Saturday, November 19, 2011

Witness What Happened At UC Davis

Police pepper spraying and arresting students at UC Davis

Pictures from Davis Enterprise here

Huffington Post has more coverage

UC Davis Professor Calls On University Chancellor To Resign

UC Davis Newspaper Issues Statement On Contributors Caught Up In Police Action

Occupy Davis Releases Statement About Occupy UC Davis

hat tip to: "when students and others took up residence on the UC Davis Quad, UC apparently thought the best way to deal with it, was to enforce their rules and clear the Quad. And now we have pictures of peaceful protesters getting maced and pepper-sprayed." Written by UC alum David Greenwald
Occupy Davis Releases Statement About Occupy UC Davis
Occupy Davis' Bernie Goldsmith sent this in to HuffPost.

At Occupy Davis relations with the democratically elected city council and local police forces have been genial and productive. The authorities have worked continuously to harmonize the occupation’s presence with the park and surrounding businesses and ensure that all aspects of the encampment remain non-violent. Those in charge of using force are aware that they are democratically elected officials that are directly accountable to the people.
Occupy UC Davis, a mere three blocks away, is under the jurisdiction of an undemocratic, appointed regime of force over which its subjects have no meaningful democratic control. The authorities there attacked non-violent protesters with indifference, and, in some cases, a clear display of sadistic pleasure. There could be no better illustration of the differences between a democratic, accountable public safety effort and a fascist, totalitarian, unaccountable police state. The students of UC Davis have no meaningful voice, and that is reflected at the very top of the administration down to the officer on the ground who can spice up his day with a confident sense of utter, unassailable impunity.
As for the message of the protest, I have no direct comment, because the police on the scene made a far more compelling case through their brutal actions than my printed words ever could.
God bless those who sat for our rights that day, submitting their bodies to be brutalized, sacrificing themselves to expose injustice. They truly are the heroes of humanity.

also see earlier/other coverage at Remaking The University

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