Tuesday, January 31, 2012

bending the cost curve- another Yudof interview on Obama's challenge to higher ed

Yudof on KQED Forum with a panel that includes: Martha Kanter, under secretary of education in the U.S. Department of Education
Christopher Prado, student body president at CSU East Bay
Debbie Cochrane, program director at The Institute for College Access & Success
Kristen Soares, president of the Association of Independent California Colleges and Universities (AICCU)

compare and contrast with this from Changing Universities

finally there is this audio clip which includes some of the student public comment from UC Regents meeting if you missed it.

(PS Martha Kanter will no doubt sleep well now knowing that she has Yudof's imprimatur that she is 'a good person' --and liberal arts is ever so grateful to be acknowledge as worthwhile- is it ever possible for him to dial back the arrogance?)

At Cal: "the percentage of African American employees laid off exceeded that of other minorities."

Notice a theme?

Though the analysis states that the number of African American employees laid off did not rise to a level of a “legal disparate impact" because of the low number of employees involved, they were “disproportionately over-represented among more recent hires in job groups where layoffs occurred."
However, the campus will borrow up to $50 million from the UC Office of the President in order to hire project teams, fund the program office and pay a consulting firm to advise on the project. The campus plans to repay the office with the initiative's savings.

According to the report, the campus has spent $11 million of the loan money thus far, and approved projects are projected to cost $42 million. The campus plans to spend $71 million total -within its original spending expectations of between $70 million and $75 million -throughout the initiative, with an additional $5 million annually thereafter to keep the projects running.

Read the story and the report (if you can find it) here.
fascinating how quickly and easily the cost saving numbers in the misty future projections are thrown around -- but the numbers on minority lay offs take forever to be disclosed...

Monday, January 30, 2012

New Berkeley Campus Code of Student Conduct, An Update and A Reminder

"After more than a year of review and study, campus officials announced today (Monday, Jan.30) that a new Berkeley Campus Code of Student Conduct has been approved and will go into effect starting Feb. 1. The code lays out expectations of behavior for students and student organizations at the university. The new code is designed to be more student-friendly and bring more consistency to the process."
Read it in full here. press release here

An Update from Prof. Choper to Chancellor Birgeneau

(but did Cal hire a $100,000 outside consultant too? -- hope not)

and a reminder about this public forum happening Tues at Cal with UCOP legal team.

MIT and UC, Up is Down, Down is Up

so, John Reed- current Chair at MIT and former CitiGroup head- was on with Bill Moyers-- in a large section in the middle of the interview he blames much of the banking scandals on beliefs and practices that originated in Higher Ed... interesting point but also wonder if the MIT lovin' Koch Bros talk with him about this? funny how the Wall St folks all ran to positions in higher ed about the same time...

he will be in town in mid Feb with alumni--and others with very close connection to Cal- perhaps he will speak more on all of this, maybe even debate the issues.
University of California Sued For Not Hiring Disabled Students

could it have anything to do with this: “Our current system is a mess. It is extremely expensive and cumbersome to operate,” said Peter Taylor, chief financial officer for the UC.
Startups move UC discoveries to market in tandem with this background.

Blue Shield says UC medical centers want to drive up costs

Heart Surgery For UC

(UC regent) Jerry Brown Oil Scandal: Governor Fired Regulator Over Oil Rules
(remember all those groups talking about props to make oil taxes fund higher ed?)
and this latest from Bob Samuels--Romney, Private Equity, and the Future of American Capitalism

UC on funding future green housing projects: "We are way beyond that old paradigm."
UC Using More Private Developers For Student Housing

Saturday, January 28, 2012

"This is not a question about the investigation, it is a question about the cooperation and lack thereof from a department within UC Davis."

Why is a PUBLIC University allowed to be NON Responsive to -- the Public?:
"The bigger problem, it turns out, is that the investigators apparently have no power to compel people to come forward and speak with them. None of this is all that surprising, but it is going to temper the ability of the Kroll Investigators, as well as Cruz Reynoso's task force, to really get to the bottom of this.

I do not expect the District Attorney's office's investigation to yield anything that will come to criminal charges, and that presents a real problem in that we may never really know what happened and we might be left to subjectively deduce from not much more than we know now.

There is now a real problem with the legitimacy of the independent investigation.

We asked Claudia Morain about this situation and she referred us to the University of California Office of the President and told us to talk to Peter King, who has neither responded to emails nor a phone message.

However, more importantly, we told the UC Davis News Service, "I respectfully believe the issue of lack of UC Davis police cooperation with the investigation is a question for UC Davis."

This is not a question about the investigation, it is a question about the cooperation and lack thereof from a department within UC Davis.

Ms. Morain told me that she would get back to me. That was on Tuesday. Two days later I got no response and asked again, and I have not gotten a response yet.

Disappointing, but not surprising."

Commentary on the Controversies of the Week- Davis Vanguard
No Reply At All

Mark Yudof -Should Financial Aid Be Linked to a College's Affordability?

a Mark Yudof siting- and he is speaking on something that matters to students! from PBS
Should Financial Aid Be Linked to a College's Affordability? - President Obama announced Friday at the University of Michigan that he's putting colleges on notice that tuition hikes can't continue year after year. Ray Suarez discusses the proposals with Mark Yudof, president of the University of California, and Richard Vedder of the Center for College Affordability and Productivity.

Friday, January 27, 2012

$100,000, POTUS, Ralph Nader, Save the Date?: January 31st

but first- a $100,000 here- a $100,000 there- to pay for services Senior Management Group (SMG) members and their staff are already being paid HUGE salaries for :
“I’m not surprised to hear that (UC has) hired someone to deal with crisis communications,” Whithaus said. “The chancellor has been fairly explicit in meetings with faculty about being unhappy with the way her communications staff performed during the crisis.”
UC Spent $100,000 On Consultant After Pepper-Spraying
yes, after the pepper spray-- Katehi voiced a number of complaints about her staff...her fickleness about them at the state leg hearing...Oy. And we pointed out the costs of the SMG before...

"“How can we know that Kroll’s fact-finding isn’t consistent with the story that Marsh wants to tell if there aren’t safeguards against the permeability of these two entities?” Meister asked. “We won’t know whether the fact-finding is independent of the script.”

