Tuesday, January 31, 2012

At Cal: "the percentage of African American employees laid off exceeded that of other minorities."

Notice a theme?

Though the analysis states that the number of African American employees laid off did not rise to a level of a “legal disparate impact" because of the low number of employees involved, they were “disproportionately over-represented among more recent hires in job groups where layoffs occurred."
However, the campus will borrow up to $50 million from the UC Office of the President in order to hire project teams, fund the program office and pay a consulting firm to advise on the project. The campus plans to repay the office with the initiative's savings.

According to the report, the campus has spent $11 million of the loan money thus far, and approved projects are projected to cost $42 million. The campus plans to spend $71 million total -within its original spending expectations of between $70 million and $75 million -throughout the initiative, with an additional $5 million annually thereafter to keep the projects running.

Read the story and the report (if you can find it) here.
fascinating how quickly and easily the cost saving numbers in the misty future projections are thrown around -- but the numbers on minority lay offs take forever to be disclosed...

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