Thursday, December 8, 2011

Counter-Intelligence, Disinformation? On Student Loans

Want to highlight a string of student loan stories that were a bit eyebrow raising- most found in the NYT Economix blog:
Student Loan Debt: Who Are the 1%?
also see: How Worrisome Is Student Debt?
Reader Response: Using Pell Grants to Estimate a School’s ‘Economic Diversity
also this story featured a Cal student's struggles:
The Other Student Loan Problem: Too Little Debt
are some of these stories doing the bidding of Wall Street? or?...
the decentralize-then centralize-then decentralize over and over again game gets played again:
Report recommends reforming Cal Grant distribution - this would be a UC system-wide change.
They want to rename Speedway after Hellman- they should call it Bluegrass Meadow or Hardly Strictly Meadow or Meadow Soprano-- not Hellman-- fugetaboutit. There's enough- so to speak- billionaire p!ss marks in the Bay Area already.

Mr. Spock Of 'Star Trek' A Woman? -not so wild...

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