--a "destructive diversion" to look at these things closely?! UCOP just doesn't get it.
more from POTUS at U Mich and on his tuition lowering plans. View the speech at U Mich in entirety here.
Stopping America’s Public University Tuition Spiral by Ralph Nader, former Presidential candidate and consumer advocate
Is it worth it to participate in this?: UC Will Hold Public Forum To Discuss Police Practices- Boalt's Edley and UCOP General Counsel will officiate...

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Justice Reynoso on the UC Davis Investigation, and Bratton on Hot Spotting

Letter From Reynoso Indicates UCD Police Not Cooperating With Investigation

Bill Bratton was on with Dylan Ratigan talking about hot spotting crime and health care issues -- data driven style. No word from him on the issues above- anywhere. Recall earlier concerns faculty voiced over him here:Letter to President Yudof objecting to hiring William Bratton to investigate UC Davis pepper-spray incident

Higher Education News - UC Looking For Revenue Sources and CSU Limits Executive Pay

An Open Letter to the UC Riverside Chancellor Timothy White (crosspost)

can be read at: The Nation
and also this companion piece.
and this other story:
"In the long term, the university hopes to see the number of people staffed in these fields decline, which will save money, Taylor said. Roughly a third of the savings from the new office will go to the medical centers.

Another third will be used for general funds, and the remaining savings would be applied toward auxiliaries that support housing, parking and union systems."

UC-Wide Payroll System To Be Implemented Daily Bruin

Climbing Ladders With No Rungs and Turning Tables

being covered here: California colleges enroll thousands who don't meet requirements -By Matt Krupnick -- it raises larger questions about perhaps a lack of coordination between UC and CSU in policies.
Thousands Who Don't Meet Requirements Enroll at UC, CSU Schools
The number of students admitted into UC schools who don't meet minimum requirements is growing.

University Diaries on the CSU Salary Cap that includes pointing out an important private funding exception...
and check out what happened to this grad student here:
Push Me, Pull You, Arrest Me at California State University Headquarters By Joe Deegan
folks are sick of it all and it is being translated like this:
Editorial: Time for another way to run a college
UC Davis students take over vacant campus building
remember the Google coming big time to Cal

well, there is this latest on the Google - students need to think carefully about this...maybe.
Remaking on the SOTU- surprised no discussion on the passage POTUS had about on line alternatives and shortening the length of time on course completion- but the post covers many other areas.
UCSD Guardian paper is giving error messages but apparently they are covering the "secession of UCSF"...maybe their links will work later.
the rest is all the $%#@ over the place - randomness:

Angela Merkel says things are great, but-- Soros says things are/will be lousy, 2600 people pay $20,000 each to attend Davos -by invitation only- Money Honeys everywhere.

this video clip keeps nagging - fact check, fact check (like CalBuzz - not huge Erin Burnett fans).

(Charlie Rose and Zbigniew Brzezinski-- there was an exchange at the 30 minute mark on supposed market rate salaries and their impact on the future of America and capitalism-thought of UC SMG salary justifications.
why did one of the UC senior admins (Lenz?!) say at the UC Regents meeting that some govt officials said not to worry so much about drafting austerity measures/resolutions in advance?! that things/economy will pick up by Fall. Do they know something?)
Do you think it is going to get better - or are we just bracing for/constructing the next round of 'worse'?

remember we suggested a psych study on The Ladders commercials a while back? well, there is this latest confirming not far off the mark on that one.

except the Psych folks already have some serious problems understanding correct terms for actions in social justice and transparency "The study focused on “prosocial” gossip that “has the function of warning others about untrustworthy or dishonest people,” "?! -wtf - where do these folks come from- the 1950's? that is not what one would call "gossip"--in this day and age- the psych folks are wading in the fluff while this and this --using the term 'gossip' makes it more PR friendly but the whole subject reduced to silliness.

Did you know Senator Boxer and Di Fi support PIPA? (see mid page next to Thelma and Louise photo on that link) as in SOPA PIPA...
many of their colleagues came up in this 60 minutes piece - it also came up in the SOTU too...
SOTU presented to the Congress
but are representatives truly representing?
Turning Tables

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

SOTU, Letters to the LA Times and more...

"When kids do graduate, the most daunting challenge can be the cost of college. At a time when Americans owe more in tuition debt than credit card debt, this Congress needs to stop the interest rates on student loans from doubling in July. Extend the tuition tax credit we started that saves middle-class families thousands of dollars. And give more young people the chance to earn their way through college by doubling the number of work-study jobs in the next five years.
Of course, it's not enough for us to increase student aid. We can’t just keep subsidizing skyrocketing tuition; we’ll run out of money. States also need to do their part, by making higher education a higher priority in their budgets. And colleges and universities have to do their part by working to keep costs down. Recently, I spoke with a group of college presidents who’ve done just that. Some schools re-design courses to help students finish more quickly. Some use better technology. The point is, it’s possible. So let me put colleges and universities on notice: If you can't stop tuition from going up, the funding you get from taxpayers will go down. Higher education can’t be a luxury -- it’s an economic imperative that every family in America should be able to afford."
read the full text here.
Letters to the LA Times indicate all those planning to rally in May have some outreach work to do first.
Donna Brazile and Cornel West might want to read the UC Diversity report before their upcoming visit and talk at Cal...
Daily Cal has Prof. Saez on Mitt Romney.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Former UC Regent and Cupcake Seller

so much going on with the UC Regents meeting - now this latest on a former UC Regent:
Remember just a few months ago: Ward Connerly, driving force behind Prop 209, helping to sell cupcakes
There is this new piece: Affirmative-Action Foe Is Facing Allegations of Financial Misdeeds from the NYT

Buddhist(?) UC Regent Blum, what do you think of this?

Blum claims a connection to Buddhism and Buddhist art...

so what does he think of this: LA Times Picks Up Japanese Garden Story: Not the Best PR for UCLA

one also wonders why UC chose to do this when they are constantly saying they can't use such donations/funds for other things - the sanctity of using donor funds the way the donor intended and agreed with the university to use them. Unless the money is precisely for the capital projects the administration wants. A certain family in Woodside also asking those questions-a family from a part of the country that still values gardens as a source of renewal
-home to Filoli and nearby Hakone- favorite places.
at Cal: Administration agrees to restore anthropology library hours

Slummin' It In Riverside

The black limos lined up at UCSF Mission Bay normally -now replaced by white vans in Riverside...
"Heaven and Earth! Are the shades of Pemberley to be thus polluted?"

