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The Principle of Moments

Crane: "It should come as no surprise that the legislature refuses to confirm someone who points out the elephant in the room: that it is the California Legislature that's privatizing UC. This year the Legislature voted to cut UC three times while boosting spending on favored special interests. For Californians seeking affordable college educations, that must change."
see: Clock Runs Out For UC Regent

scorched Earth to the end
now, he will be working on other stuff...
btw-- we will keep his tab up-and maybe even update it a li'l until the end of the year, in his honor.

UC's tempestuous relationship with K-12 and everyone else-see:
AWOL At The Kvetching By Peter Schrag
it prompted this commentary:
Commentary: Deepening California Education Crisis

and this on UC Regent Chair Sherry Lansing:Three Regents Meet with UCLA Students - "During the meeting, UCLA student leaders asked the regents to publicly support a tax increase proposed by Brown...Lansing said to student leaders that while she cannot speak for the entire board, she would be willing to take a public stance in favor of the proposed initiative…"

The UC Regents are going to have to figure out what they support and fast- no more sitting on the sidelines.
Remaking the University has another very, very interesting new post.
Carlos Santana had an interesting speech at his induction into the CA Hall of Fame. He may have had this next story in his mind...
Cesar Chavez' grandson at OccupyLA photo- the visual is really surreal,sad, beautiful- he looks alot like his grand dad -left wonderin' have any of the Kennedy, MLK, X progeny been at Occupy nationwide?
The Principle of Moments-always wanted to hear Santana play with RP on this-
Happy Christmas Percy. -and Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year -- to you. PS yes, Happy Hannukah, Kwanzaa,Festivus, Solstice and, well -always have to go back to the ol' standard- HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!

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VC Wilton On UC's 'Fifth Source'- sort of

Wilton,VC Admin and Finance- gives a twenty minute presentation on the state of UC funding overall and Cal and hints at future plans for other sources of revenue (his presentation to the Deans a few weeks ago may have been more comprehensive- but light on those add'l details for staff and regular folks, ya think?)
Finance and IT at Cal
watch from the roughly 3:20 minute mark to the 24 minute mark esp.
the high number of views is the result of the failure in recent months of the Cal Mail system that students rely upon, you also might want to watch the full presentation for some disturbing comments about the state of student systems at UC Berkeley.

It is like they are just now finding out they are running a university system.

Hellman Hollow

that's the name- would have preferred Hardly Strictly Meadow...
this story has some info on UC contained in it as well--the (financial and otherwise) relationship chart type of stuff: Warren Hellman, financier and philanthropist, dies at 77
(His daughter Frances, a current Cal professor, was married to former UC Pres Robert Dynes. Dynes is now married to his former UCSD Associate Chancellor Anne Parode.)

Bay Citizen (his newspaper) has much more coverage.

"Amid these developments, the UC Davis administration has now announced the composition of a new Chancellor’s Advisory Board, which, we are told, will help to guide our university into the future. This board includes the CEOs of Bechtel and of Chevron, as well as the senior vice president of Bank of America Merrill Lynch. It also includes the principal of McGill University, who, twice in November 2011, ordered riot police onto that campus — police who also used pepper-spray against peaceful protesters. And it includes M.R.C. Greenwood, former UC provost, who left her post at the UC amid a scandal over improper hiring practices and conflicts of interest."

wholly moleeeee:

Op-ed: Reviewing the case for Katehi’s resignation
By Nathan Brown
Whoever picked these folks might try to feign ignorance of the corporate side-- but here is some UC background on one portion of the appointments that they surely should have been aware of:
UC Pres. Dynes Appears To Have Violated University Policy By Quietly Granting M.R.C. Greenwood A $125,000 Cash Payment (2005)

UC shocker: Greenwood resigns as system provost as improper-hiring probe under way

Conflict of interest found for UC provost-Despite violations, she got paid leave and offer of new job

(not sure if Dynes and Birgeneau went to McGill - think they went to McMaster and U Toronto)
who picked these folks?!...if Katehi did it -- well, add it to all the other reasons she should resign. Now, we don't just have present day dirty UC laundry to deal with-- no, we get to double down and bring the scandals from less than a decade ago back up too ....
let's just bathe in the muck--YUCK!

