Saturday, January 21, 2012


see: (Newly released) Report faults UCLA, professor in lab death
UCSF shuttle driver charged in fatal crash
Desmond-Hellmann: UCSF wants new structure
and-UPDATE!- this is a good article here (meant to link to it earlier) note how it talks about several bio tech businesses in Emeryville that have deep ties to current and former UC faculty-including some former high profile deans etc. - and the state's stem cell etc committee- and other 'foundation' committees- Lansing and others sit on outside of UC are also name dropped in the article...

but we are supposed to believe the discussion on these issues begins at the UC Regents meeting...
it was interesting to hear Lansing tell one of the committee chairs that she wanted to interrupt his close of his committee in order to "set up President Yudof" for his (spontaneous?, unscripted?) comments... orchestrated much?
a completely open mind to it all...
more on UC protests:
Anthropology library study-in demonstration continues

Two arrested, plastic pellets fired during Thursday Riverside protests

and coverage of aftermath at UC Davis and UC Riverside can be found here.

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