Bill Moyers has an interesting series on PBS. (remember his Amazing Grace doc?)
Cal linked to one of the episodes- but the most interesting episode so far is his interview of David Stockman.
Stockman talks about a number of things. Also, Stockman talks about Jeff Immelt in the Obama administration and basically paints him a Dick Cheney role.
Note, Moyers includes the Sunlight Foundation on their home page.
but also read this article...

check out Up with Chris Hayes this morning on MSNBC-video clips available later- where Elliot Spitzer's 'absolutist free speech' stance allows him to say Citizen's United isn't all bad etc...and he debates David Stockman on other key points - Melissa Harris Perry in the debate as well.

Saturday, January 21, 2012


see: (Newly released) Report faults UCLA, professor in lab death
UCSF shuttle driver charged in fatal crash
Desmond-Hellmann: UCSF wants new structure
and-UPDATE!- this is a good article here (meant to link to it earlier) note how it talks about several bio tech businesses in Emeryville that have deep ties to current and former UC faculty-including some former high profile deans etc. - and the state's stem cell etc committee- and other 'foundation' committees- Lansing and others sit on outside of UC are also name dropped in the article...

but we are supposed to believe the discussion on these issues begins at the UC Regents meeting...
it was interesting to hear Lansing tell one of the committee chairs that she wanted to interrupt his close of his committee in order to "set up President Yudof" for his (spontaneous?, unscripted?) comments... orchestrated much?
a completely open mind to it all...
more on UC protests:
Anthropology library study-in demonstration continues

Two arrested, plastic pellets fired during Thursday Riverside protests

and coverage of aftermath at UC Davis and UC Riverside can be found here.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Breaking At UC Davis: No Charges Filed Against Pepper Sprayed Protesters by DA

see Davis Vanguard coverage

is this really the Foundation of 'Sewer PACs' in Education...?

Patriarchal When They Want To Be...

A smoke-free UC goes too far
Free UC Berkeley Extension Courses for Eligible Staff Employees
are you the right sort of employee?
did daddy supervisor say you could?
did you show your plans, your grades?
do you get a ticket to ride -- or not?
what does el hefe say?
it is almost as opaque as UC admissions...are employees treated as badly as middle class California residents? recall the hideous admin of the CDOP plan?! the cronyism of the SPOT award?!...
but when students suggest a tuition scheme that is against their own interests the regents don't take a patriarchal stance (they DIDN'T say "listen kids your life is gonna get more complicated after graduation") instead they say --'you're proposing giving us money for the next twenty years- we'll take it under serious consideration'...Yudof didn't even try to score any brownie points with the students by leaning forward and saying/reminding them-you sure you want to do this?- maybe
simply impractical
the next twenty years
where many of them will
some will have children/child support
some will divorce/spousal support
some will have illnesses/insurance gaps/donutholes
some will need to fund their start ups
some will need to care for their aging parents
--even if they don't marry or have kids etc. the plutocrats will still be after them...or creating new dramas in the world economy
and the alumni will now be in a sick fin. relationship with their alma mater as well.
Remaking on the "huge taboo" oh yeah, big time,- hitting the third rail- watch the fireworks...
Recall we sent POTUS Aretha? He does his best Rev Al
Let's stay together- ?- everyone is asking that question...not just UCSF.

Round Up- At Last

Changing Universities-UCR Students Promote a Bad Tuition Plan as Police Beat Protesters

UCLA Faculty Association-USC covers UC Regents Protest at UCR

The People's Vanguard of Davis - The Investigative Eye-Rubber Bullets at UC Regents Meeting in Riverside Ends Relative Calm of New Year and Chancellor Katehi Issues Another Message on Pepper-Spraying Incident

Protesters occupy campus library at Cal.

Something very disturbing is happening at the UCLA Japanese Gardens - if you don't understand that a Japanese Garden is also a spiritual place-- you might not understand the importance of this story...

California Progress Report-$422,320 for a College Degree? With Tuition Skyrocketing, It is Time to Rethink Higher Education

HuffPo, if you're gonna make fun at least spell the name right (always typos on it).
Etta on stage jammin' with BB, George Benson, Van Morrison, Santana,Dr. John, John Scott and many others-- sigh- The Very Thought Of You -RIP

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Apparently They Fired Him?

another question, see:
UC Regents Fire Tenured Riverside Professor

okay, if we are not allowed to know what happened with this action item during a regents meeting for a public land grant institution-- well, can we at least know how much UC has spent on this matter since Khoury is claiming: "Khoury noted the university has spent far more in taxpayer dollars on legal fees than the amount of money at stake."

is the public allowed to know that number? is the uc community allowed to know that figure?

it is interesting that this case merges with the Rodgers issues-- RIVERSIDE: Regents To Vote On Firing Retired Professor

Crane knew that he would not be confirmed all along?

that is what UC Regent Bonnie Reiss just said at the regents meeting -when she was reading a declaration of UC Regent appreciation for Crane's service- and Sherry Lansing vouched Reiss' comments -'all of what she said is true'-- awkward and strange to feel compelled to vouch that statement.

if it is true -then -- why did he make himself a divisive wedge issue in a system already deeply troubled with many other challenges? for his own aggrandizement? for the press he would garner? for networking? to get his name out there statewide?
if so, why should that garner him an honorable mention from the UC regents today?
why did Reiss bring up Jerry Brown as the reason he would not gain confirmation? it had nothing to do with Brown.
Bonnie says she and David knew about this all along-someone asks under their breath- did they also know about the housekeeper too? ouch.
why did regent marcus say that it is wise for regents to enjoy twelve year appointments so that they are not part of the politics? how does that logic work? they are not anything like the SCOTUS... sounds like delusions of grandeur
Lansing says that they are captive audience at the meeting and that they can't leave-- it might have something to do with protests.. it looks like the building was surrounded and regents were given special instructions.
congratulations to Chancellor Desmond Hellman who just stated honestly that operational excellence is going to result in job loss for staff and staff are frightened. One of the few willing to straight out admit it.

