Thursday, December 15, 2011

But where did it come from? Update on UCR.

Update: this from UCR --UCR Chancellor White Withdraws New Campus Protest Guidelines

"We were in error to post guidelines that neither comport with our values nor reflect the realities of how the campus exercises the right to free speech."

"I regret any confusion and discontent caused by the document. The document and its posting were not worthy of this great university."

but how did such an error happen?

Changing Universities has more on UCR and the leg hearing. btw Bob Samuels comments to the legislature with regard to how there are stricter regulations on how the prison population may or may not be pepper sprayed -certain distance required, certain amount of time the spray can fall etc.- and contrasting that with how the student population can basically be treated with much less stringent regulation - how this makes sense since there is more money for prisons and less money for higher ed -- it was necessary to make that particular point to the legislature.

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