Thursday, December 8, 2011

Birgeneau Bunker Brewin'

for a long while now...just really quickly -the bunker mentality has been present on a number of occasions for years-- these come to mind:
At an ASUC Meeting:
Chancellor's Statement Cut Short At ASUC Meeting
he just wanted to make a statement, no public comment
saidChloe Chloe Hunt
#ASUC President Vishalli Loomba says there will be no public comment for Chancellor Birgeneau.

-the student govt also had to change their meeting room suddenly to accomodate him.
At a panel discussion on the future of higher ed guess he doesn't want to hear questions either. Questions are dangerous things?:
dailycal Daily Californian
RT @jordan_bl: Cal Chancellor Robert Birgeneau leaves after last speaker, will not stay for q&a session which is starting now
His response to grad students:
Birgeneau cancels appearance with Graduate Assembly
the staff interactions:
Only 50 Staff Members Show Up For Chancellor Birgeneau At Cal! -- but he/the administration operatives wanted it that way - with only 50 people , that was supposed to be a good thing??!!
it goes way back:
Union protest pre-empts chancellor's annual meeting with staff (2008)
the comment that keeps being made on resignation is "well, we don't know if his replacement would be worse"
that is not a ringing endorsement!
(and then of course you have Brady bringing up-- Nixon, oy!)
--bailing on discussion/exchange with students and only sticking around for faculty is no way to be a chancellor of any university - especially a university that is supposed to be "the greatest public university in the world." This is a sad untenable situation- if there were some truly legitimate governing body to step in on this situation - now would be the time - but we don't have anything like that kind of leadership framework in the UC system. When the students are calling it a bunker mentality and upset with the Chancellor for leaving after a minor disruption - well...

--is Katehi hiding out too?
A recent Daily Bruin editorial hits the nail on the head

but UCOP takes the photo op route instead -- they posted Sherry Lansing sitting with some students supposedly engaged in deep dialogue-- a photo op for the home page...any word on actual dates of her one woman/regent listening tour?

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