Sunday, November 20, 2011

UC Chancellors C.Y.A Session With Yudof

President Yudof responds to campus protest issues -- why do they call it "campus protest issues?!"

and DailyCal has more comment on this from Student Regent:

Student Regent Alfredo Mireles, Jr., and Student Regent-designate Jonathan Stein also issued a press release Sunday condemning police violence at UC Davis and warning of a threat to students’ first amendment rights on UC campuses.

“Campus administrators should know how to deal with peaceful protests, but as we have seen at Berkeley and Davis they clearly do not,” Mireles said in the release. “We need system wide guidelines to help prevent future violence perpetrated against students.”

The higher ups want 'the branding of FSM and Mario Savio'-- but they haven't a clue about it in practice.


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