What is UCSF to the UC system?
What is Hastings to the UC system? when did it begin being called UC Hastings?
What is public about UC? how is UC public? Peter Taylor ( senior UC financial admin) is going to tell us?!
a systemwide existential crisis being voiced at the end of the UC Regents meeting.
it needs to be written down for them - cuz they can't see where it was written down for them already...
and Hadi Makarechian is going to bring the entrepreneurship guidelines to lead the way...
companies we need companies to be generated and a 10% cut on their profits that flows back to UC all over the place, rake it in.
..Hadi asked if he would be paid for his work on that, Pattiz asked the lab directors why they- with all that brain power couldn't design a video game to sell to make UC money..ha ha.. was it Zettel? who asked the staff on seismic retrofits if their efforts could be turned into a profitable marketable tool to make UC $$- - Faustian.
these were the issues of the day Lansing and the regents wanted to hear instead of the student protestors. "We've spent 45 minutes listening to you!"
the corporate corruption of higher ed-- Washburn is right.

Pages and pages of HUGE UC Salaries

the november meeting whitewash minutes to be approved today include pages and pages on huge compensation actions see it for yourself.

Listen: UC Regents Meeting Today

Brendan Jackson UCLA has great coverage he is tweeting- including pictures. meeting will resume shortly.
Here's the link: http://california.granicus.com/ViewPublisher.php?view_id=2
agenda says starting at 8:30am but they start when they want to- yesterday they started very late- and the schedule was all off from the agenda times from that point on...the final day they generally try to rush through to get out early -so...

65 people signed up for public comment- these are not quotes, but just what could be heard on the audio from UC regents meeting this morning.

Elliott Kim alum raised some real key points about salaries for UC general counsels and Chris Edley.

UC Administrators "Fat cats turn obese" - oh lawd...

Peter Matthews gov wilson paid $37 at UC Berkeley Boalt- Schwarzenegger paid $6 at community college - Matthews might pay $200,000 for his newborn daughter to attend UC. rescueeducationcalifornia.org

vanessa- an alum-has a sister also an alum - sister developed serious medical condition and fell behind on student loans now financially ruined

another speaker-why have UC Regents refused to back any legislation to stop the attack on public education? and raised 'fucking record breaking salaries'??!!

Roscio- her friends have had to take out huge loans, unemployed can't afford tuition - pls change policy.

Mohammed uc grad student-- lords and peasants - few can afford education-- we are not peasants.

Kevin Whalen grad student at UCR- question everything, taught this. skeptical of just blaming Sacto. deregulation and lower tazes regents do this in their business - they have a tall task in making themselves believable. They need to back legislation to turn this around.

Someone from UCSD this isnt a factory, corporation, airport-- UCSD has gotten rid of a bunch of libraries. why aren't regents paying their fair share and backing legislation to support public education?

as minorities began to come to UC and public higher ed the tuition has been raised. San Bernardino have you been down there? They know more more people going to prison rather than college.

symbolic gestures of listening- don't believe regents represent the public -' how do we the public do our job and get the regents the fuck out of here?'

someone from UCR- GSOE project

20 minute time limit reach - still 25 people need to speak

Lansing - despite what you might think we do care - none of us receive salaries- some of us do back some of the legislation mentioned- we will allow the rest of 25 to speak but don't know what you will do later - we hope you will let us meet b/c we are going to discuss other ways of funding rather than raise tuition.

speaker - asks regents to support legislation to fund public higher education.

UCSA rep- more student regents on the board of regents - (Jonathan Lee)- if you say you want student input this is a way to do that- students pay so much in to the system and want to have a voice.

UC Riverside student - Chancellor White is using diversity as a PR word. Diversity is not present at UCR for staff faculty. She is on loans not financial aid and there isn't any support other than loans - she is working for her tuition very hard. medical school should be pushed as part of a fix to health disparities based on race.

student- parents took out a second mortgage to pay for tuition, she and her sisters are in debt.

UCSD .7% representation art paid for but not students of color- millions spent to put up art on campus.

BS you don't make money off UC - Regents have businesses that make money off UC.

Margie Crowley UPTE- staff don't get listened to at all. Not afraid to show that she is an activist. actions speak louder than words. what legislation are you going to support? you show no support for us. sign petitions and vote for propositions.

Chris Benoit CUE rep and grandmother -- her children recently moved to Washington to get an education b/c CA doesn't work for them. Her mother was a CA agri worker. Her husband is an alum and school teacher. Her kids can't afford UC. Why aren't regents fighting for public higher ed.

former national guard and occupy LA member- 'the corruption here at this meeting stinks.'

another speaker - imagine that you can't afford to send your child to public higher ed/university or college- for the rest of my time I want you to silently imagine that. silence.

another speaker- the suits got raises and perks over regents meetings. think about priorities - lining pockets of suits or education of students.

benjamin wood not on list grad of UCSB but believes he has a right to speak $30K in debt for his education at UCSB. prop 13 and commercial property problem - Regent Blum and his firm benefits from not fixing the problem/reform prop 13 if he really cared.

mic is cut off - dead air/silence.
mic back on - someone yelling in background, secretary says "thank you"
silence, thank you, clapping.
BS that we are timed on our free speech at a public meeting at a public instition-Suzanne Magigin UCR honors student- George Orwell Animal Farm a parody Mark Yudof Student Farm- yelling Lansing " I can see that this is not going to be productive" inaudible speaking yelling off mic " i understand that there is a desire to stop our meeting I hope you don't " there are three more speakers

Gerald Vasco reps some Law Students- students entering Davis were not told the tuition/fee projection - duty to notify students.

Nathaniel wants to speak- other speakers say you need to listen to us - lansing says we've listened to you for 45 minutes, public comment ended

other speakers are yelling we have respected your process but you have not respected our right to speak

UCSB natl society of black engineers -- not gonna fault you for making money that's america just gonna ask you to protest with us be our voice in political realm to look at me when i am speaking to you madam -- pretty soon all of you are gonna be out of here and all of us are gonna be in there and we are going to make sure we keep public education

about five more students are on the list
more speakers
speaker says she is spending enormous amounts of time appealing to regents to attend regents meetings. enough. 200,000 uc students have had it. uc regents need to put their bodies into motion for uc regents- when you saw student pepper sprayed and batoned that is not isolated incidents. we are going to organize until we die.

ahmed UCSB - UC Regents making vocalized statements to the state govt but UCSB is not getting due representation. teleconference did not include UCSB. The students can't even get into the meeting rooms to see the meeting process.