Friday, December 16, 2011

Because it's happened doesn't mean you've been discarded...

Barbara Ehrenreich The Making of the American 99%

On Corruption: 5 Questions with Lawrence Lessig

Santa Monican to serve as UC regent (one of the toothless ex-officio)
Christopher Hitchens, going to miss that voice (6:30 mark esp.).

xo Stuart Adamson xo

And in a big country, dreams stay with you,
Like a lover's voice, fires the mountainside..

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Video: CA Legislative Hearing on CA Univ Campus Police Policy


Legislative Hearing on California University Campus Police Policy (1 of 3) begins with ACLU representative, Emeritus UC Police Chief Calvin Handy, and Barbara Attard a policing expert. At the 1:09 mark UCOP Mark Yudof and UCOP Robinson and two CSU administrators Ben Quillian (at 1:22) and Nate Johnson Chief CSU Law Enforcement Officer at 1:28 mark.
Legislative Hearing on California University Campus Police Policy (2 of 3) At the 7:00 mark UCD Chancellor Linda Katehi (pay special attention to comments at 22:00 and 40:00 mark) and John Welty CSU-Fresno, who made very few remarks. at the 26:00 mark "the system needs to make sure that chancellors are trained to be chancellors.

Student Panel begins at the 42 minute mark -includes Claudia Magana, UCSA and

UC Grad student Charlie Eaton (he begins at the 48:00 mark) and two CSU students.

Tom Hayden discusses the question of safety of pepper spray at the 1:32 mark.

Bob Samuels remarks are in public comment at the 1:48 mark.
Legislative Hearing on California
University Campus Police Policy (3 of 3)

this section closes out the public comment -multiple details about the CSU meeting (including some less than glowing comment about Roberta Achtenberg included)- and ends the hearing.

UC Tuition Increases Secret Compact?!

(Since Birgeneau and his conference table of concerned senior admins say that the winter break is when) students and their families huddle together to talk about tuition and plans for the coming school year- just suggest they "pay attention puhleez!" to this:

Another Hint of Discussions with State Behind Closed Doors on Multiyear Tuition Increase Deal

But where did it come from? Update on UCR.

Update: this from UCR --UCR Chancellor White Withdraws New Campus Protest Guidelines

"We were in error to post guidelines that neither comport with our values nor reflect the realities of how the campus exercises the right to free speech."

"I regret any confusion and discontent caused by the document. The document and its posting were not worthy of this great university."

but how did such an error happen?

Changing Universities has more on UCR and the leg hearing. btw Bob Samuels comments to the legislature with regard to how there are stricter regulations on how the prison population may or may not be pepper sprayed -certain distance required, certain amount of time the spray can fall etc.- and contrasting that with how the student population can basically be treated with much less stringent regulation - how this makes sense since there is more money for prisons and less money for higher ed -- it was necessary to make that particular point to the legislature.

The University Should Hire Chancellors Who Know How To Be Chancellors

That's what Assemblyman Block said yesterday during the hearing in an exchange with Katehi (she was telling him she was just a l'il ol' engineer-- oh yeah, and an educator-- and these issues are beyond her or something like that, she said she needs to be trained -- it was like watching a sad performance review)-unbelieveable.

There were many, many important sections to the meeting. The CSU administrators testimony should be viewed in its entirety for UC folks and everyone else, some wild testimony there!- they were part of the panel with Robinson, Yudof (CSU should acquaint themselves with Yudofspeak).

The comments made to Katehi by Block during her panel were noteworthy.

Cal's Charlie Eaton is a "must see" during the student panel.

The public comment in large part was very illuminating on events that transpired at CSU trustee meeting and Gavin Newsom also came up-- wonder if he has communicated with the higher ed committee on what he saw at that meeting -- Reed and he had a difference of opinion on what happened. Reed did not attend the meeting, just like Birgeneau...

will post the video when available. It was a five hour meeting and the full video is the best way to watch cuz you can speed through the canned stuff.

