a 'suspension' in this instance-in other cases they make sure to make the distinction and ensure the MSM make the distinction- perhaps the Chancellors involved in these cases should be put on administrative leave as well...)and this quote does not help her at all given her earlier quotes:
"She said she authorized police to remove the tents, but not to use the pepper spray in the manner shown on the video. "Absolutely not," she said."
UC Davis chief launches probe into pepper-spraying of Occupy protesters

All UC Chancellors are (and were) aware of the possibilities -- she handled all of it from preparation to aftermath poorly--the damage to UC does not flow just from the spray - it is also the responses coming from the administration in the aftermath.

It starts at the top- and the buck stops with her.

She needs to go.
And it's crickets as usual from UCOP and the UC Regents -- her bosses.

See University Probe
and Remaking the University
and Davis Vanguard with some very interesting quotes from administration during this crisis, including: ""The Chancellor is unavailable due to her triple booked schedule to move forward her agenda of globalization and internationalization of the university."

oh, she is so overworked and underpaid...
UCDavis Chancellor Katehi salary: $382,249.32
Gov. Jerry Brown's salary: $173,987
running the state as compared to running a campus--gimme a break.

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