mario UCSB- on welfare all of his life, will be just another homeless student if you raise tuition.

another speaker - alternative revenue sources. question that term. regents here for money. laughing all the way to the bank. regents at the top of the pyramid - they will stay at the top- there positions are the result of a closed loop not open to any of us out of the 1%
someone in a blue suit with a cornflower blue tie poses for pictures with students but doesn't do anything- hypocritical bs hope you can't sleep at night.

open peoples mic begins- Lansing says to yudof 'is this a chant are they going to go on like this I don't know what to do - where is barney, i don't know what to do get barney'-- another woman says 'let them go for a while then make the announcement that you are warning 'etc
Lansing starts warning the protestors 'ok,if this meeting continues to be disruptive you are not letting us do our business -we will now clear the room'

peoples open mic continues - regents are talking among themselves.

sound cut off.9:46am

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Coverage of UC Regents Wed Meeting

see both video and stories:
RIVERSIDE: Regents to vote on firing retired professor

UC RIVERSIDE: Regents hear pleas from students, local leaders

UC Board of Regents Meets in Riverside-Students protest as Board of Regents meets in Riverside

UC Riverside students propose new tuition payment plan

As UC Regents Meet in Riverside, All Eyes Are on Gov. Brown’s Ballot Initiative

$1000 a sq ft Chancellor House Renovation at UCSD

$1000 a sq ft Chancellor House Renovation at UCSD
a "special place" for 'special donors'
and 'it's for the faculty' - to 'celebrate Pulitzer prizes and Nobel prizes'
cuz there are 'no other appropriate special enough places at UCSD'
'La Jolla just doesn't have anything appropriate'...
Pueblo Revival with Native American Remains
an 'enjoyment for the faculty'
$10.5 million
it's coming from private funds - not university funds

it's not like that money could be used elsewhere...at one of the 'poorer' campuses.

tomorrow it starts again... uc regents meeting.

Listen: UC Regents Meeting January 18-19, 2012

Listen Here: http://california.granicus.com/ViewPublisher.php?view_id=2 - you can also view the agenda from that link as well. UC Regents will resume open meeting at around 3:15pm on Wednesday- you can listen when the "in progress" link is displayed. Or not- looks like they removed all events from today and will resume tomorrow morning and grace us with their presence and allow us, once again, to listen to some of the proceedings...WAIT!- they are sticking to the agenda and they are now broadcasting the comm on grounds and buildings...they just removed the event for a while and then decided to put it back up and broadcast afterall...
Questions/scribbles so far:

Regents meeting and rally to take place in Sacto in May - but it is the March UC Regents meeting that you have to keep your eye on.

Did you hear one of the students tell the regents that there should be more student regents (one for each classification)? that should be Jerry Brown's move to show an alliance with students etc.- to name students at each level to the three open UC regent positions this year. Or, even construct a faculty or staff appointment to the regent level- with those three open regent positions.

Did you hear the student who said during public comment he was suicidal over his tuition crisis last summer?

Why were there a bunch of scheduled student speakers during public comment but the majority did not show up or get to the mic?

Why did uc regent de la pena say that uc could have been sued for millions of dollars if they continued operating the student clinics the same way? what did he mean? what specifically was wrong with the operations,care? now they will be outsourcing the credential checking hr work...30% below market salaries affected care? who was in charge of this in the first place? why should we be - as yudof suggests-so grateful for de la pena volunteering hundreds of hours to fix this?-- why wasn't management managing this in the first place? is that too much to ask? they said they took it up b/c of mental health service quality concerns for students - and maybe the Tang Center incidents and other incidents also caused them to take a closer look - but why did that have to be the catalyst for fixing what sounds like some critical and basic operational failures? if the CFO (they handle other similar plans too) is taking over the student health care plans and the university is providing the health care services to the students in UC facilities - is that a good set up? is it better for parents and students to set up their own outside UC arrangements or to keep it in house as a one stop shop for the student? what are students giving up, or getting,-- in this arrangement? it is a question for staff too.

Why did chancellor white choose to talk about his problems with the minutemen rather than address diversity as an issue overall for legal Californians in his comments?

Why does the DREAM act take up most of the air on diversity issues/discussion? Would the conversation have run differently if Eddie Island was present for the meeting? Is he/ will he be satisfied with that discussion today from that committee work?

Birgeneau wants to only talk about his work to get the CA DREAM act passed- again with the focus on this issue only as it relates to the CA DREAM act-he wants a focus on the positives on diversity - cites his diverse cabinet, - but it is not enough just to meet some diversity check list - it has to be diversity and excellence- and there are plenty of folks who can fill both criteria -but they are not filling all of the spots at that Cal cabinet- some appointments are based on being friends of friends- the excellence is sadly lacking at Cal in that cabinet in some pretty obvious parts... so we can't just talk about diversity - but diversity paired with excellence --and just having a project with that word in the title does not cut it or fix it.

Let's ignore the 'glacial pace' on diversity in the SMG, Faculty etc..at this point it is not a glacial pace - it is dog whistle policy-- you know??, that dog whistle that keeps being heard by some as a result of comments currently coming out of South Carolina- that is the same dog whistle being heard when UC central admin and regents bemoan a 'glacial pace'...for decades.

do the regents realize how they sound when they say they need Eddie Island there at the meeting to articulate on this issue? do the regents realize how bad it is that it is true?

Eshelman Hall getting naughty- did you see? there also was a banner drop at the Campanile and a letter address to Yudof, and others etc distributed- you can view them here.

Did you hear how they discussed the plan to move to a shared services model -including downsizing and outsourcing a bunch of HR tasks and IT positions system-wide? the staff advisor designate voiced some of the concerns. more dog whistles.

Daily Cal reporters tweeted the Regents meeting

Why did uc regent pattiz intro the lab directors that way? embarrassing/silly/funny?

if you didn't catch this-or don't know what the &%$# the above is about/referring to- you should try to listen to an audio clip of the UC Regents meeting today if you can get your hands on an audio clip somewhere...

Did you see this on former higher ed chair CA Assemblyman Portantino?

or this latest on former UC Regent Ward Connerly?