This picture pretty much captures it--all the handlers barking at the student in a hoodie:
Confrontation Between Katehi and Pepper-Sprayed Student Steals Show At Capitol

Apparently AG Harris has handed things back to Yolo:
One of the probes was being handled by the Yolo County Sheriff and District Attorney, who asked Attorney General Kamala Harris to take it over to avoid a conflict of interest. Harris' office handed the matter back to Yolo County authorities, who said they will now conduct their own investigation despite limited resources.

some video of the hearing is available here-- this promise to research is the result of Tom Hayden's testimony (he also had some history on Jackie Spier and Tom Lundgren on this issue):
UC Davis pepper-spraying spur pledge for research

State legislators question university officials about November protests

UC Davis Chancellor: I Didn't Tell Police to Use Pepper Spray

Not surprisingly, Yudof did not stick around to hear the student panel. Message sent, message received.

Cobbler,Children, Shoes

Cognitive dissonance-- that was the term Jerry Brown could not let go of earlier this week.

At UC Berkeley, recyclables end up in the landfill, outdoor plazas are drowning in litter, and gardeners spend their days collecting garbage. Welcome to the world's greenest university.

Cleanup effort removes 780 gallons of fuel after 1,650 gallons of diesel fuel spilled at UC Berkeley's Stanley Hall Dec. 10

this from earlier: Study: UC Berkeley is world's greenest university

and there is this to top it off - we know that Berkeley has the greatest income inequality in the east bay, and we know Berkeley High is spitting distance from the Cal campus (literally down the block): Berkeley High School's Teen Prostitution A Growing Concern

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

No More Words

We will post the Cal Channel video of today's legislative hearing on pepper spray etc. once it is available.

Yudof Responds To $100 Million Dollar Cut

Press Conference: Senate Pro Tem Steinberg on Free Digital Text Books

Hush, Hush Keep It Down Now --Voices Carry

UC Berkeley announces new financial aid plan for middle-income families and, here is: more info

it was either that or ...

Birgeneau was no where near Sacto or Katehi today...did you notice?

"UC is in talks with the state Department of Finance to try to work out a multiyear agreement in which the state would stop cutting the universities' budgets every year in exchange for a steady, predictable schedule of tuition increases."

why is SF Chron making this the headline:
State budget: Trigger cuts hit community colleges

of a story that discusses important developments at CSU, UC and community colleges?

UCLA Fac Blog noticed it too

also see this earlier story from them..

and also this story

Flashback, for all of you who attended the Nov Regents meeting and had the senior admins, PR people and Regents basically patting you on the head and saying calm down, calm down- no tuition hike discussion or votes were scheduled for this meeting- REMEMBER THAT?! well--

"UC is in talks with the state Department of Finance to try to work out a multiyear agreement in which the state would stop cutting the universities' budgets every year in exchange for a steady, predictable schedule of tuition increases."

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Update: Legislature to hold hearing on UC Davis pepper-spraying On Dec 14th

Legislature to hold hearing on UC Davis pepper-spraying

The hearing will be held at 10:00 a.m. on Dec. 14, 2011 in Room 4203 of the State Capitol.

Rehypothecation and Extraction

this is happening: Gov. Brown announces about $1 billion in state trigger cuts
Anyway, here are Governor Brown's comments in full- it runs about 38 minutes.

but- remember 'Cal is becoming a federal university' and UC is becoming an online for profit -so this should not matter much...oh, wait:

"Since state revenues fell more than $2.2 billion short of projections, Brown was forced to initiate “trigger cuts” to education and social services, based on the state budget enacted in June. Both the UC and CSU systems will lose $100 million as a result of the cuts.

