Monday, December 5, 2011

vendre des canard à moitié

Remember a while back when Breslauer said that the lack of democratization of UC Regent appointments was a "canard"? The UC Regents actually are the bosses of the chancellors and the chancellor cabinets...

Well, it seems Chancellor Birgeneau's cabinet was out sick during the "let's make em crunchy" project: Birgeneau can be heard here at the 1:10mark he seems to be saying each cabinet member's name who was out sick while he was on a junket in China, here are the folks he listed by name as best we can hear:
Beata Fitzpatrick 'out sick': $174,999.96
John Wilton 'out sick': $375,000
George Breslauer 'not well': $297,409.32
Claire Holmes 'also not well': $230,000.00

and a few million more in the Chancellor cabinet apparently also not available...hopefully the final reports will give more explanation on all of this...

So, a question: what about when you pay quadruple for a duck and you don't even get the duck? Do they have a french expression for that?
on something that didn't happen today:
EDITORIAL: CSU trustees can't just cancel their meetings

and there is this at Cal:
First online degree program at UC Berkeley to address public health workforce need

Chilean student-protest leader speaks at Berkeley

then see: This is What the Privatization of Education Looks Like

Yudof appoints members to task force investigating UC Davis pepper spraying incident -includes list.

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