Friday, January 27, 2012

$100,000, POTUS, Ralph Nader, Save the Date?: January 31st

but first- a $100,000 here- a $100,000 there- to pay for services Senior Management Group (SMG) members and their staff are already being paid HUGE salaries for :
“I’m not surprised to hear that (UC has) hired someone to deal with crisis communications,” Whithaus said. “The chancellor has been fairly explicit in meetings with faculty about being unhappy with the way her communications staff performed during the crisis.”
UC Spent $100,000 On Consultant After Pepper-Spraying
yes, after the pepper spray-- Katehi voiced a number of complaints about her staff...her fickleness about them at the state leg hearing...Oy. And we pointed out the costs of the SMG before...

"“How can we know that Kroll’s fact-finding isn’t consistent with the story that Marsh wants to tell if there aren’t safeguards against the permeability of these two entities?” Meister asked. “We won’t know whether the fact-finding is independent of the script.”

--a "destructive diversion" to look at these things closely?! UCOP just doesn't get it.
more from POTUS at U Mich and on his tuition lowering plans. View the speech at U Mich in entirety here.
Stopping America’s Public University Tuition Spiral by Ralph Nader, former Presidential candidate and consumer advocate
Is it worth it to participate in this?: UC Will Hold Public Forum To Discuss Police Practices- Boalt's Edley and UCOP General Counsel will officiate...

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