Already battered by previous cuts, UC Berkeley will cover the funding reduction by dipping into reserves, campus Vice Chancellor for Administration and Finance John Wilton said in a Nov. 4 interview with The Daily Californian Senior Editorial Board. Student tuition, which was already increased this summer, is expected to rise in order to meet the shortfall."

or maybe some rehypothecation needs to happen?

b/c then the Daily Cal updated their story and had this:

"The cuts to the UC, however, will not be passed on to individual campuses and will be absorbed by the UC Office of the President, according to UC spokesperson Steve Montiel.

“We’re using short term bridging strategies — asset management,” Montiel said. “We’re taking certain steps in the short-term basis to move funds from one pool to another.”

In order to avoid a mid-year tuition hike, the university will look to reserves from its employee health care services. The UC will begin to draw from its employee health care reserve fund — which is used to provide for a possible substantial increase in the cost of health care — to account for the cuts, according to Montiel."

(bold emphasis is ours)
'absorbed by the UCOP'-- as if...
Blackwater is now called-- fittingly-- Academi... maybe inspired by recent UC campus events...they say they were inspired by Plato-- get it-- Plato, plutocrats...
a UC Irvine RA is pissed off at events at a Chick Fil A...something about some former UCLA student's words on a receipt.
Just stuff on the mind- including what US Senator Pat Roberts calls "35 cent words"
What Is Re-Hypothecation, And Does It Explain Why So Much MF Global Money Is Missing?
and Dylan Ratigan has some stuff on extraction- watch it while thinking about higher ed.

for certain types of students there will be a physical campus for others an online experience- and there will be research PhDs for certain types of students and other doctorate degrees for other certain types of students- none of this will be based on race, gender, socio-economic factors-- but will be decided on by some fair final arbiter in the sky...
Cummings is requesting compensation info from the for profits by Dec 23rd.

Religion in the race.

Finally, Newt on UC Berkeley's Bain: “I would just say that if Governor Romney would like to give back all the money he’s earned from bankrupting companies and laying off employees over his years at Bain Capital, that I would be glad to listen to him.” that quote is so Operationally Ex--

Wilton Talks Cal's Budget With Faculty and other items


Vice chancellor presents campus budget challenges to faculty

you might recall Wilton's earlier presentation to faculty- you can view that here.
and the ACLU raises more concerns about procedures at UC Berkeley
on the online for profit model UC covets read:

For-Profit Colleges Evade Stricter Rules By Courting Powerful Allies In Washington

HuffPo Analysis of Campaign Finance Data Related to For Profits in Higher Ed

Profits and Questions at Online Charter Schools

“A look at the company’s operations, based on interviews and a review of school finances and performance records, raises serious questions about whether K12 schools — and full-time online schools in general — benefit children or taxpayers, particularly as state education budgets are being slashed. Instead, a portrait emerges of a company that tries to squeeze profits from public school dollars by raising enrollment, increasing teacher workload and lowering standards.”

Professor Wendy Brown, UC Berkeley: When The Public University Can No Longer Afford Itself: The Impending Crisis in UC Graduate Programs

online for profits conservatively rake in 20 Billion in revenue each year- they are beginning to spend tens of millions in lobbying to keep their pie...

Monday, December 12, 2011

Easy Listenin'- Prof. Terada's Talk

You can listen to the fifteen minute talk here:

Remaking will also be posting the text from Debt, Democracy, and the Future of the Public University. If you have good quality audio clips from that event you might also leave them with Remaking in the comments section so that there is a library.

Berdahl In At University of Oregon

Robert Berdahl, former Chancellor at Cal is now named interim University of Oregon President
he was hired as a consultant by the guy he is replacing...
there is some drama in the sports program there...

