Monday, December 19, 2011

"Amid these developments, the UC Davis administration has now announced the composition of a new Chancellor’s Advisory Board, which, we are told, will help to guide our university into the future. This board includes the CEOs of Bechtel and of Chevron, as well as the senior vice president of Bank of America Merrill Lynch. It also includes the principal of McGill University, who, twice in November 2011, ordered riot police onto that campus — police who also used pepper-spray against peaceful protesters. And it includes M.R.C. Greenwood, former UC provost, who left her post at the UC amid a scandal over improper hiring practices and conflicts of interest."

wholly moleeeee:

Op-ed: Reviewing the case for Katehi’s resignation
By Nathan Brown
Whoever picked these folks might try to feign ignorance of the corporate side-- but here is some UC background on one portion of the appointments that they surely should have been aware of:
UC Pres. Dynes Appears To Have Violated University Policy By Quietly Granting M.R.C. Greenwood A $125,000 Cash Payment (2005)

UC shocker: Greenwood resigns as system provost as improper-hiring probe under way

Conflict of interest found for UC provost-Despite violations, she got paid leave and offer of new job

(not sure if Dynes and Birgeneau went to McGill - think they went to McMaster and U Toronto)
who picked these folks?!...if Katehi did it -- well, add it to all the other reasons she should resign. Now, we don't just have present day dirty UC laundry to deal with-- no, we get to double down and bring the scandals from less than a decade ago back up too ....
let's just bathe in the muck--YUCK!

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