Friday, December 9, 2011

HuffPo: "University Of California Campus Police Have History Of Excessive Force Against Protestors"

HuffPo University Of California Campus Police Have History Of Excessive Force Against Protesters -- UCPD has no choice but to make very clear to the community the exact details of administrative failures that occurred- it seems they are being thrown under the bus-- administration has a private police force and like it, but don't understand what that means or the responsibilities that go along with it -- and a group of 'volunteer out of the goodness of our hearts' regents who like to dabble.
There are also these headlines floating around: "Campus Police Violence Is Nothing New In California" -- but it's about the administration who are overlords of the police- market rate and above salaries for people who have no clue on how to run higher ed or a public research university.

Trying to pass the blame around by saying Sacramento made this happen or it was a confusion of different practices when using 'mutual aid' is not going to work.
a UC alum has this story:
Democratic Mayors Lead the Way on Cracking Down on Occupy Movement
also see video here:
Antonio Villaraigosa likes to talk about how much power and influence the Mayors have
"Just six members of Walmart's Walton clan are worth as much as the bottom 30 percent of all Americans"
That’s according to a new analysis by Sylvia Allegretto, a labor economist at the University of California at Berkeley’s Center on Wage and Employment Dynamics.

The insane wealth of Walmart’s founding family

for all those focused on how to get more money for higher ed and 'the kids'- ruminate on this old story-- you have to consider your target audience:
California Child Support: Non-Custodial Parents Owe $19.2 Billion

and this important new report:

Why PPIC’s New Wealth Gap Report Matters
also vexing--

'The Honorable Jon Corzine' (that was the tent card at the US Congress yesterday)

and there's always 'Professor Emeritus Jerry Sandusky' (yep, he still has that title)

on Cal-- just keep going back to: "Two weeks after the Wheeler Hall protest, Mr. Birgeneau awoke to find dozens of protesters surrounding his home on campus. Some hurled torches at his windows and smashed lights in his yard.

“I know that stung for him,” Claire Holmes, associate vice chancellor of public affairs at Berkeley, said. “He was terrified.” Ms. Holmes said university officials became concerned after watching developments at other Occupy protests, including Oakland, which at times degenerated into violence and vandalism.

Ms. Holmes said she sympathized with those who questioned whether the university had betrayed its history with its crackdown on the encampments.

“I can completely understand that people are upset and that they see it as a conflict with our traditional values of free speech,” she said. “But it is a practical consideration to keep things going here on our campus.”

--don't remember hearing about smashed lights and windows having torches hurled - remember seeing a photo of a big cracked planter on the portico.
so-- it (that previous event) was in Birgeneau's mind but no not really he was incommunicado on a junket in China-and it was in the mind of administrators who were in town but were out sick/not well- some things just don't add up...
and the Niners and Raiders are going to play in the same stadium?!
ok, got it all out...

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