Monday, November 14, 2011

UC Board of Regents cancels upcoming meeting-- and way too late damage control ...

the 1% stop public meeting

UC Board of Regents cancels upcoming meeting

The Student Regent and SR Designate oppose the cancellation or relocation of the meeting--

we would all like to know 1-if this was put to a regent vote -2 and who voted and how they voted. are we allowed to have that information from the UC Regents?

damage control--way too late damage control:
Chancellor promises inquiry into police tactics, amnesty for some protesters

here is Birgeneau's statement - note the last paragraph trying to deflect the blame and put it all on Sacramento: Chancellor’s message regarding last week’s events on campus

and the Chancellor's Professor on Public Policy is now giving the Savio Lecture on Sproul Hall steps.

he also recently wrote a piece on allegiances...The Corporate Pledge of Allegiance

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