Dylan Ratigan is in the Bay Area - talking to Stanford and Gavin (guess Newsom decided not to do Riverside today? - he talks about open primary, redistricting, and civic engagement etc.)- Dylan talking with Stanford folks about getting private money to higher ed including UC and comments on LLNL and innovation--oy--Greedy Bastards!

and the Governor gave the State of the State.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Dark Clouds... Shed A Little Light

well, the first day back from the MLK Jr holiday- this is fitting:

Racial Patterns of Campus Budget Inequality: the State Audit Part II

“Let us all hope that the dark clouds of racial prejudice will soon pass away, and that in some not too distant tomorrow the radiant stars of love and brotherhood will shine over our great nation with all their scintillating beauty.”-- MLK Jr.

Shed A Little Light

Fiat Lux

Reminder: UC Regents Meeting and Discussion On The Future of Higher Ed

Changing Universities: Biden and Romney Talk Higher Ed

here is a direct link to the podcast featuring Bob Samuels. Disturbing. Samuels comments begin at about the 27:00 mark.
Here, once again, is the UC Regent Agenda for tomorrow and Thurs.
Upcoming regents meeting spurs plans for student demonstrations
watched this and wondered- when they discuss the details of her recruitment to the position- if UC will ever have a leader with similar temperament- doubt it. Discussion of capital projects etc etc was also very illuminating.
Women in Leadership: Drew Gilpin Faust | NBR
temperament can be important- Andrew Sullivan recently made the point on Hardball.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Transfer Students and UC-- and 'that' agenda item for the UC Regents Meeting

Bucking a recent trend and thwarting efforts to increase transfers, fewer community-college students than last year have applied to the University of California system for the fall 2012 term.
Nearly 1,800 fewer students applied for transfers to the 10-campus university than a year ago despite a record 160,939 undergraduate applications overall, according to figures released Thursday.
In contrast, transfer applications to the 23-campus California State University system increased 6 percent.
--read the full story.
could it be that transfer students are being steered to online for profits?
If you're a transfer student from CCSF you're double screwed--Viruses stole City College of SF data for years --but it looks like no consequences for higher ed institutions though --it seems...take a look at some of the posts from Tracy Mitrano on this kind of stuff. HuffPo has more- Computer Virus At Local College Compromised Student Data For A Decade
a long history of this everywhere.
UC Riverside students propose alternative UC student contribution plan
Bill could offer tax credit for middle-income families’ college expenses
That item in the UC Regents Agenda -- concerns the faculty personnel action (always trying to be so ultra secret on those actions) on this: Tenured UC Riverside Professor Faces Rare Firing Discussions
The UC Board of Regents is scheduled to discuss firing a Riverside professor. Sarkis Joseph Khoury has a history of quarrels with the university and says he's the victim of a witch hunt.
MLK at Cal

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Birgeneau Brought Bain To UC Berkeley

and the Operational Excellence Exodus mission that is being copied system-wide at UC. Check out the full story on the Creative Destruction...also note the firms mentioned and their connection to UC movers and shakers.

Update- also consider these two stories:
Mitt Romney's Rationale On For-Profit Colleges At Odds With Reality

California Leads Nation in Unaccredited Schools (the same story in the NYT gets this headline treatment "California Leads Nation in Unaccredited Schools, and Enforcement Is Lax")

gee, hmmm - could any of it have anything to do with this?
also see: Off-Topic Column - Parcel Taxes, Bain, Romney, Executive Pay

"there is a good chance the latest effort by Senator Leland Yee to introduce legislation to prohibit pay raises for top university administrators during bad budget years, or when student fees are increased, will be successful.

According to the release from the Senator's office, the bill will also prohibit incoming executives from earning more than 105 percent of their predecessors' pay. UC and CSU have historically given new administrators more than double-digit pay hikes. In May 2009, the UC Board of Regents approved a $400,000 salary for UC Davis Chancellor Linda Katehi, which equated to a 27 percent hike from her predecessor."

More here: Yee Introduces Bill to Stop Higher Education Executive Pay Hikes

OC Register and SF Chron have coverage.
Protests set for UC regents meeting in Riverside
Activists and school officials are preparing for next week’s visit by the regents

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Blum ...everywhere

Recently came across these two docs listed below (as a result of looking up some action items for the upcoming UC Regents meeting) -- left wondering why UC Regent Blum figures prominently in them. Why?! Regents usually say they remain aloof/distant from students, staff, faculty because they want to remain objective etc...

Kessler v. Bishop et al - Document 73 see page 7 and 14-16. (some of the details in this piece read as very reminiscent of stories Daily Cal had on delayed and problematic student hearings at Cal over the past few years.)

and this Enstrom business (see Blum on every page) that FIRE is also covering-- they also make an appeal to UC on future appointments.

Also, see this related: UC Regent Minutes September 14-15, 2011 -- note in this piece how the UC Regents talk freely about how easy it is for them to support legislation/propositions etc. in this instance... remember that.
and this from Yudof:
All UC campuses will become smoke-free
Hear the Lonesome Whistle Blow: Workplace Retaliation
3 Questions for Margaret Heffernan, CEO and author of Willful Blindness
"If leaders understood the causes of their own blindness better, and recognized that this constitutes a significant business risk, then they have the capacity to get a great deal more information, insight and understanding from their workforce. It’s an interesting fact that investment in people delivers a far higher return than investment in technology – and yet technology is somehow more appealing.

The workforce represents a vastly under-utilized asset in most companies. When there are problems in a business, it is almost never the case that they are unknown, unknowable or invisible. Someone somewhere knows about it. The leadership challenge is to create an environment in which this information can and will find its way to the top."

Whistle and we won't be able to come to you, or won't have to after all

Monday, January 9, 2012


--again. Believe this early valentine?:
How Microbes Teamed to Clean Gulf
Scientists Studied 52 Species of Bacteria and Water Currents to Explain Demise of Oil and Gas Plume
"There was a lot of doomsday talk," said microbiologist David Valentine of the University of California, Santa Barbara, and co-author of the study, published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. But it turns out "the ocean harbors organisms that can handle a certain amount of input" in the form of oil and gas pollutants, he said.
“We developed this new website to give our employees a single source that makes it easy to look for open positions across the entire university system,” said Dwaine Duckett...
(in the latest UC Regent meeting agenda items there is talk of outsourcing...some for IT, some for credential checking with regard to student clinics etc.)
check out this duck--
--could it possibly be the result of the tsunami in Japan?!! the west coast is supposed to get a bunch of stuff on the beaches later, in a year.
did the duck just arrive early?
(no, no margaritas to blame for this question)
or...well, we have other theories...
Oh Jimmy (happy B-Day)

UCLA: “The D.A. cannot win,”

UCLA chemistry professor to plead not guilty to felony charges associated with 2008 lab fire death
for more background:

Student Regent: "What (the UC Board of Regents) can do is show our gratitude by supporting the governor’s tax measures, continue to make the case to the governor and the legislature on why we need the money,” Mireles said.

