Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Wilton Talks Cal's Budget With Faculty and other items


Vice chancellor presents campus budget challenges to faculty

you might recall Wilton's earlier presentation to faculty- you can view that here.
and the ACLU raises more concerns about procedures at UC Berkeley
on the online for profit model UC covets read:

For-Profit Colleges Evade Stricter Rules By Courting Powerful Allies In Washington

HuffPo Analysis of Campaign Finance Data Related to For Profits in Higher Ed

Profits and Questions at Online Charter Schools

“A look at the company’s operations, based on interviews and a review of school finances and performance records, raises serious questions about whether K12 schools — and full-time online schools in general — benefit children or taxpayers, particularly as state education budgets are being slashed. Instead, a portrait emerges of a company that tries to squeeze profits from public school dollars by raising enrollment, increasing teacher workload and lowering standards.”

Professor Wendy Brown, UC Berkeley: When The Public University Can No Longer Afford Itself: The Impending Crisis in UC Graduate Programs

online for profits conservatively rake in 20 Billion in revenue each year- they are beginning to spend tens of millions in lobbying to keep their pie...

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