Thursday, November 24, 2011

The UC Version of Omertà?

update: Remaking the University has story on another link b/ween Penn State and UC Davis.)
original post:
change the subject
vilify the press, media,anyone who speaks
pivot, fixate only on drafting new policy, cover up
blame Sacramento,Californians, the simple or stupid people
it's a term that kept coming up a few weeks ago...due to that certain crisis at a school on the east coast.
see this post specific to how higher ed operates when faced with troubles

in this moment we can't just pivot to the budget and figuring out how to get more money for UC/higher ed

we can't just divide up into the 'let's fix Prop 13' group
or 'let's hit up the service sector' 'Think Long' group
or the David Crane whatever group's yet to be formed proposals
(and there are about another half dozen m/billionaire's think tank proposals for CA that we could continue to rattle off )

without paying attention to how the place is run

sending out rah rah communiques vilifying the press coverage -- or blaming some simplified media coverage (that does not exist) and encouraging everyone to 'shut up and keep it in the family' isn't going to work-- and it is the worst thing members of middle and upper management can do- because it looks like what it is -- Omertà behavior.

some brave people are openly talking about seeing serious burn out and admin failures in front of their eyes, others are talking about the damage that happens when you turn Chancellors into 300% time effort fundraisers-in-chief and what happens organizationally as a result--and it is showing for the organization- there are officers who are either being 'thrown under the bus', not directed properly or...who knows --and there are those who have left service because they faced abuse. Those are real problems - exposing real human suffering.

You can't just look away and focus on "other fish to fry"... believing that action is for another time and place or should be focused solely on one agenda.

and there's a window right now and a lot to be learned about how the place is run in these moments...
it is an opportunity to truly stand up for UC- in a lasting way.
Grateful for those who are stronger than Omertà
Grateful for Gabriel Zimmerman getting some 'props',and Chancellor Heyman, and Walt Hazzard
Grateful for those in a Haas computer room who got out safely
Grateful for Occupiers, General Strikers, The 99, Los Indignados, and everyone who got "crunchy" or "fried" and 'threw their bodies on the machine'-- and all others who are
Wide Awake (this plays with Homecoming first, just like the old vinyl 12 inch)

and so much more! Happy Thanksgiving.
P.S. An alternative to the new extreme consumerism 'sport' called Black Friday, a Season of Sharing -if you're so inclined. and are Republicans really saying this about Mrs UC Regent Blum?:"Sen. Feinstein can have the job as long as she wants it. " What about Independents?

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