"It's much better than it could have been."
Gratitude Cafe Buffet: 'I'm Gratified- I'm not Gratified- I'm not Gratified but will not say it'--mind games.
California Legislative Analyst’s Office urges creation of commission to oversee higher education
“Taking away (the California Postsecondary Education Commission) abolished an important information source that had already been weakened by budget cuts,” Orfield said.

The Governor’s elimination of the California Postsecondary Education Commission earlier this year could pave the way to create a far more effective organization in the future, the LAO report stated.

recall: "We believe there is a potential conflict of interest in relying on (the institutions) for permission," according to the new report.
and this happy thought: College for today’s newborns could cost as much as $422K
(is financial aid a form of public funding? why or why not? those are questions you have to ask yourself -the answers will tell you where you stand in this labyrinth...)

Sunday, January 8, 2012

UCOP: "times have changed; the economic model has changed."

UC Salary Criticisms Fuel Student Protests
Students and some faculty members say the UC system is being run as a private bureaucracy, with executive compensation levels to match.
"University officials have acknowledged the system is trying to be competitive with private universities, and must offer competitive salaries, but UC adamantly denies that student tuition is going to fund its myriad non-instructional programs. Rather, officials say, state budget cuts are behind the dramatic tuition increases of recent years.
"It's not as simple as saying, 'They're raising my tuition and therefore I'm funding UC health care,'" said UC spokeswoman Dianne Klein. "It doesn't work that way. Student fees go toward educating students – period."

"The university is now being run in the interest of the administration," said UC Irvine student activist Anne Kelly, a Ph.D. candidate in earth system science. "They're promoting their own internal growth, asking us to sacrifice with higher tuition – but administrators have had raises."

and lots of photos, data and charts on the sidebar.
yep, many are aware the economic model has changed, see: this post and this post.

Demands For Accountability At UC Davis and Systemwide

Cruz Reynoso Takes Control of Investigation and Release of Information
"In a letter from Justice Reynoso to President Yudoff, outlining a December 13 meeting, the former justice writes, "We established ground rules, procedures, and a schedule that put us on track to release a report by late January or early February."
Accountability sought from UC, CSU systems

Report by Legislative Analyst's Office outlines new oversight body to monitor ...

LAO seems to really miss CPEC now that it's gone

Not Nice Crap, and David Crane

these are the things on Joe Matthews' (NBC Bay Area, LA Times,New America Foundation) mind:

Brown: My Budget Is Crap -- he says it is also 'not nice'
The Curious Case of David Crane
"Crane's detractors point out all the times he's been wrong or has overstated his case. And sometimes those detractors have been right.

Crane's latest gambit -- a nonpartisan effort to elect people with "courage" to the state legislature -- is poorly conceived. The legislature doesn't much matter in California's governing system, and it's unclear exactly what constitutes "courage" in a legislative context."

The problem with David Crane was that he took jabs at the CA legislature from the UC regents table which did nothing for advancing the UC cause, and he threw out one sentence suggestions about moving UC hospital revenue and other things but gave no in depth analysis or plan. At least Nicholas Berggruen gave us the Think Long report...Cal's Laura D'Andrea Tyson served on that committee-btw- she also recently resigned her post from Eastman Kodak, they are having issues...("Their Kodak Moments
Career Snapshots: Workers Take a Look Back as Many Struggle With Uncertainties About Family Finances, Retiree Benefits")

musically- this brings to mind Carlos Santana, who made a speech in front of Jerry Brown about how a certain CA Gov was "not nice" to certain groups.- wonder if the Gov. was thinking of that when he used those simple words?

and reminded of the Lovely Linda (née Eastman-- of Eastman Kodak, later Lady McCartney)

Also, forgot to include this story from November '11- earning their CBEs...
Sir Paul outranks -so it's
My Love

Friday, January 6, 2012

Good News For CA DREAM Act

DREAM Act repeal referendum falls short of necessary signatures for November ballot
Gov Gives UC Just About Nothing, Continuing the Gradual Termination of "UC"
Governor Brown's Budget Slashes Money to Poor, Looks to Voters to Aid Education
some Gilded BS outta UCR's 'Undercover Boss':
"I have also invited Chris Edley to join us, and I am delighted that he has agreed. Chris will bring a view and a voice from outside Riverside and within UC, as he is the Honorable William H. Orrick, Jr. Distinguished Chair and Dean of the UC Berkeley School of Law.
I invited Chris because he will bring clairvoyance about universities and the positive power of protest and social movement, as well as insights into the complexity of managing such ‘events’ in real time. He also brings a deep understanding of the law, not as a lawyer per se in managing/limiting campus risk, but rather as a faculty member and colleague. He has also lived through the best and the worst of protests and assemblies at Berkeley, so he can share his perspective of what factors make things work out for all involved; and what factors can get the situation sideways in a hurry."

Clean Up Your Own Backyard

“We applaud the governor’s willingness to grant UC leadership maximum flexibility in navigating these fiscal times,” Lenz said in the statement. “The administration’s focus on protecting higher education from further budget reductions is a welcome relief, and the governor’s stated desire for a long-term state investment is encouraging.”

talk about mixed messages---

here is the: UCOP Statement
Gov. Jerry Brown unveils budget proposal with $2.6 billion for UC

Brown’s state budget could cut $200 million from UC this year

Someone let the cat out of the bag on the state budget

also recall: Memo to Jerry: Time to Whack Other Tax Proposals -- they have a photo of Don Vito Corleone with this--is it time to get all "to the mattresses"?
They also have this latest post: "The 73-year-old chief executive summed up the hard work of politics via the Latin phrase Ad Astra per Aspera, which he said means, “To the stars through the thorns.” ...And of course you don’t need us to tell you it appeared on the right side shoulder patch in “Star Trek Enterprise,”

You spin me right round, baby- Right round- like a record, baby -Right round, round , round -You spin me right ...

