Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Principle of Moments

Crane: "It should come as no surprise that the legislature refuses to confirm someone who points out the elephant in the room: that it is the California Legislature that's privatizing UC. This year the Legislature voted to cut UC three times while boosting spending on favored special interests. For Californians seeking affordable college educations, that must change."
see: Clock Runs Out For UC Regent

scorched Earth to the end
now, he will be working on other stuff...
btw-- we will keep his tab up-and maybe even update it a li'l until the end of the year, in his honor.

UC's tempestuous relationship with K-12 and everyone else-see:
AWOL At The Kvetching By Peter Schrag
it prompted this commentary:
Commentary: Deepening California Education Crisis

and this on UC Regent Chair Sherry Lansing:Three Regents Meet with UCLA Students - "During the meeting, UCLA student leaders asked the regents to publicly support a tax increase proposed by Brown...Lansing said to student leaders that while she cannot speak for the entire board, she would be willing to take a public stance in favor of the proposed initiative…"

The UC Regents are going to have to figure out what they support and fast- no more sitting on the sidelines.
Remaking the University has another very, very interesting new post.
Carlos Santana had an interesting speech at his induction into the CA Hall of Fame. He may have had this next story in his mind...
Cesar Chavez' grandson at OccupyLA photo- the visual is really surreal,sad, beautiful- he looks alot like his grand dad -left wonderin' have any of the Kennedy, MLK, X progeny been at Occupy nationwide?
The Principle of Moments-always wanted to hear Santana play with RP on this-
Happy Christmas Percy. -and Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year -- to you. PS yes, Happy Hannukah, Kwanzaa,Festivus, Solstice and, well -always have to go back to the ol' standard- HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!

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