-- so convenient how new chancellors can come to campuses and say that all sorts of new Operational Excellence needs to be brought in for beaucoup bucks b/c so much stuff is messed up -- and then out of the other side of the mouth --'oh, the previous folks did wonderful, wonderful things, a model really'-- and the formers ride that wave to new places- never mind the undertow...which one is it?!
Is this the guy with the cat named Obi? Silent UC Berkeley protester detained. Is the cat named for Wan Kenobi?
A li'l karma for the BP deal?
Diesel fuel spill at Stanley Hall-scary cuz the chem labs are just across the lane and other stuff, too much goin' on in that section of campus. Right on the hills of the ASUC contentious meeting there--can the new Stanley get some good headlines?
Cal has some folks who found the largest black holes in space and some folks based out of Moffett Field found a planet like earth- back in the day..watching Blue Angels take off from the tarmac there-afterburner Heaven-and a beautiful lunar eclipse!
The O'Jays -- "smile in your face --all the time they wanna..." -- no, really, it wasn't like that...

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Dixiecrats of Higher Ed? and “Under no circumstances would I ever threaten a U.S. senator.”

Three things:
1- we already know about Dianne Feinstein - Mrs UC Regent Blum- and those stories on Mr Blum and his major investments in for profit schools and loans UC has made in support of it...oh yeah, and some concerns raised (and we know about the "unusual partnership" UC has with UC Regent Chair Sherry Lansing venture in on line education.)

2- we already know that Di Fi has friends 'on the other side' like fellow US Senator Olympia Snowe and her husband's major investments in for profit online schools and some troubles on that front...

3- and we already know about the many many Dems who voted in support of less regulation of online for profits...

University Diaries had this post on a story in the New York Times and
the NYT article includes this --it stayed in mind:
"Anita Dunn, a close friend of President Obama and his former White House communications director, worked with Kaplan University, one of the embattled school networks. Jamie Rubin, a major fund-raising bundler for the president’s re-election campaign, met with administration officials about ATI, a college network based in Dallas, in which Mr. Rubin’s private-equity firm has a stake.

(is this the same Jamie Rubin who used to be in the State Dept and who now works for Bloomberg News and is married to ABC News' Christiane Amanpour?)

A who’s who of Democratic lobbyists — including Richard A. Gephardt, the former House majority leader; John Breaux, the former Louisiana senator; and Tony Podesta, whose brother, John, ran Mr. Obama’s transition team — were hired to buttonhole officials.

And politically well-connected investors, including Donald E. Graham, chief executive of the Washington Post Company, which owns Kaplan, and John Sperling, founder of the University of Phoenix and a longtime friend of the House minority leader, Nancy Pelosi, made impassioned appeals.

In all, industry advocates met more than two dozen times with White House and Education Department officials, including senior officials like Education Secretary Arne Duncan, records show, even as Mr. Obama has vowed to reduce the “outsize” influence of lobbyists and special interests in Washington."

and Clintonista Lanny Davis also has lobbied for less regulation of online for profit higher ed...

Back to the article- now there is this very disturbing section:

"The battle got so testy that Senator Tom Harkin, the Iowa Democrat who has led Congressional hearings into the colleges, got into a heated exchange with Mr. Stein, the Education Corporation investor.

The senator said that during a hallway conversation after lunch in the Senate dining room, Mr. Stein promised to “make life rough for me” if Mr. Harkin kept up his attacks.

“I took it as a threat — it was one of the most blatant comments ever made to me in my years in the Senate,” Mr. Harkin said."

If you support Senator Harkin's efforts you have to pay attention to the ongoing details of this story. The quotes about possible threats made to him over his proposed legislation are disgusting! Dems who voted against these regulations need to come out with their version of legislation that would address their concerns over the whole gainful employment rule - the safeguards for students should be first on their minds, so...
-and they need to make clear that any behavior that Harkin says was threatening was, and will always be, unacceptable.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Katehi: "We are waiting to learn if the California attorney general's office will also investigate. It has been asked to do so by the Yolo County sheriff's department and district attorney's office."

All this time passing with no outside agency conducting its own investigation...

