Monday, December 12, 2011

Berdahl In At University of Oregon

Robert Berdahl, former Chancellor at Cal is now named interim University of Oregon President
he was hired as a consultant by the guy he is replacing...
there is some drama in the sports program there...

-- so convenient how new chancellors can come to campuses and say that all sorts of new Operational Excellence needs to be brought in for beaucoup bucks b/c so much stuff is messed up -- and then out of the other side of the mouth --'oh, the previous folks did wonderful, wonderful things, a model really'-- and the formers ride that wave to new places- never mind the undertow...which one is it?!
Is this the guy with the cat named Obi? Silent UC Berkeley protester detained. Is the cat named for Wan Kenobi?
A li'l karma for the BP deal?
Diesel fuel spill at Stanley Hall-scary cuz the chem labs are just across the lane and other stuff, too much goin' on in that section of campus. Right on the hills of the ASUC contentious meeting there--can the new Stanley get some good headlines?
Cal has some folks who found the largest black holes in space and some folks based out of Moffett Field found a planet like earth- back in the day..watching Blue Angels take off from the tarmac there-afterburner Heaven-and a beautiful lunar eclipse!
The O'Jays -- "smile in your face --all the time they wanna..." -- no, really, it wasn't like that...

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