Monday, November 28, 2011

"While students were calling the protest “non-violent,” the events on November 9th were anything but nonviolent."

that quote comes from this story:
UCLA Faculty Association UC-Berkeley Policy Statement

there are other links to read during the audio blackout of the UC Regents meeting:

Defending the Indefensible

Live blogging regents as best we can

Changing Universities Open Letter to President Yudof

Calbuzz What Jerry Brown Should Have Said About UC Davis

UC San Diego Statement on Police Responses to Protests

Several stories at California Progress Report
here are the titles of most interest:
Student Activists Deserve Our Thanks and

How Students Landed on the Frontlines of Class War and

Schrag's take on the Think Long Committee (which includes Cal's Laure D Andrea Tyson and G. Parsky, former Chair of the UC Regents.)
on UC Regent meeting, this update:
FYI @ 1pm PST :
dailycal Daily Californian
RT @daortellado Police carrying riot helmets seen leaving building #UCregents
1 minute ago

dailycal Daily Californian
RT @daortellado #UCregents meeting has been resumed via teleconference in a smaller, blocked-off room.
2 minutes ago

The Regents end the meeting with Blum asking to end in the memory of Chancellor Heyman- and Blum gives his often used line of "just what the university needed" - someone other than Blum should have said it-(he has said it about others and then later on said how someone new was needed)- and it is a shame that this is the meeting it was done at- this meeting was an aberration of -- EVERYTHING.
The public comment statements were the only thing legitimate about it- everything else, as one commenter said was "false dialogue" .
they adjourned - Yudof tells another unidentified regent they deserve the medal of valor and they all take off (Lansing had to beg them not to leave early) for other destinations --laughing and giggling as the audio cuts off...

here is: some of the audio from the meeting.
and also see
Proceedings Conducted Openly

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