Our Students Are Not Protesting in a Vacuum

less concerned with vacuums - more concerned about shredders and missing hard drives and ...

what is the term -- 'white wa--'

HuffPo: "University Of California Campus Police Have History Of Excessive Force Against Protestors"

HuffPo University Of California Campus Police Have History Of Excessive Force Against Protesters -- UCPD has no choice but to make very clear to the community the exact details of administrative failures that occurred- it seems they are being thrown under the bus-- administration has a private police force and like it, but don't understand what that means or the responsibilities that go along with it -- and a group of 'volunteer out of the goodness of our hearts' regents who like to dabble.
There are also these headlines floating around: "Campus Police Violence Is Nothing New In California" -- but it's about the administration who are overlords of the police- market rate and above salaries for people who have no clue on how to run higher ed or a public research university.

Trying to pass the blame around by saying Sacramento made this happen or it was a confusion of different practices when using 'mutual aid' is not going to work.
a UC alum has this story:
Democratic Mayors Lead the Way on Cracking Down on Occupy Movement
also see video here:
Antonio Villaraigosa likes to talk about how much power and influence the Mayors have
"Just six members of Walmart's Walton clan are worth as much as the bottom 30 percent of all Americans"
That’s according to a new analysis by Sylvia Allegretto, a labor economist at the University of California at Berkeley’s Center on Wage and Employment Dynamics.

The insane wealth of Walmart’s founding family

for all those focused on how to get more money for higher ed and 'the kids'- ruminate on this old story-- you have to consider your target audience:
California Child Support: Non-Custodial Parents Owe $19.2 Billion

and this important new report:

Why PPIC’s New Wealth Gap Report Matters
also vexing--

'The Honorable Jon Corzine' (that was the tent card at the US Congress yesterday)

and there's always 'Professor Emeritus Jerry Sandusky' (yep, he still has that title)

on Cal-- just keep going back to: "Two weeks after the Wheeler Hall protest, Mr. Birgeneau awoke to find dozens of protesters surrounding his home on campus. Some hurled torches at his windows and smashed lights in his yard.

“I know that stung for him,” Claire Holmes, associate vice chancellor of public affairs at Berkeley, said. “He was terrified.” Ms. Holmes said university officials became concerned after watching developments at other Occupy protests, including Oakland, which at times degenerated into violence and vandalism.

Ms. Holmes said she sympathized with those who questioned whether the university had betrayed its history with its crackdown on the encampments.

“I can completely understand that people are upset and that they see it as a conflict with our traditional values of free speech,” she said. “But it is a practical consideration to keep things going here on our campus.”

--don't remember hearing about smashed lights and windows having torches hurled - remember seeing a photo of a big cracked planter on the portico.
so-- it (that previous event) was in Birgeneau's mind but no not really he was incommunicado on a junket in China-and it was in the mind of administrators who were in town but were out sick/not well- some things just don't add up...
and the Niners and Raiders are going to play in the same stadium?!
ok, got it all out...

Thursday, December 8, 2011

"Mr. Rodgers is the only tenured African American business professor in the entire University of California system"

read that sentence again and feel the need to make this story its own post:

UCR Denies Professor Fellowship

the entire system?!!!
UC Berkeley releases its final enrollment data: UC Berkeley Enrollment Data

will they release a similar multi year table on staff demographics? Does one exist?

will they release a similar multi year table on faculty demographics? Does one exist?

Counter-Intelligence, Disinformation? On Student Loans

Want to highlight a string of student loan stories that were a bit eyebrow raising- most found in the NYT Economix blog:
Student Loan Debt: Who Are the 1%?
also see: How Worrisome Is Student Debt?
Reader Response: Using Pell Grants to Estimate a School’s ‘Economic Diversity
also this story featured a Cal student's struggles:
The Other Student Loan Problem: Too Little Debt
are some of these stories doing the bidding of Wall Street? or?...
the decentralize-then centralize-then decentralize over and over again game gets played again:
Report recommends reforming Cal Grant distribution - this would be a UC system-wide change.
They want to rename Speedway after Hellman- they should call it Bluegrass Meadow or Hardly Strictly Meadow or Meadow Soprano-- not Hellman-- fugetaboutit. There's enough- so to speak- billionaire p!ss marks in the Bay Area already.

Mr. Spock Of 'Star Trek' A Woman? -not so wild...