awful stuff. thorny indeed.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Bad News For CA DREAM Act

Volunteers gather signatures to repeal DREAM Act
and HuffPo has this headline Asian Americans vs. University of California? (2012)
interesting that polls show Californians support funding for higher ed, yet cuts.
and Daily Cal has stories saying Californians don't support the DREAM act, yet it passes.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

"Managing The Decay"

The title is a quote from the Newtster about "Mr. Bain's Operational Excellence"-lol, the inventor of scorched Earth gives some of the best quotes!
Major diversity issues at UC Berkeley's Engineering program.
Many of the Chancellors etc say they don't care about rankings other than THE's and Shanghai's but anyway, there's this: in rankings published Tuesday by Kiplinger’s Personal Finance. UC Berkeley, UCLA, and UC San Diego finished seventh, ninth and 10th
"A Loss Of Institutional Control"
"So you have a pre-event incident in which the chancellor was too busy doing other things to have direct control - you have a case that her lack of administrative control may have contributed to the event. What you have now is not malice but negligence, and possibly incompetence."

The Burning Question for the New Year: What Will Come of the Pepper Spray Investigation
We hope members of various CA Chambers of Commerce note this response - b/c it could actually help to move the dialogue along to fix UC and CA: My Dialogue with President Yudof
Berkeley And The Public Ivies: Five lingering questions
University Probe wants to know what happened at the UCOP and Chancellor teleconference meeting on pepper spray etc.-- President Yudof’s Principles re Police Behavior - at the Sacto hearings Yudof said he read the riot act to them-- or other words to that effect...who knows.
Always learning: Higher Ed in 2012: Background Thoughts on the Public Sector Under Subsidized Capitalism
for more on 'He's pretty good... at managing the decay'

the more one thinks about it- this falls right in line - Yudof sees himself as manager of a cemetery ... so, Cal's hire of a firm based on someone who manages decay falls right in line...

We need people who are interested in managing Restoration (btw a good robert downey movie).

Sunday, January 1, 2012

stuff that broke over the break...

Someone who loved the case method died for it in a really horrific way- and all UC does is whine in response:
UC system, UCLA professor charged in lab fire that killed staffer [Updated]
UCLA has this...

University of California System, UCLA Professor Charged In Lab Fire That Killed Staffer

Daily Bruin: "Harran and the UC regents are charged with three counts each of willfully violating occupational health and safety standards."

University Diaries has this on an endowed chair prof at UCLA-“The wealth allowed Klein to give generously to a host of causes, volunteer as an unpaid professor at UCLA …”
- one wonders, can one buy their own UC stamped endowed chairs??- does Bob Barker come out of retirement to officiate?
We actually do need doctors for things other than botox and fillers:
California ERs Serving Blacks Likelier To Close
"This should be disturbing to people," said Dr. Renee Hsia, lead author of the study and a professor at the University of California, San Francisco.

"People who don't have an emergency room in their neighborhood, it's not like their emergency disappeared," she told Reuters Health.
UC Irvine counters:
"I think that the closures are a reflection of economics a lot more than they are about race," said Dr. Wesley Fields, chair of the Emergency Medicine Action Fund and a clinical professor at the University of California, Irvine.
Some work done by Princeton: Why Mexican Immigrants Can’t Get Ahead
Also, check this out: Lure of Chinese Tuition Pushes Out Asian-Americans - it starts off like this:
"Kwanhyun Park, the 18-year-old son of Korean immigrants, spent four years at Beverly Hills High School earning the straight As and high test scores he thought would get him into the University of California, San Diego. They weren’t enough.
The sought-after school, half a mile from the Pacific Ocean, admitted 1,460 fewer California residents this year to accept higher-paying students from out-of-state, many from China."

UC Davis is putting out their economic engine PR and folks are scrutinizing it-see mid page.
The Buzz: Pension reform crusader David Crane loses his post as University of California regent

yep, some at Sac Bee calls him a 'crusader'. some group at sf chron gave this short superficial editorial that was fluff... others thanked him for his kind words on his way out- kind words he saved for the very last minute. Let's remember- He was pretty light on engagement with members of the UC community. and he brought this up: "He said that he would explore the UC's five medical centers - which generated $5.9 billion in the 2009-10 fiscal year, according to UC documents - as one source of that revenue."-- but we never heard him speak anymore about it again...
all we saw from him at the regents table was flame thrower behavior- just insults spurted out against the legislature-- but he would go to other outlets to say a lot of other stuff... -- he should have been saying this at the regents table and in front of people from Sacto if he believes it. --if you watch this last link pay special attention toward the end where he says 'we have our own money, we need the names rather than we need the money...' gee, where have we heard that before? (btw, one of the Koch Bros put up serious $$ for this MIT PBS work that is great to watch.)
don't doubt Crane and Co. isn't worried about the money necessary to front future candidates... no worries there at all.
of course, who better than a hedge fund guy to lecture on generational theft... but looking at the sac bee and sf chron "edtiorial" content it looks like he prefers to be called investment banker. (we will leave his name on tab above until filled- for Auld Lang Syne)
Researcher takes on ‘empathy fatigue’ in the workplace -- there are other folks at Cal who have dug much more deeply into it- always interesting how the PR folks at Cal pick certain people to highlight- but, anyway...decided to include it to consider with this next...
was RFK (and are present day folks similar to him) the exception rather than the rule?:
Lower classes quicker to show compassion in the face of suffering -- reminded of present day Kennedys and in CA that also brings to mind Shrivers-- Maria Shriver, Arnie and-- David Crane, who says he is a Dem and wants to serve as conductor in orchestrating the leaders of the future...
Wonder what Bratton/Kroll think of these developements- since it concerns two of their clients...
Berkeley Explains Exactly Why It Chose Google Over Microsoft

Major university chooses Google Apps over Microsoft Office 365

LAPD Cites Security Issues in Google Apps Switch Abandonment

Los Angeles Police scale back Google cloud email

and there is this sort of thinking on the subject as well.
from the old early days of telecomm--
Graham Bell's first recordings can now be heard thanks to some folks at The Labs...courtesy of CNN
Prof. Newfield "Ruin and Rebirth in the Public University: How we can avoid decline"
McMaster University Seminar on Higher Education -starts at around the 12min mark- it runs just over an hour- get some popcorn...a beverage.
Happy New Year.