Thursday, December 15, 2011

The University Should Hire Chancellors Who Know How To Be Chancellors

That's what Assemblyman Block said yesterday during the hearing in an exchange with Katehi (she was telling him she was just a l'il ol' engineer-- oh yeah, and an educator-- and these issues are beyond her or something like that, she said she needs to be trained -- it was like watching a sad performance review)-unbelieveable.

There were many, many important sections to the meeting. The CSU administrators testimony should be viewed in its entirety for UC folks and everyone else, some wild testimony there!- they were part of the panel with Robinson, Yudof (CSU should acquaint themselves with Yudofspeak).

The comments made to Katehi by Block during her panel were noteworthy.

Cal's Charlie Eaton is a "must see" during the student panel.

The public comment in large part was very illuminating on events that transpired at CSU trustee meeting and Gavin Newsom also came up-- wonder if he has communicated with the higher ed committee on what he saw at that meeting -- Reed and he had a difference of opinion on what happened. Reed did not attend the meeting, just like Birgeneau...

will post the video when available. It was a five hour meeting and the full video is the best way to watch cuz you can speed through the canned stuff.

This picture pretty much captures it--all the handlers barking at the student in a hoodie:
Confrontation Between Katehi and Pepper-Sprayed Student Steals Show At Capitol

Apparently AG Harris has handed things back to Yolo:
One of the probes was being handled by the Yolo County Sheriff and District Attorney, who asked Attorney General Kamala Harris to take it over to avoid a conflict of interest. Harris' office handed the matter back to Yolo County authorities, who said they will now conduct their own investigation despite limited resources.

some video of the hearing is available here-- this promise to research is the result of Tom Hayden's testimony (he also had some history on Jackie Spier and Tom Lundgren on this issue):
UC Davis pepper-spraying spur pledge for research

State legislators question university officials about November protests

UC Davis Chancellor: I Didn't Tell Police to Use Pepper Spray

Not surprisingly, Yudof did not stick around to hear the student panel. Message sent, message received.

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