"As much as one-third of the total gains of after-tax income for people making more than $7 million a year is the result of benefits they have received in the form of lower taxes,"

Paul Pierson, professor of political science at UC Berkeley,

Sylvia Allegretto, deputy chairwoman of UC Berkeley's Center on Wage and Employment Dynamics said...

And Ann Stevens, director of UC Davis' Center for Poverty Research, sought to debunk the notion that...

Read more: Government Gets Blamed For Widening Wealth Gap
Progressives Take on The Governor over Taxes
free UCR from oppression sign the petition

btw there is this drama at UCR right now: UCR professor alleges mistreatment by administration

UCR Denies Professor Fellowship

and there is this from a fac at UC Davis: Cloudy with a chance of pepper spray

Birgeneau Bunker Brewin'

for a long while now...just really quickly -the bunker mentality has been present on a number of occasions for years-- these come to mind:
At an ASUC Meeting:
Chancellor's Statement Cut Short At ASUC Meeting
he just wanted to make a statement, no public comment
saidChloe Chloe Hunt
#ASUC President Vishalli Loomba says there will be no public comment for Chancellor Birgeneau.

-the student govt also had to change their meeting room suddenly to accomodate him.
At a panel discussion on the future of higher ed guess he doesn't want to hear questions either. Questions are dangerous things?:
dailycal Daily Californian
RT @jordan_bl: Cal Chancellor Robert Birgeneau leaves after last speaker, will not stay for q&a session which is starting now
His response to grad students:
Birgeneau cancels appearance with Graduate Assembly
the staff interactions:
Only 50 Staff Members Show Up For Chancellor Birgeneau At Cal! -- but he/the administration operatives wanted it that way - with only 50 people , that was supposed to be a good thing??!!
it goes way back:
Union protest pre-empts chancellor's annual meeting with staff (2008)
the comment that keeps being made on resignation is "well, we don't know if his replacement would be worse"
that is not a ringing endorsement!
(and then of course you have Brady bringing up-- Nixon, oy!)
--bailing on discussion/exchange with students and only sticking around for faculty is no way to be a chancellor of any university - especially a university that is supposed to be "the greatest public university in the world." This is a sad untenable situation- if there were some truly legitimate governing body to step in on this situation - now would be the time - but we don't have anything like that kind of leadership framework in the UC system. When the students are calling it a bunker mentality and upset with the Chancellor for leaving after a minor disruption - well...

--is Katehi hiding out too?
A recent Daily Bruin editorial hits the nail on the head

but UCOP takes the photo op route instead -- they posted Sherry Lansing sitting with some students supposedly engaged in deep dialogue-- a photo op for the home page...any word on actual dates of her one woman/regent listening tour?

Monday, December 5, 2011

vendre des canard à moitié

Remember a while back when Breslauer said that the lack of democratization of UC Regent appointments was a "canard"? The UC Regents actually are the bosses of the chancellors and the chancellor cabinets...

Well, it seems Chancellor Birgeneau's cabinet was out sick during the "let's make em crunchy" project: Birgeneau can be heard here at the 1:10mark he seems to be saying each cabinet member's name who was out sick while he was on a junket in China, here are the folks he listed by name as best we can hear:
Beata Fitzpatrick 'out sick': $174,999.96
John Wilton 'out sick': $375,000
George Breslauer 'not well': $297,409.32
Claire Holmes 'also not well': $230,000.00

and a few million more in the Chancellor cabinet apparently also not available...hopefully the final reports will give more explanation on all of this...

So, a question: what about when you pay quadruple for a duck and you don't even get the duck? Do they have a french expression for that?
on something that didn't happen today:
EDITORIAL: CSU trustees can't just cancel their meetings

and there is this at Cal:
First online degree program at UC Berkeley to address public health workforce need

Chilean student-protest leader speaks at Berkeley

then see: This is What the Privatization of Education Looks Like

Yudof appoints members to task force investigating UC Davis pepper spraying incident -includes list.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Heavy On The Ex Cathedra? -Yudof's Speech To SF Chamber Of Commerce...

So, Yudof gave a speech talking about silly "grand narratives" and "canards" (Cal's Breslauer is big on the canard word too, more about that in the next post). He seems to think he could not possibly be wrong, --infallible...ugh. Much of it reads as half truths (like, yes, the middle class is hurt more but it is also UC policies that caused this to happen; and the playing with SMG numbers etc.)

You can read it here: A Baker's Dozen Myths About Higher Education President Mark G. Yudof California Chamber of Commerce Board Meeting San Francisco, CA Dec. 2, 2011

Recall, this earlier post and Yudof has an interesting past history with the Chamber of Commerce in CA.

Also, the UC Hospitals enterprise is doing Viva Las Vegas great, no shortage of resources, so much so they have branched out to other states: The Nevada Cancer Institute is being acquired by the University of California, San Diego Health System.

Big on the ex cathedra term right now after seeing it used in this story.

if you scroll to the bottom of the home page you will see we took note a long while back of the use of the term 'grand narratives' to try to just dismiss contrary opinions based in fact...

Saturday, December 3, 2011

UC- Siempre Como Una Telenovela

It is fitting that Remaking the University chose to employ the use of soap opera titles for links to stories on Higher Ed -- afterall, true public higher ed is going down the same path of extinction as some of the most beloved soap operas. So, decided to go big on that idea- couldn't resist- we contribute our set of titles as well below-
start with the more positive stuff first:
Search for Tomorrow
Newsom Seeks to Harness Energy of Student Protests
(his new digs, wonder if that Russian billionaire friend will visit him there?)

The Young and the Restless Innovative
UC and Stanford rank high in earnings from business spinoffs

Guiding Light
Daily Cal journalists point out the pros and cons of developments in the DREAM Act
Ryan's Hope 'Birgeneau's Nope' to Grad Students
but evenso a former Academic Senate Chair tries to offer some support.
Edge of Night
Pepper-Spray Cop's Money Troubles

some are so passionately annoyed by the 200 faculty (a fraction of the total faculty) who signed in support of Katehi-- so passionate in fact, well, they posted their salaries! --but they should focus that kind of ire on the senior administrators...

One Investigation To Live
Investigation of UC Davis Wall Street Ties

it's funny, all the quotes from Lynn Tierney- remember her from this story: U.C. Regents Boot Documentary Filmmaker Ric Chavez From Meeting


she sounds a lot like Claire Holmes at Cal


folks like Debra Saunders think there a too many going- but she doesn't understand that some of them are for CYA purposes...
Another World
there is this post on the 'specialness' of UC Regents -widely read -- The Regency

Santa Barbara - this from the Daily Nexus
Regulating the Regents: Why it’s Your Job
this section is a l'il bit deep inside baseball/in the weeds, but a good read:

General Hospital- cuz- in the mind of UCOP
--UC is primarily- first and foremost- a $10 Billion dollar hospital system--
they don't care how the non hospital side operates, or fails to operate but they like the tuition $$$ from the non hospital side:

more evidence of the Operational Excellence debacle-
The Adobe project and its implications for future OE-related IT efforts

and The Bold and The Beautiful: "Nearly two months later "things" which are inhibiting deployment are still being worked out. This does not strike me as being particularly "operationally excellent"."

- these problems have been around forever but now? the movers and shakers of OE will start to start to think about how to start addressing these long standing issues... (yes, wrote that sentence just like that- read it slowly over and over again if you must.)

Peyton Place Patents
Apply This 1% Solution to the Affected Areas…

Sad about the soaps but the Telenovelas are muy popular! -- Maybe Carlos Slim can pick up the hobby of other billionaires and start his own Future of CA and UC committee-(call it the 'Think Lavar CA Committee' or 'Gobernar CA' or 'Valor CA') and step in to save the day for the soaps and CA higher ed?!- The classes could be in Baja- technically keeping it U. of 'California' and Jerry "I Don't Want To Step On My Own Story" Brown could visit on vacations to give the convocation!
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